Bahrain visa for Lebanese

For a Lebanese national to enter Bahrain, they must first get a Bahrain Visa for Lebanese. There is because, despite being an Arab country, Lebanon is not on the Kingdom of Bahrain’s visa-free list. So any visitor must obtain a visa from the Bahrain embassy in Beirut before making the trip. There are quite a few visas for interested travelers, which we reviewed below; please look.

Bahrain Visa For Lebanese Types

There are white a few visa types, namely

Tourist Visa: A Bahrain tourist visa is for Lebanese and other foreigners who want to visit for tourism and other short-stay purposes like family and friends visits or to spend their holidays. This visa has some restrictions as the holder is only allowed to stay for a short time or permanently settle in the country, and they are also not allowed to work during their visa since it does not carry a work permit.

Business Visa: This visa is another short-stay visa issued to business persons for short engagements like meetings, conferences, and other business activities. The business visa isn’t the same as a work visa because it is for activities that will not earn the visitor direct remuneration.

Work Visa: Work visas are for foreigners entering Bahrain to work for an employer long-term. This visa qualifies the holder for work and residency permits to live and work legally in Bahrain.

Student Visa: Bahrain has a student visa for Lebanese and other international students studying in any of the numerous universities and colleges in the Kingdom.

How To Apply For Bahrain Visa For Lebanese?

As a Lebanese citizen, there is only one way to apply for any of the above visas to Bahrain: through the Bahraini embassy in Beirut. This is because Lebanese are not eligible for online visas or visas on arrival. The embassy is the only source to get a visa, most of which are multiple entry visa. The application procedure is as follows;

Know The Visa You Want: The first step is knowing your desired visa. It is only after you are sure of the visa that you can go ahead to apply for it.

Book An Appointment: The second step is to book an appointment with the embassy in Lebanon. Appointments for visa interviews can be booked directly or through visa agents working with the embassy. A date will be fixed for the interview, and you will receive a confirmation to that effect.

Get Your Documentation: The next step is to arrange all the documents you will need for the visa. The documents you gather will depend on the type of visa you want. Ensure that they are all valid and meet the requirements for the valid visit visa.

Attend The Interview: On the appointed date, attend the visa interview at the embassy, bringing all original copies of your documents. You may bring photocopies of your documents as well. Arrive early and wait your turn. When it is time, you will be called into the consular officer’s office and asked questions about your trip. The officer will also receive and cross-check your documents to ensure they are in order.

Pay the Visa Fee: The visa application fee must be paid before you can submit your documents. How the fee is paid depends on the method established by the embassy.

Wait For Processing: After submitting your documents, you must wait for the processing, which may take a few weeks after the interview. The progress of your application will be communicated to you, and if it is successful, you will receive your passport and visa.

What Are The Visa Requirements?

The visa requirements are as follows

  • A valid Lebanese passport valid for at least six months from the arrival date

  • Round trip tickets

  • Passport photo

  • Proof of financial means

  • Travel Insurance (recommended)

  • Proof of accommodation

  • Travel Itinerary

  • Bank Statement (3 months minimum)

  • Visa fee receipt 

  • Any other document demanded by the embassy


Bahrain Visa Duration

Bahrain visas start from 30 days minimum and may be valid for up to a year or more, like a work or student visa. The validity period is also between 90 days or longer.

Can I Extend My Bahrani Visa?

Visa extensions are possible, but only before the current one expires. To express your Bahrain Visa, you must visit the Nationality, Passport, and Residency Affairs office in Manama to submit the extension application. The number of days or weeks given to valid visa holders will be done at the discretion of the officer in charge of your case.

Visa Application Fee

Depending on the type, this visa costs between BD 4 – BD 100. This visa fee is not refundable once it is paid.

Bahrain Visa for Lebanese is available at the embassy, so direct your application to their office.

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