Bahrain visa for Kenyan citizens

Bahrain Visa for Kenyan citizens is mandatory for those visiting the Middle Eastern Kingdom for business or pleasure. The Kingdom has existed for hundreds of years and is one of the oldest monarchies in the region. Compromising 33 islands in the Gulf region, Bahrain is surrounded by shallow shores, which is why it is called "Two Seas" in English.



Despite being an oil-producing state, the monarchy has prioritized economic diversification with a core focus on tourism. This is why Bahrain is regarded as the most liberal place to live in the Middle East. Annually, millions of visitors enter the country to enjoy the sights and sounds. One of the most iconic spots in Bahrain is the Oil Museum, located along Jabal A Dunkhan. Built in 1992 to celebrate the discovery of oil, which has transformed the Persian Gulf, the museum had functional drilling equipment and an oil rig, among other valuable artifacts.

There are seaside resorts, desert oases, wildlife, and a host of side attractions that will keep the average visitor busy and engaged throughout their visit.


Types Of Bahrain Visa For Kenyan Citizens

Kenyan citizens can get two types of visas to Bahrain, namely

Tourist Visa: A Tourist Visa is essentially for tourism. It is valid for 90 days, and the visitor can stay in the country for that long, after which they must depart.

Business Visa: Another type of visa is the business visa for those coming for business engagements such as meetings, seminars, training workshops, conferences, consulting, settling estates, etc. This visa is not a work visa and should not the treated as such.

Overall, the visa issued by the Bahraini embassy in Nairobi is for short-term visits; however, there are long-stay visas, like work visas, with longer time validity. While short-term tourist and business visas can be obtained online, long-term visas are only issued by embassies.

General Documentary Requirements For Bahrain Visa

The visa requirements vary depending on the type of visa you want, but here are the general ones.

Kenyan Passport: You will need a Kenyan passport with a minimum of six months validity from arrival. The passport must have at least two empty visa pages for stamps. If your passport expires unless six months or has only one or no free pages left, consider applying for a new passport before you apply for the visa.

Application Form: A completed visa application form duly signed by you and bearing all your accurate details and travel information. For minors, their parents or legal guardians must fill out their application form on their behalf.

Photograph: A recent passport-sized photograph with a 4.5 x 3.5 cm dimension must be printed on white background.

Proof of Financial Capacity: Financial capacity to foot travel and living expenses bills. A pay slip or Bank statement for the last three months will be accepted, provided the issuing entity stamps it. The statement must show a minimum balance of $800.

Return Flight: A reserved return flight reservation for the trip back to Kenya at the end of the trip. No need to pay for the flight until the visa is out.

Police Report: The authorities expect you to provide a Police Clearance Certificate showing you have no criminal record.

Home Ties: Any document proving that you have home ties to Kenya that will warrant you returning home after the trip.

Medical Insurance: A medical insurance certificate for healthcare costs you may incur during your stay in Bahrain. Tourists are not eligible for public health utilities.

Cover Letter: A signed cover letter by you explaining why you want to come to Bahrain, how long you plan to stay, and where you will stay.

Eligibility & Caveats

Before you travel to Bahrain, there are eligibility and caveats you should be aware of so you don't flout the laws of the land. Bahrain is a deeply conservative Muslim society with laws that all visitors must respect. Here are some things to bear in mind.

  • Kenyans entering Bahrain with e-visas can skip stamping their passports at the entry point because the visa is electronically linked. This means that they must travel with the same passports they applied with

  • Persons whose entry will violate the national and security welfare of the Kingdom of Bahrain will not be issued a visa. If they get the Bahrain tourist visa, they will be immediately deported if they constitute risks.

  • Kenyans are better advised to travel to Bahrain to obtain a visa on arrival rather than apply for e visas

  • A letter of invitation is mandatory if a company, host, or resident in Bahrain invites them

  • Employed person must submit a letter signed by their employer detailing their name and position written on the company's letterhead

Minors traveling with legal guardians must provide a notarized copy of parental consent signed by their parents.

To get a Bahrain Visa for Kenyan citizens, one must meet these conditions.

Your travel destination  
Visa type
Your citizenship
Living in
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