Expired US passport grace period

What is an expired US passport grace period? If your US passport expires, how long can you still use it before it is no longer useful? For starters, a passport becomes invalid from the moment it expires. This means you can’t use it to board flights or apply for visas, although the US government allows citizens to travel back to the country if their passports expire during their time abroad.

 But as for the gate period for renewal, you can renew an expired passport five years after it expires. If you fail to file for renewal after five years, the passport can no longer be renewed, so you will need to apply for a new passport from scratch. 

As you may already know, passport renewals are only feasible for adult passports and not child passports.

Adult passports are valid for ten years, while child passports are valid for five years. Also note that temporary or child passports cannot be renewed.

Consequences Of An Expired Passport

If you have an expired passport, you face certain limitations. An expired passport cannot be accepted as a valid means of identification when leaving the US for another country. Furthermore, it may expire in a foreign country, creating issues for you if you wish to visit a different country. In addition, some embassies refuse visa applicants with a passport of fewer than six months validity. 

This is why it is best to apply for a renewal before the last six months of the passport’s shelf life or the expiration date.

Documents Required To Renew Your Passport

If your passport expired less than five years ago, you could still apply for renewal instead of going for a new one. Documents for renewals are fewer, with fewer checks.

Form: The DS-82 application form must be filled out and signed by you, indicating that you want to renew your current or previous passport.

Current Passport: You must include your current passport in the application. The passport will serve as a means of identification and citizenship, so you don’t have to provide separate documents to prove your identity or US citizenship. Only passports in good condition are accepted for renewal.

Photos: You must submit a recent passport photograph that is colored. Your face must be shown clearly, and avoid wearing glasses or any adornment or hairstyle that will change your physical characteristics.

These documents must be submitted alongside a signed money order or bank cheque payable to the Department of State.

Renewing Your Passport Quickly

If you want to renew your passport quickly so you can travel as soon as possible, relying on the standard application process will not serve your interests. Passports take about six to eight weeks to be ready, and in that time, your plans may be ruined. The only option you have to avoid delays is to apply for expedited service. Expedited passport processing was introduced by the Department of State to help applicants get their passports as quickly as possible.

They offer this service to those who can prove reasons why they need the passport expedited. The officials at the passport agency will request that you appear with evidence to explain your situation.

Under the Life or death clause, an applicant is entitled to expedited service and will receive the passport if there is a threat to life or a case of death affecting a close relative. Such a person will be issued a passport within three days or less.

The second clause is the Urgent travel clause for those who need to travel in the next 14 days. As long as they can explain the reason why they must travel so soon, the agency will release the passport in less than two weeks.

An expedited service costs $60, which is separate from the standard application fee of $130 for a passport book and $30 for a passport card. If you want to engage the services of a courier service, you must pay a separate two-way delivery fee.

Hire A Passport Service Company

The document arrangement for passport renewal can be confusing, especially if you have never applied for a renewal. Failure to arrange and deliver the right documents to the agency if you are applying by mail may lead to rejection and your documents sent back to you.

To avoid such a possibility, you can hire a passport service outfit like VisaHQ to arrange and get your documents to the right quarters on your behalf. This will ensure that your application is accepted and processed on time.

Don’t wait until the expired US passport grace period is exhausted before applying for a renewal. Visit VisaHQ today to subscribe to our passport service. We will handle the process for you professionally so you can receive your passport in due time.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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