How to obtain a visa to Bahrain

Obtaining a visa to Bahrain is one of the easiest things to do if you have all the information you need. The Bahrain government has launched some programs to broaden visa access to foreigners in light of the spike in applications in recent times. Unlike in the past, when there was only one route for visa applications, the embassy route, new options have been introduced to reduce waiting times. This article will show you the different ways to apply for your next visa.

Bahrain Visa Policy

The visa policy of the Kingdom of Bahrain is a set of laws that regulate migration and visa issuance. These laws stipulate the eligibility conditions and visa requirements for visa applications and the validity of each visa type. The law also groups foreign nationals into different groups, so they all know which visa they qualify for. Under Bahraini laws, only Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) citizens can enter the country without visas, and every other visitor must obtain a visa before being allowed into the country.

Below, we review the ways to get a visa.


How To Obtain A Visa To Bahrain?

Through The Consulate

The traditional method for obtaining visas is to visit the embassy or consulate in your country to get the visa. In a situation where there is none in your country, you may need to travel to a neighboring country where a consulate exists or use the services of licensed visa agents that partner with the consulate. This progress works in stages.

Know What You Want: The first stage is identifying your desired visa based on your needs. Once you have identified the visa you need, you can then proceed to fill out the form.

Fill The Form: The application form can be obtained online from the embassy or the agent. You must fill it out with accurate details and sign it. After you're done, submit it and move to the next stage.

Book An Appointment: At this stage, you must book an appointment with the embassy for a visa interview. How you do this will depend on the procedure laid out by the embassy. A visa interview date will be communicated to you and you must appear.

Arrange Your Documents: The next stage is to arrange your documents while waiting for the visa interview. Gather all the required documents in a single file and ensure none is missing.

Attend The Interview: Visa interviews are often short; the visa officer will collect your documents and ask questions about the trip you plan to take.

After the interview, you will be asked to go and wait for feedback. You can also track the visa process online until it is ready.

At The Airport

The other application method is to wait until you get to the airport before applying for the visa. The visa-on-arrival method is open to some but only to citizens of selected countries. To be sure that your country is on the list, do a quick check on the VOA-eligible countries. You may need to apply through the other options if your country is absent.

Visa on Arrival applicants must first arrive at the airport in Manama, where they will be issued an application form to fill out. After filling out the form, they must submit it along with the visa fee, payable with cash, credit, or debit card. The visa is issued on the spot through an entry stamp on their passports.

E Visa

Still on obtaining a visa to Bahrain, the third alternative is to use the electronic visa option. This option takes very little time and is stress-free since it can be done in the comfort of your home. You only need to use a secured application platform to fill out and submit the form online with the visa fee. Complete and submit your application form in the following steps.

  • Log onto VisaHQ 

  • Select Bahrain as your destination

  • Select your country as your citizenship

  • Choose the e visa

  • Complete the application form

  • Scan and upload the required documents

  • Pay the visa fee with a credit or debit card

  • Submit for approval

Rather than go to any designated outlet to get their visa in person, it will be sent to your email. You don't have to print it out if you don't want to since it is linked to your passport.

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