Bahrain visit visa for Bangladeshi

A Bahrain visit visa for Bangladeshi is available to citizens of Bangladesh who want to travel to Bahrain for business or pleasure. The Middle Eastern Kingdom of Bahrain has been a tourist hub for many years now, with millions of visitors entering the country for one purpose or the other. Most visitors who apply for a visa do so through the Internet, as you will see in this article. Applying for a Bahraini visa is quite easy, especially if you go for the e-visa.


Bahraini e-Visit Visa

The government of Bahrain launched a special online e-visa in 2016 called the e Visa which allowed foreign nationals to get a visa without the need to visit the embassy for one. 

This move was crucial because Bahrain does not have embassies in many countries, so the e-visa created an opportunity for visitors from countries without embassies to get visas. Applying for an e-visa is easy and takes only a little time. You don’t have to submit physical documents, only soft copies uploaded to an online application portal.

Visitors can use the visa to enter the country for business and tourism purposes.


Is A Bahrain Visa For Bangladeshi Required?

A visa for Bangladeshi citizens is required because Bangladesh is not a Gulf Cooperation Council country, so it doesn’t make the visa-free list. The only nationals who can enter Bahrain without visas are Kuwaitis, Omanis, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabians. Everyone else will need to apply for a visa, including Bangladeshis.

The Issuing Authority

Bahrain General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence is the principal body responsible for issuing visas; this body was the entity that created the e-visa model in 2016 to improve access to visas and reduce waiting times at embassies and foreign missions abroad. The quick online process makes it possible for Bangladeshi to apply for it from the comfort of their homes instead of taking unnecessary trips to the embassy.

How To Apply For A Visit Visa?

The Embassy: The Bahraini embassy is the standard option for Bangladeshis, especially for those looking to apply for long-term visas. Long-term visas, like work visas, require proper vetting by embassy officials before the visa is approved. Embassy applications take a long time and require more documents, which may be the only option for long-term applications; however, this option is optional for short-term visit visas.


Another way to apply for a Bahrain tourist visa is to apply for a visa on arrival. This option is not available to all nationals, so as a Bangladeshi passport holder, you need to be sure that you qualify for it before applying. Once an eligible visitor arrives at the airport in Manama without a visa, they will be directed to the immigration kiosk to apply for a visa on arrival. The process takes some time, depending on the crowd waiting in line for the visa. Once your application is approved, you can enter the country as a legal visitor.


The online e-visa version is the most popular option for visitors who want a speedy process. 

The single-entry version is valid for two weeks or three months, and the multiple-entry version has longer validity. Bangladeshis who wish to travel to other GCC countries may apply for the GCC visitor multiple entry visa, which allows for 90 day stay from the date it is approved.

Mode of entry

Visa holders can enter Bahrain through two routes; the Bahrain International Airport or the King Fahd Causeway land border; however, they cannot enter the King Fahd Causeway using a GCC visa as this is only meant for air travel.


How To Apply For e Visa To Bahrain

Interested Bangladeshi applicants can do the following

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Choose Bahrain as your destination

  • Choose Bangladesh as your citizenship

  • Complete the application form

  • Attach the necessary documents

  • Pay the application fee

  • Submit for approval

E Visa Requirements

The documents for this visa must be uploaded in soft copies in the approved format, and they are as follows.

  • Passport valid for 6 months minimum beyond the arrival date

  • An image of the passport bio-data page

  • Image of the last passport page

  • Valid debit or credit card for application fee payment

  • Copy of reserved return flight ticket

  • Proof of hotel reservation or house address of family or friend

  • Stamped bank statement copy for the last three months showing the sufficient balance to cover your expenses

Bangladeshi applicants should note that the e-visa is linked to their passports, so they must travel to Bahrain with the same one they used for the application. They will not be allowed into the country if they go with a different one.

To apply for an online Bahrain visit visa for Bangladeshi, visit VisaHQ now.

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