Do I need a visa for Bahrain

Do I need a visa for Bahrain? Whether you need a visa to travel to Bahrain or not depends on your nationality. Bahrain is one of the Gulf Cooperation Countries with a strict immigration policy designed to control the inflow of visitors into the country. Persons who are issued visas or allowed to enter are expected to respect the immigration and cultural laws of the country during their time there. Keep reading to understand Bahrain’s visa policy and whether you should apply for a visa.

Bahrain Visa Policy

Bahrain is located in the Middle East with rich oil reserves and is one of the richest countries relative to its population. 

The country has a small population, much of which is concentrated in Manama, the state capital. Its immigration laws guide its visa policies and visitor inflow. Being one of the GCC countries in the region, it shares a lot in common with other GCC countries and operates a favorable policy to other member states in the Union. Like other member states, Bahrain has a very conservative approach to issuing residency and citizenship to migrants but regularly issues short-term visas, especially to tourists coming for sightseeing and vacation.

If you want to visit Bahrain, you are expected to respect its local laws, which are heavily influenced by Islamic traditions. The royal family must also be respected, as a monarchy leads the country.

Do I Need A Visa For Bahrain?

Most visitors who come to Bahrain need a visa before they can enter the country. Only citizens of fellow GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman can visit Bahrain without a visa. Every other visitor must apply for a visa and get one before being allowed into the country. Visas are issued to business visitors, tourists, journalists, sportspeople, and others, and in most cases, the visas are short-term visas that will last up to a year. However, there are work visas that have extended validity.

Bahrain Visit Visa

The visit visa is an electronic visa issued to persons coming to Bahrain to visit family members and friends staying in the country who may or may not be citizens. This visa is mostly issued electronically via email and is quite easy to apply for as it is done online. Visit visas are different; some visas cost $66, $11, and $77, depending on the one you apply for. Visit visas allow holders to stay in Bahrain for one month, but you can extend it for another two weeks or longer, depending on your nationality.

Extension requests are granted by the NPRA authorities in Bahrain, but the good thing about this visa is that it has multiple entry features and longer validity. The visa is open to nationals from 116 countries after increasing the number from 38.

How To Apply For Bahrain Visit Visa?

You can apply for the visa in one of three ways.

At The Airport: Some nationals qualify for a visa on arrival, which is issued by the immigration authorities at the airport once they arrive in Manama. How soon they get the visa will depend on the number of people in the waiting line.

Sponsored Visa: This type is gotten through a sponsor who applies for the visa on the person’s behalf. Bahraini citizens or companies operating in the country mostly obtain sponsored visas for foreigners.

Through The Embassy: The third option is through the Bahraini embassy. The applicant must submit their application to the embassy in person or through this party to get the visa.

Not all methods are open to everyone, so you must check the one you can apply for.

Bahrain Visa Conditions

Here are the visa conditions to bear in mind before applying for a visa as a foreign national.

  • Applicants cannot apply for a visa inside Bahrain but must be outside the country before they can do so.

  • The applicant must have a valid passport or any other travel document that will remain valid for at least six months from the day they arrive in the country.

  • They must have a confirmed flight ticket for their departure

  • They must be financially capable of supporting themselves during their stay with evidence to show

  • Their entry must not violate Bahrain’s national and security structures

  • Once the visa is issued, they must use it within 30 days; otherwise, it will expire, and a new one will have to be applied for

  • Applying for a new visa is only possible if the previous one has expired, as it is not possible to have two visas linked to one passport

Only applicants who meet these conditions will be issued a visa

Visit Visa Processing Time

After submitting your visit visa application, expect to receive the visa within 3-5 days through your email if approved. Also, you may choose whether or not to print a copy of the email from your inbox; the choice is yours. Visas are electronically linked to your passport, so the immigration authorities can generate the visa by scanning it.

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