Bahrain visa for Australian

Bahrain Visa for Australia is available to citizens of Australia who wish to travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain for one activity or the next. Bahrain has a comprehensive visa policy that regulates immigration and visa issuance, so whoever applies for a visa will only be given the visa if they meet the requirements.

Over the last few years, the number of people visiting the Kingdom of Bahrain has increased due to the introduction of the e-visa or electronic visas. While the online medium is not the only medium available to applicants, it is the most flexible and stress-free option. In light of the growth of the tourist industry, the Ministry of the Interior launched an eVisa scheme in 2014, which enabled nationals from over 100 countries, including Australia, to apply for it.

What Is The E Visa?

The e-visa is an electronic travel permit issued online to visitors coming to Bahrain. The visa is connected to the traveler’s passport, so once they arrive at the international airport in Manama, the immigration officer on duty only needs to scan the passport to generate the electronic visa. E visas are issued for tourism or short business trip, not for work or study, or long-term

engagement. It is valid for 30-90 days and allows the visitor to stay in the country for two weeks, but there is an extension clause for an additional two weeks if required. Lastly, an e visa is a single-entry visa that cannot be renewed, so if it expires, you will have to apply for a new one.

Are Australians Eligible For Bahrain Visa?

Australians are eligible for Bahraini visas because they are on the eligibility list. Since Australia is not on the visa-exempt list, any passport holder with intentions of visiting Bahrain must apply for a visa and get it before they travel.

Other Types Of Bahrain Visa For Australian

Apart from the online e-visa discussed above, there are other types of long-term visas that are valid for six months and above. These visas are issued by the Bahraini embassy and consulate in Australia. Online application for long-term visas like study, resident, or work visas is not an option because they require comprehensive vetting processes, which can not be done online, only in person before a consular officer.

So if you need a long-term visa, contact the embassy or consulate in Australia for inquiries and submit your application alongside the required document.

How To Apply For Bahrain e-Visa?

Australians can apply for an e-visa by using VisaHQ’s secure platform

  • Log onto VisaHQ 

  • Choose Bahrain as your destination

  • Choose Australia as your citizenship

  • Select the visa you want

  • Complete the application form

  • Attach the documents

  • Pay the application fee

  • Submit for approval 

Requirements For Bahrain e Visa

When applying for this visa, you will need the following

Passport: A valid Australian passport for six months from the day you plan to enter the country. The bio-data page containing the passport number and other information must be uploaded on the application portal.

Air Ticket: A return air ticket back to Australia at the conclusion of the visit.

Accommodation: Hotel or Airbnb reservation or a house address of a family member.

Bank Record: A copy of a bank statement showing transactions for the last three months. The statement must be in your name and contain a sufficient balance of at least $800 to fund the trip.

Bahrain Visa Processing Timeframe

The processing timeframe for a Bahraini e-visa is roughly three days. In some cases, the applicant may get it sooner.

Application Fee

The application fee is mandatory, without which the visa application cannot be submitted. Be prepared to pay the Bahraini authorities up to AUS 116 or more. Should you choose to extend your stay once you’ve arrived in the country, you will be charged extra for the visa extension.


Traveling With Kids

A visa is required for all visitors regardless of their ages, so if you are traveling with your kids, you must apply for their visas separately. For this, you will have to prove that you are their parent by providing a civil status certificate like a birth certificate for everyone involved. If you are traveling with kids that are not yours, you must submit proof of parental consent signed by both parents. If the nontraveling parent is dead, a death certificate must be provided as proof.

How To Extend Your Visa

Persons interested in extending their visas must visit the General Directorate of Nationality (NPRA) office in Manama to submit their application for extension.

For an online Bahrain visa for Australians, head over to VisaHQ now, but for long-stay visas, visit the embassy or consulates closest to you.

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