Renew expired US passport

If you are looking to renew expired US passport, what are the steps you must take? US passports are not meant to last forever as they have a ten-year shelf life, after which they lose value and can serve the owner no further purpose. The renewal procedure may appear complicated for those with little or no information about how to proceed. Reading this article will provide the necessary tips you require to see through your application for a new passport.

Where To Renew An Expire Passport

You can rent your US passport in person or by mail at a passport agency. The Department of State has several accredited agencies spread across the length and breadth of the country accepting passport applications from applicants. Passport companies also help applicants transmit their documents to the agency for processing for a small fee.

The steps to submit your application to a passport agency is very easy. You just have to fill out the application form available online, attach your necessary documents and forward them to the agency by mail or submit them in person after booking an appointment.

Eligibility For US Passport Renewal

Unknown to many, there are eligibility criteria attached to passport renewal which many people do not know, so they are left confused if their application is rejected. Before applying for the renewal of your expired passport, you ought to be sure that you meet the conditions, but what are they?

Must Not Be Limited: The government must not limit your current passport due to non-payment of taxes, unresolved legal issues, etc. If your current passport has been limited, you can no longer use it, and you can’t get a new one by submitting the same for renewal unless you resolve whatever issues you have with the authorities.

Expired For More Than 15 Years: Passports that have expired more than 15 years ago cannot be renewed anymore; instead, the applicant must apply for a new one.

Not For Child Passport: Passports issued when the holder was under 15 years old cannot be renewed should they expire.

Lost or Stolen Passport: A Lost or stolen passport cannot be renewed because the process requires the applicant to submit the old passport for renewal; without it, this is impossible.

Tattered Passport: The State Department insists that only passports in good condition can be renewed. If yours is tattered or the bio page is smeared to the extent that your image is blurred, you cannot renew it.

These are the conditions attached to a renewal procedure. If you can not meet any of these conditions, kindly submit an application for a new passport instead by filling out the Form DS-11.

Renew Expired US Passport Documents

Find below the required documents for a passport renewal

DS-82: The DS-82 is the application form for renewal. Endeavor to fill it out online with a Wizard or by hand after printing it out in PDF format. Ensure that all the fields are filled out with accurate information.

Passport Photo: You need a recent passport photograph of you taken not later than six months prior. 

The photograph must be clear, without tears or deformity. Your physical characteristics must be clear, and don’t wear glasses.

Proof of Citizenship: You must prove that you are indeed a US citizen by birth or naturalization. A birth certificate or naturalization certificate will be accepted to prove your citizenship.

These documents should be arranged and submitted alongside the application fee to the passport agent at the agency.

Application By Mail

If you cannot visit the agency for any reason, you can submit your documents by mail. Applicants within the US must use the United States Postal Service to submit their applications by purchasing two-way postage stamps. Those outside the US can use other private courier companies. Documents must be arranged, sealed in an envelope, and mailed to the passport facility. Furthermore, the application fee must be paid with a money order or a United States cheque signed at the back and in front.

You can also subscribe VisaHQ's passport service to apply for an expedited service so your renewed passport will be released in a few days.

Use A Private Passport Service

The application by mail option can be a little complicated due to the strict arrangement guidelines required, but you don’t have to go through the stress of doing it on your own when you can hire a private passport services company like VisaHQ to handle the responsibility for you. All you have to do is mail all your documents to VisaHQ, and we will see to it that your documents get to the Department of State‘s agency. Note that you will be responsible for the delivery to and from the agency.

To renew expired US passport with the help of VisaHQ, visit our passport service page to know more.

Apply for US Passport Renewal Online
Apply for US Passport Renewal online
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