Bahrain visa for Nigerian citizen

As a Nigerian passport holder, did you know you can easily get a Bahrain Visa for Nigerian citizens? All you need is to meet the visa requirements, and you are good to go. The Kingdom of Bahrain is offering visas to eligible Nigerians who may wish to visit as tourists, spend their vacation on the island, or work and study. This may come as a surprise, but Nigerians are eligible

for electronic visas to Bahrain. 

In fact, Nigeria is one of the 114 countries whose citizens qualify for online visas.

This means that they don’t have to visit the Bahraini Embassy in Abuja or the Consulate in Lagos unless for long-stay visas. Keep reading this blog as we reveal the steps to take to apply for visas to the Gulf country.


Ways To Apply For Bahrain Visa For Nigerian Citizens

Through The Sponsor System: The sponsor system is the method used by many Nigerians to migrate to Bahrain on long-term visas. This system will work for you if the following conditions are met.

  • The sponsor inviting you to Bahrain is a citizen of good standing and is willing to vouch for you

  • The sponsor is a company willing to employ you or do business with you

  • A foreigner with valid papers as your sponsor

  • An experienced travel agent acting as a sponsor

  • Some airlines that you have contracted may act as your sponsor

  • Hotels can process online visas and act as sponsors

Direct System: Under this approach, you will need someone to sponsor the visa for you; the responsibility lies with you to apply for the visa on your own, which may be an eVisa or one issued by the embassy.

Nigerians may use any available options, but only embassy applications are suited for long-stay visas.

The Bahrain e Visa

The e-visa or electronic visa is a travel document processed electronically, not physically. You don’t have to visit the embassy or submit physical copies of your documents for approval. You only need to fill out the form online, attach soft copies of the documents, and then submit them for approval. eVisas are designed for short-stay engagements like tourism and business trips. The visa is also linked to the passport, so once the traveler arrives, immigration officers will scan their passports to generate the visa.

How To Apply For Bahrain eVisa

Once you have resolved whether you need a sponsor, the next step is to do the following.

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Select Bahrain as your destination

  • Select Nigeria as your citizenship

  • Choose eVisa

  • Fill out the application form

  • Attach the necessary documents

  • Pay the application fee with your card

  • Submit for approval

Documents For e Visa

  • Valid Nigerian passport with at least 6 months validity minimum

  • Completed visa application form

  • Return air ticket

  • Passport sized photograph

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Bank statement for three months minimum

  • Bank credit or debit card to pay the visa fee

  • Active email address for feedback


Conditions For e Visa

Before applying for a Bahraini e visa, you must be aware of the terms and conditions to avoid breaking the law in ignorance. Here are the conditions to bear in mind

  • You must be outside Bahrain or preferably in Nigeria before applying for it

  • The passport you use must be valid for nothing less than six months

  • A return flight ticket that will take you back to Nigeria is mandatory

  • You must be financially capable of covering your travel and living expenses

  • You must be ready to use the visa in the next 30 days

  • You must not pose a security or national welfare risk to the country

  • Possessing a visa while applying for an eVisa is prohibited, as visitors are not allowed to have two visas at the same time

EVisa Timeline

After submitting the visa, it will take about 5 working days to receive it in your email. Maintaining an active email address is paramount so you will know when the visa is ready. To avoid delays, ensure you submit only valid documents and fill out the application form accurately.

Do Nigerians Need To Show A COVID-19 Certificate?

The Covid 19 Certificate is necessary If you don’t have a negative PCR test certificate. All travelers coming to Bahrain must either show a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test taken not later than 72 hours before their trip.

The standard application fee for Bahrain Visa for Nigerian citizens is $14. This fee can be paid with a Bank issued credit or debit card, and it is not refundable and doesn’t guarantee that you will get the visa. Visit VisaHQ now to submit your online application for the e-visa.

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