Bahrain visa for Afghanistan

Afghanis can travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain if they wish to, but they must apply for a Bahrain Visa for Afghanistan. This travel document is the only one that allows them legal entry into the country, and it limits the number of days they can stay there. Due to a volatile situation in the country, the Bahraini foreign mission is not operating at full capacity, so visa applicants seeking long-term visas will have to visit the nearest Bahraini embassy to Afghanistan, which happens to the in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Islamabad is approximately 496 km away from Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul. Another city with a Bahraini embassy they can visit is the consulate in Karachi, also in Pakistan, which is more than 1000 kilometers from Kabul. The visa officer will request their passports, onward travel itinerary and other documents.

However, embassy applications are only one of the options for Bahrainis, as there are other options, as you would see below.


Bahrain Online Visa For Afghanistan Citizens

Many foreigners who visit Bahrain do so with online e-visas, and this option is also open to Afghans too. 

Citizens of Afghanistan may apply for an online visa which doubles as a tourist visa for short trips to the Middle Eastern Kingdom. The trip to Bahrain on an e-visa is usually short and lasts up to 14 days. Furthermore, e-visas expire one month after it is issued; hence holders are advised to travel with them as quickly as possible.

When applying for an e-visa, the applicant must not be inside the country but outside; otherwise, their application will not be approved.

Why Do Afghans Need A Bahraini Visa?

Afghans must have this visa because Bahrain only allows visas for free entry for citizens of other GCC countries; unfortunately, Afghanistan is not a GCC member, so their citizens are not exempted from holding entry visas.

The good news is that e-visas are relatively easy to apply for since the applicant doesn’t have to visit the embassy or consulate in far away Pakistan and doesn’t have to apply with physical copies of their documents. Everything is handled online, and they will also receive their visas. You should also know that the visa can be extended by a further two weeks once you are already in the country if necessary.

All you have to do is visit the immigration authorities in Manama to file an extension request for extra days.

E Visa Processing Time

Once you’ve submitted your application and paid the fee, expect your visa in the next 3-5 working days. 

You should also endeavor to print out the visa from your inbox and travel with it to Bahrain as proof, but if not, there won’t be a problem as the immigration officer can generate the visa electronically using passport biometrics.

Bahrain Visa For Afghanistan Requirements

These are the mandatory documents for Afghans applying for an online e-visa to Bahrain. These documents must be valid and complete; otherwise, the application will be rejected.

Visa Application: A Bahraini e-visa application form correctly filled and signed by the applicant. No false or incorrect information will be accepted.

Passport: A valid Afghan passport, sir at least six months of validity left. The passport must still be valid at the time the visitor leaves Bahrain. There is also a need for a scanned copy of the bio-data page and information showing the issue and expiry date.

Photos: Two recent photographs taken at least six months ago must meet the minimum quality standard requirements.

Bank Statement: A recent bank statement issued by a reputable bank showing financial transactions spanning the last three months and balance to prove that the visitor can foot their bills.

Travel Itinerary: Travel reservation on flights to and from Bahrain. Flight and hotels should be reserved and unpaid until the visa is ready. Reservations can be done online.

Proof of Accommodation: Proof of accommodation in Bahrain. This can be the house address of a friend or relative or a hotel reservation.

Receipt: The receipt should be attached to the application after paying the visa fee.

These are the essential documents required for visa applications

Long Term Visas

The above is for short-term visa applications like tourist and business visas. Applicants who want long-term visas, like work visas, should visit the embassy in Pakistan to submit physical applications.


Apply For Bahrain e Visa On VisaHQ

You can apply for a tourist e-visa via VisaHQ within minutes by doing the following

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Applying for an online Bahrain visa for Afghanistan on VisaHQ is fast and easy. Open the application page today to complete the application.

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