US Passport Renewal appointment

US passport renewal appointment is required if you want to submit your application with a passport agency in your city. The US Department of State has made the passport application process easier for applicants. This page contains the steps to secure an appointment and apply for a new passport. Keep reading to learn more.


US Passport Agency

A passport agency or center is an accredited agent of the State Department that provides in-person application services for individuals who want to travel urgently within the next 14 days or those who wish to apply for a visa within the next 28 days. The State Department set up passport agencies to hasten the application process and provide advisory services to citizens needing a new passport. These facilities are set up in all the federation states, including some overseas locations. However, you need to secure an appointment with the agency before you visit their office to make a renewal request.

Two Reasons To Make a US Passport Renewal Appointment

The State Department doesn’t grant appointments to Citizens willy-nilly unless for two major reasons, which are as follows.

Life or Death Emergency Services: In a life or death situation such as an illness, injury, or accident involving the applicant or a relative that would necessitate the need to travel, the agency will offer appointment dates for a passport renewal request.

Urgent Travel: If the applicant needs to travel immediately and would require a passport, the passport agency will be willing to offer appointments but only if they can provide cogent reasons for the trip. The officials at the agency will also request their travel itinerary and flight tickets.

Passport agencies are set up to fast-track passport applications so applicants can get their passports renewed at short notice. When a renewal appointment is granted to you and your application is accepted, the passport is released within the working days so you can make the trip or apply for a visa as quickly as possible. If you have an international travel planned you can apply for an expedited service by paying for a priority mail express so your application gets to the passport liaison department of state office.

How To Apply For A US Passport Renewal At A Passport Agency

Here are the simple steps to apply for a passport renewal.

Make An Appointment: The first thing you need to do is book an appointment with the agency. You can do this over the phone by calling their hotlines from Monday – Friday. Agencies have varying operational hours, so you want to ensure you place the call during operational hours. The average passport agency opens for business at 8 am in the morning and closes for business by 9 pm. Please find out the working hours of the agency close to your home or office and place a call to them. Note that it is free to book appointments.

Obtain The Required Materials: After booking the appointment, the agency will send you an appointment confirmation number and instructions from the National Passport Information Center, including the appointment date. They will also request proof of international travel and travel information which you must send to them along with a check or bank draft for the passport application fee.

Arrive Early: On the set date of the appointment, endeavor to arrive early and observe all health protocols where applicable. It is best to arrive 15 minutes early so you can undergo security screening. Take your seat or stand in the appointment line and await the officials.

Submit Yourself For the Interview: When it is your turn, your confirmation number will be called, and you must sit at the assigned window where an official will review your documents and application and ask you questions. They will also run you through the passport delivery options available. After picking a suitable option, you will be free to leave to await your passport card.

The application process at the passport agency is straightforward, and your new passport, along with the old one, will be mailed to you based on the delivery option you picked.

US Passport Renewal Eligibility

To renew a passport, you must be eligible for it. For starters, only US citizens can apply for passport renewal: non-US citizens are barred from holding US passports. Secondly, the passport must have been issued within the last 15 years and not later. If the passport is older than 15 years, the applicant must apply for a fresh passport, not a renewal of the old one. Furthermore, mutilated passports cannot be accepted for renewal, so applicants with mutilated passports must apply for a new passport altogether.

If you are unable to visit an agency to book a US passport renewal appointment, you can simply use VisaHQ’s passport service to mail your documents and application to the US Department of State. Visit the VisaHQ passport service page now.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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