Bahrain e-Visa

Bahrain is a very popular touristic destination. In 2021, it was one of the most visited countries overall, with more than 3.8 million visitors attending the country throughout the year. Many of these tourists were able to enter Bahraini territory with the help of an electronic visa or e-visa.

A Bahrain e-visa is only available for 68 countries, including the United States, New Zealand, India (under certain conditions), Brazil, and South Korea. You can check the full list of countries and see if your nation is eligible for an electronic visa.

Learn what an e-Visa is, how to obtain it, and the requirements you will need to apply for one.

What is a Bahrain e-Visa?

A Bahrain e-visa or electronic visa is a digital document that allows you to enter Bahrain. You do not need to visit the nearest Bahrain embassy to obtain it, as the whole process can be completed online. You can apply online for a Bahrain evisa at any time.

The Bahrain visa application form requires you to submit a few documents and answer certain questions. You will also be required to pay the processing fee so the process can start.

Bahrain evisa requirements 

As we have mentioned, the Bahrain visa requirements include a few documents and an online application form. Foreign citizens have been able to apply for one since 2014, allowing them to enter Bahrain without too much hassle.

The Bahrain evisa application form does not take too much to complete. You will be able to complete it within one hour or less. Make sure you have the following documents at hand before your application:

  • A valid passport: You must upload a digital scan of your passport's photo and information pages for your application. The passport must have a minimum of six months of validity upon arrival in Bahrain.

  • Passport-type passport: Make sure the photo you have has a white background and the right dimensions (2 x 2 inches in most cases). It must be full color.

  • Email: You must provide a valid email address. The system will notify you via email of the approval or denial of your Bahrain e-visa.

  • Means of payment: You must pay the processing fees. You can do so by using a credit or debit card.

After you have completed the application form, you will be required to pay the visa fee. You may be required to provide further information during the process, including a few security questions. Either way, the process does not take more than thirty minutes or one hour to complete. You might be able to get your Bahrain evisa within one week if everything in your application is okay.

Bahrain evisa eligibility

Bahrain applies certain conditions to obtain an e-visa for most nations. Please note that while 209 countries can obtain an electronic visa for this country, it is important for you to comply with all the requirements listed below:

  • You should NOT be in Bahrain. If you wish to have a Bahrain visa and are already in the country, please visit the respective immigration offices of the area to start the process.

  • The only travel document accepted is a regular and valid passport. As mentioned, it should have at least six months of validity starting from your arrival date in Bahrain.

  • You will also be required to prove that you will return to your country. You can do so with a return ticket, for instance.

  • You should be able to prove that you can sustain yourself while you are in Bahraini territory. If you are traveling with multiple people, you must also prove that you can sustain them financially.

  • Your presence should follow the security regulations of Bahrain.

  • Your visa will only be valid within a 30-day period after the date of issue. Once your visa has expired, you must go through the application process again and pay the visa fees if you wish to enter Bahrain again.

  • You will not be able to apply for a Bahrain visa if you are already applying for one. Make sure to use the visa you previously applied for first before issuing a Bahrain evisa.

Although the conditions are relatively strict, it is relatively easy to obtain a Bahrain visa. If you comply with all the requirements listed above, you can start the process by accessing VisaHQ.

Processing time 

The processing time for a Bahrain evisa is typically between five and ten business days, depending on your availability and application form. If the information you have entered in your application form is accurate, then you should have your electronic visa as soon as possible. If any errors are encountered, you may be required to provide further information, or perhaps your visa could be denied, which would cause you to start the process again and have your Bahrain evisa approved.

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