Bahrain visa processing time

Bahrain attracts many businesses and workers due to its open business climate, cheap taxes and operational expenses, and popular retail centers. The Kingdom of Bahrain offers a lot, from antique shopping to market visits. This page is for you if you wish to apply for a Bahrain visa.

Bahrain Visa Requirements

To make sure that your e tourist visa, e medical visa, e business visa, e conference visa, and other e visa type is approved, you will have to gather all the documents required for the electronic visa application. All these documents required are not extremely difficult to get for your Bahrain e visa. You will need the following:

  • A valid passport with a validity of six months. If you have an old passport, staple it with your new passport. If you are traveling with family, then all of you require a separate passport. You must also submit the page of your old passport and new passport with your personal details.

  • A return ticket or onward journey ticket for reference.

  • Proof of accommodation such as hotel reservation.

  • If you are from yellow fever affected countries, you must submit a yellow fever vaccination card.

  • Bank statement. International travellers should have proof that they have sufficient money while visiting Bahrain.

  • If you have a family member or relative, then you must submit CPR.

  • Should have a debit card or credit card with sufficient funds to pay a visa fee. However, there may be some bank transaction charges.

  • A completed visa application form is also required with an e visa application.

Bahrain Tourist Visa Application

The Bahrain tourist visa application allows multiple entries and single entry into Bahrain. You also have e visa facility for this visa application and can use e visa services of VisaHQ to complete your e visa application.

The entire process for tourist visa might take around five days processing time. Allowing fourteen days stay and a processing fee of $83 for a single entry visa. A multiple entries visa fee is around $136 or $176 for thirty day and ninety days visa stays with validities of up to thirty days and one year, respectively. You need the following documents, along with other general documents:

  • Passport photocopy: A clean scan of your valid signed passport's data pages with at least six months of validity left.

  • A copy of round-way tickets or a detailed schedule for the duration of the trip.

Bahrain Business Visa Application

The e business visa applies to all foreign nationals wanting single entry and multiple entry e visa. The single entry visa is valid for 14 days, while the multiple entries visa is valid for thirty days or a year.

The employee's passport must be uploaded on the e visa portal. A trip schedule, payment status updating the visa fee payment status, and some other additional documents are required.

Different Bahrain Visas

  • Tourist visa: This visa is valid for two weeks and is available to nationals of the EU, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States. It does not permit employment.

  • Visitor visa: Other travellers arriving in Bahrain for a visit with this visa must be sponsored by a Bahraini who applies on their behalf. It is only valid for one month and does not permit work.

  • Seven Days Visa: Short-term business travellers can get one of these visas at the border. It is necessary to have an onward ticket and a valid passport.

  • Business visa: You need a business vis if you plan on staying in Bahrain for more than 1 week on business. This visa is valid for a maximum of 4 weeks, depending on the nature of the travel.

  • Work visa: If your staff is going to work in any capacity, they will all require work visas. This permit is good for 1 to 2 years and grants your employees' residence. The employee with handle the main documentation.

  • Family visa: Any immediate family members of your worker will require a family visa, commonly known as a residence permit, to stay in Bahrain throughout the working time. They are unable to work unless they get a separate work visa.

Bahrain Applicable E Visa Fees and Application

When filling out your online application form, you must pay a visa processing fee with your debit or credit card. The e visa fee varies greatly based on the type of visa you are applying for, and the e visa fee is nonrefundable. The visa fee is somewhere between $83 and $186. You can follow the process below for a successful e visa.

  • You must visit VisaHQ and create your online portal.

  • Go to the visa application you want to apply for and fill out an e visa form.

  • Submit the documents required, such as a valid passport with an expiry date after arrival date in another country, a return ticket, passport type photographs, if applicable commercial registration number, and more.

  • After that, pay the visa fee for your visa type. Remember regular visa has low e visa fee than a work visa. You will be given an expected date of visa arrival. Once the work visa, tourist visa, etc., arrive, you can select the arrival date and book your tickets.

  • You require prior permission for VisaHQ for your application. So additionally, one more document is needed to be submitted with the final submission of the uploaded documents is the electronic travel authorization visa form to VisaHQ.

  • After there are submitted, VisaHQ can submit and take your valid passport from the immigration officer after receiving your electronic travel authorization and getting your visa stamped.

Note: You must provide additional documents if you are international travel document holders, e medical visa holder, or have already gained an e medical attendant visa for your travel. You might need invitation letters, etc. Also, always start before your expected visit to the country to avoid mishaps, even if there are network delays in the systems.

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