Bahrain visa for Latvians

Bahrain Visa for Latvians is now available after the Kingdom of Bahrain opened its borders and airports to international visitors after the pandemic lockdowns. As a Latvian, you can now visit the ancient Middle Eastern Kingdom as long as you have a visa to show at the point. Securing a visa has always been challenging because there are a few ways to get one, depending on the type of visa you want.


Why Do Latvians Need Visas To Enter Bahrain?

To set things off, we first want to answer why Latvians need visas to enter Bahrain since some nationals from other countries can enter visa-free. The reason for this is that Bahrain offers visa-free entry to only a few foreign nationals who are all from the Gulf Cooperation Council. They are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. Since Latvia is not a member of the GCC, her citizens must obtain visas.


How To Obtain A Bahrain Visa For Latvians?

How, then, do you obtain a Bahrain Visa for Latvia? There are three ways.

E Visa

One method is to apply for the visa online. The Bahraini authorities launched the e-visa program a few years ago, which provides visa application access to short-term visitors. Rather than visit the embassy in Riga to obtain the visa, they can just submit their application and the few required documents online, and the visa will be sent to them through their email. This option is the simplest way to obtain a visa because it is stress-free.

Furthermore, eVisas are only for tourism, leisure, and short business trips. If you want to apply for an 

eVisa, VisaHQ is a platform you can trust. You can be done with the process in 20 minutes or less in a few minutes. Here are the steps to take.

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Select Bahrain as your destination

  • Select Latvia as your nationality

  • Chose e visa

  • Complete the application form

  • Upload the necessary documents

  • Pay that visa fee with your card

  • Submit for approval

Processing takes 2-3 days, and the visa will be forwarded to your verified email address. You may choose to travel with a printed copy or only your passport, as the visa is linked to it.

Documents For e Visa

The documents you will need for an e-visa are as follows

  • A valid Latvian passport with six months validity minimum beyond the arrival date

  • A recent passport photo

  • Flight ticket for onward travel

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Bank credit or debit card to pay the visa fee

  • Email address

Visa On Arrival

The second option for Latvians seeking a visa to Bahrain is to wait until they land at the International Airport in Manama to apply for a visa on arrival. This is another short visit visa for leisure and business. Once you arrive at the airport, the immigration officers will direct you to a section where a form will be given to you to fill out. The form will be collected along with the visa fee for processing. Visa on arrival applications are processed on the spot, and your passport will be stamped for entry. The only downside to this option is that you may have to wait in line for a while before it reaches your turn.

Documents For Visa In Arrival

You will need the following documents

  • Valid Latvian passport of six months minimum

  • Recent photo

  • Card to pay the visa fee or cash equivalent

  • Onward flight ticket

  • Proof of funds ($800 or BD 300 minimum)

  • Proof of accommodation

Conditions For Visa on Arrival & E Visa

Applicants for the visa on arrival and e-visa must be aware of the following conditions

  • They must not work any type of job during their time in the country

  • They must be able to support themselves financially throughout their stay

  • They must provide only valid documents and honest answers

  • They must not violate any of the rules and regulations of the country throughout their stay

Travelers with valid visas may be denied entry into Bahrain if the officers suspect they are not sincere with their intentions or obtained the visa with false documents.


Application Through the Embassy

This application option for Latvian passport holders is to apply to the Bahraini embassy in Riga. 

This option is only open to persons applying for study, residency, or work visas. Long-stay visas are not issued on arrival or online, as the applicant must attend a visa interview in person and provide a host of documents. They must present the above documents, including a cover letter, invitation letter, medical insurance, and others.

Once you obtain a Bahrain Visa for Latvians, endeavor to obey the local laws and don’t stay beyond the days allowed.

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