Iraq visa to Bahrain

An Iraq visa to Bahrain is an important travel document that any Iraqi looking to visit Bahrain must obtain ahead of the trip. The visa grants them access to the country and a legal permit to stay for a period of time. Unlike Kuwait, Oman, UAE, and Saudi Arabia citizens who can enter Bahrain without visas, Iraqis do not have such visa-free privileges. We review the visa process for applicants in this article, including the required documents and visa types on offer.

Types of Bahrain Visas

The government of Bahrain issues visas to Iraqis based on their travel intentions. These visas are explained below.

Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is issued to persons coming to Bahrain for tourism and other short-term social purposes. The visa can also be used to visit family and friends living in the country or for vacation.

Business Visa: This one is for short-term business visitors like investors, consultants, guests of business meetings, seminars, conferences, etc. Business visas should be distinct from worn visas issued to foreigners coming to work for a company in Bahrain.

Work Visa: Employed foreign nationals hired by an organization in Bahrain must have work before they can legally work. This long-form visa also grants the holder residency rights to live in Bahrain.

Family Visa: Iraq passport holders who have family members in Bahrain may visit them with a family visa. The host in Bahrain may be a family member or friend who may or may not be a Bahraini citizen. They can be visited as long as they are legal residents of the country.

Student Visa: It is issued to international students of Iraqi origin studying in higher institutions in Bahrain.

Bahrain Visa Policy

Bahrain's Visa policy is strictly regulated by its immigration and citizenship laws to keep its local population in check and to avoid the excessive influx of migrants from other countries. 

Only persons who meet visa requirements are issued visas, and each visa has a validity period. It is illegal to live in the country on an expired visa. Furthermore, each visa has its limitations which the holder must abide by. For instance, a tourist visa doesn't qualify the holder for work in Bahrain, so violators will be sanctioned if caught.

How To Apply For Iraq Visa To Bahrain?

Applying for a Bahraini visa can be done in several ways.

Apply To The Embassy: There is a Bahraini embassy in Iraq where applicants can submit their visa applications. Embassy applications take longer because visa interviews must be conducted to review the intentions and documents of the applicant. However, this is the only method for those seeking long-stay visas like work or study visas. All documents must be submitted in hard copies, and the applicant must appear for the interview in person.

Online: The second option is the online option. The Kingdom of Bahrain has been issuing e-visas to applicants since 2014. E visas are predominantly short-stay visas for tourism, transit, and business visitors. The process is relatively fast because there is no need to visit the embassy or submit hard copies of the required documents. E visas take only 3 days to process.

Visa On Arrival: Also called VOA, it is issued to visitors from selected countries. Once visitors arrive at the International Airport in Manama, they will be directed to the immigration kiosk, where they will be given a form to fill out. After filling out the form and paying the application fee, they will be issued a visa on the spot for legal entry into Bahrain.

Bahrain Visa Requirements

The visa requirements are as follows

  • Completed and signed visa application form

  • Passport sized picture

  • Round trip ticket

  • Proof of financial support (bank statement for last three months)

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Valid Iraq passport

Visa Application Cost

The visa fee is not refundable and must be paid before the visa is submitted. Applicants are expected to pay roughly $70 for the application.

Can You Extend Your Visa?

Visa extensions are possible but must be done before the current one expires. Persons seeking extensions must apply to the NPRA arm of the Interior Ministry to get an extra two weeks or more on their visa.

The visa validity is based on the type of visa you have. E visas, for instance, are valid between 30-180 days, depending on whether you hold a single or multiple-entry visa. Long-stay visas last up to one year or more, depending on the type. For instance, student visas remain valid after completing their course. 

Visitors are admonished to stay within their Iraq visa to Bahrain, so it is best to leave the country on or before it expires so as not to attract sanctions from the authorities.

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