Bahrain visa for Ukraine citizens

The Bahrain Visa for Ukraine citizens allows them to travel from Europe to Bahrain. This travel document is issued to eligible applicants who have met all the requirements for the visa, which has different validities. Bahrain has embassies and foreign missions abroad, so Ukrainian passport holders in Ukraine and other countries can apply for long-stay visas if they want to visit the ancient Kingdom. However, the embassy is one of many application outlets, as there are visa-on-arrival and e-visa opportunities too.  

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Bahrain Visa Application Options

Regarding visa applications, Ukraine passport holders have three options: visa-on-arrival applications, eVisa, and embassy applications.

Visa On Arrival

The visa-on-arrival option is open to persons who do not have visas by the time they arrive in Bahrain. This application method is not open to all foreign nationals, but only a selected few, and Ukrainians are one of them. The visa is issued at the immigration kiosk at the Manama international airport. Once the visitor arrives, they will be ushered to the immigration stand for arrivals, where they will be issued an application form to fill. The completed form, passport, and visa fee will be submitted to the officer in charge, and the passport will be stamped with an entry visa stamp so they can enter the country.

A visa on arrival is ideal for emergency travelers who don’t have the time to apply for a visa to leave Ukraine. There are two types, namely, the single entry visa and the multiple entry visa. They are priced differently, so you have to choose the one based on your budget and your need.

Documents For Visa On Arrival

  • Valid Ukrainian passport (6 months minimum)

  • Return air ticket

  • Passport photograph

  • Hotel reservations

  • Confirmed bank statement (BD300 minimum balance)

  • Cash, credit, or debit card for paying the visa fee at the counter


E Visa

The e-visa is an electronic visa for visitors, and it is ideal for travelers who want a stress-free method. This visa can be obtained online, but it has to be done outside Bahrain. 

You don’t have to visit the embassy or wait until you get to the airport to get it. You can simply apply for it from the comfort of your home and receive it in your email within a few days. To get an e-visa with your Ukrainian passport, there are only a few documents you can complete.

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Select Bahrain as the destination

  • Select Ukraine as your citizenship

  • Choose e visa

  • Fill out the form correctly

  • Scan and attach the travel documents

  • Pay the visa fee with a card

  • Submit for approval

Since there is no interview involved, the visa should be ready in three days

Documents for e Visa

  • Ukrainian passport with 6 months validity minimum

  • Digital passport photograph

  • Hotel reservation

  • Return flight ticket

  • Bank statement (BD300 minimum)

Bahrain Embassy

The third option for applicants is to apply to the Bahrain embassy in Kyiv for a long-stay visa. While visa on arrival and e-visas are for short visits, longer visits require embassy applications. The applicant will have to submit their application and documents to the embassy and attend an interview where they will be asked questions about their trip. The process often takes time before the visa is released.


Documents For Long Stay Visa Embassy Applications

  • Valid Ukrainian passport (6 months minimum)

  • Hotel reservation or confirmed house address

  • Bank statement

  • Return ticket

  • Cover letter

  • Letter of invitation where necessary

  • Visa fee receipt

  • Travel medical insurance (advisable)

  • Passport photograph

Extra documents may be requested depending on the type of visa you apply for, but these are the common documents expected from all visitors.

Bahrain Visa for Ukraine Citizens Processing Time

The processing times for this visa are as follows

Visa On Arrival: The VOA is issued on the spot at the immigration counter. How long you wait for it depends on the number of people waiting in line for it.

E Visa: The e-visa is processed within 48-72 hours after submitting it

Embassy: The embassy application takes between 30-45 days or more in some cases. This is due to the application processes and the need for a visa interview.  

Visa Application Few

The application fee varies depending on the type of visa you are applying for. Visa on arrival and e-visa is between BD 14 – 30, but long-stay visas cost much more than short-term visas. Whether you incur additional costs besides what the embassy charges will depend on whether you use the services of a visa agent. For an online Bahrain visa for Ukraine citizens, use VisaHQ for a fast and stress-free application process.

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