Bahrain visa for Montenegro

Bahrain Visa for Montenegro is available for Montenegrins looking to visit the ancient island Kingdom of Bahrain. Bahrain has become a cultural melting pot in the Gulf region, with different nationalities from across the globe visiting for tourism, business, or other engagements. If you hold a Montenegro passport, you are eligible for a visa as long as you need the requirements. Here are the visas on offer for interested visitors.

Bahrain Visa For Montenegro Types

The visa you go for should depend on your purpose for coming in the first place. Here are the main types of visas.

Tourist Visa: The tourist visa is the most subscribed of all the visa types. Bahrain is a tourist hub, and many foreigners visit the country to view historic landmarks and fun spots. Tourist visas are shirt term visas available online and through the embassy.

Business Visa: Montenegro business persons, consultants, professionals, and invited guests may opt for a business visa if they want to visit for conferences, seminars, meetings, sign contracts, and a host of other business-related engagements. This one is also a short-stay visa.

Work Visa: Montenegrins who have secured a job with a company in Bahrain must apply for work visas and get them before they can travel to the country to work legally. Without a work visa, it is illegal to work.

Family Visa: A family visa is issued to those with family members in Bahrain who have work visas. This visa is more or less a Reunion visa that allows families to reunite.

Student Visa: Then there is a student visa for Montenegrin students who have secured admission into Universities and colleges of higher education in the country. This visa allows them to complete their courses.

How To Apply For Bahrain Visa For Montenegro?

There are online and visa-on-arrival application methods, but Montenegrins need to qualify for them. The only option open to travelers from Montenegro is to apply to the embassy for a visa. We explain the application steps below.

Identify The Visa: The first step is to identify the visa you want; is it a work, student, or tourist visa? You need to be sure, as this will determine the documents you will need to provide.

Fill The Form: Once you are sure of the visa you want, the next step is to fill out the application form. The form has different sections that must be filled out correctly. Cross-check for errors and only move forward if you are sure you filled the form correctly.

Book The Visa Appointment: The next stage is to book the visa appointment with the embassy, which can be done in person or through licensed agents. The embassy will fix a date for the visa interview, so prepare for it.

Arrange Your Documents: The next step is to arrange your documents for the application. Gather them into a single file and make sure everything is present. Only valid will be accepted.

Pay The Visa Fee: The visa fee must be paid before you will be allowed to submit your application. Visa fees can be paid in a number of ways as directed by the embassy.

Attend The Visa Interview: Attend The Visa interview on the design say and bring along copies of your documents for review. The visa officer will collect them from you and ask questions about why you want to travel to Bahrain and how long you plan to stay.

Come Back For Your Visa: The final step is to come back for your visa. This may take a few weeks or more than a month, depending on the volume of applications the embassy handles.


Bahrain Visa For Montenegro Requirements

Here are the documents you will be asked to provide

  • Valid Montenegrin passport

  • Round Trip Tickets

  • Passport picture

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Bank statement for three months minimum to prove financial sufficiency

  • Cover letter

  • Visa fee receipt

How Much Is The Visa Fee?

The visa fee will depend on whether it is a short or long-stay visa and whether it is single or multiple entry. Fees start from BD 25 to BD 100. This fee always changes, so find the correct fee for the visa you want.

How Long Can I Stay?

Some visas only allow visitors to stay 2 weeks to a month, while long stay visas are down 6 months and above. Before entering the Kingdom of Bahrain with a visa, ensure the duration so you don’t overstay your visa. Set a reminder for the exit date when you arrive so you don’t forget.

Bahrain visa for Montenegro is available to all passport holders looking to visit Bahrain. They must book an appointment and submit the right documents for the visa.

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