Bahrain business visa

All visitors coming to Bahrain for a business trip must hold a Bahrain business visa, or they will be denied entry into the Kingdom. Bahrain is one of the Gulf Cooperation Countries with a different business visa regime for foreign nationals.


The Kingdom of Bahrain is a monarchy headed by the Sultan of Bahrain and located in the Persian Gulf of Eastern Saudi Arabia. The country is relatively small, with just 760km2, and is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world, with just 1626 inhabitants per square mile. Like many other Gulf States, Bahrain is humid most of the year, with the coolest months being November and May. Manama, the capital, is located on the North coast and is the largest city in the Kingdom.

Tourism has improved significantly in recent years and now contributes substantially to the economy, but oil and gas remain the primary export product and top revenue earner. The ruling class has followed the lead of other Gulf States to open up the country to foreign nationals coming for tourism or business. By issuing visas for tourism, business visits, and lots more, the country has recently opened up and risen from relative obscurity.

Bahrain Business Visa

A Bahrain visa is a visa issued for business purposes. It is one of the shortest visas, with just four weeks of validity. Visitors are also not allowed to stay for more than a week from the entry date. Bahraini business visas require a NOC Sponsor from the country before they will be issued. In most cases, the sponsor is a Bahraini citizen, but business operators and permanent residents may also issue NOC to visitors.

The visa is only issued to visitors with genuine business intentions who are eligible.  

Bahrain Business Visa Eligibility

Find below the eligibility criteria for a business visa to Bahrain.

Purpose: You must have proof to show that you are visiting the country for business purposes and nothing more. A signed NOC by a citizen or resident of Bahrain or even an organization will suffice.

Financial Capacity: Only applicants with the financial capacity to meet the requirements will be issued a visa. There is a minimum financial requirement for all visitors, and they must show their financial capacity as proof.

Non-criminal Record: Only applicants with a clean record will be issued a visa to Bahrain. The authorities may request a Police Clearance Certificate as proof.

Healthy Record: The applicant must be healthy and not suffering from any communicable virus that may infect the local population

Bahrain Visa Requirements For Business Visitors

These are the documents you must submit to the Bahraini authorities for a business visa.

Passport: You need a passport issued by the government of your country that has a minimum of six months' validity. The passport must also have two pages for Bahraini immigration officers to affix entry and exit stamps at the airport.

Photograph: A recent photograph showing your facial features clearly and in conformity with the visa requirements.

Invitation Letter: An Invitation letter issued by the person or entity inviting you to Bahrain for the business engagement. The letter must explain the purpose of the trip, the number of days required for you to stay, and the name of the person or entity sponsoring your trip.

Round Trip Flight Itinerary: A round trip flight to and from Bahrain. The reserved flight ticket must carry the arrival and departure date.

Proof of Financial Means: A financial statement showing a minimum balance amount to cover all expenses for the trip.

Proof of Accommodation: Hotel reservation showing an entry and exit date.

How To Apply For Bahrain Business Visa

You can apply for a business visa online, and if your application is accepted, the visa will be released to you via email in 24-72 hours. You can apply for it on VisaHQ by doing the following

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select Bahrain as your destination

  • Select your country of origin

  • Choose Business Visa

  • Complete the application form

  • Attach the required travel documents

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for approval

 NOTE: Bahrain does not issue visa on arrival so all visitors need to get their visa before arriving at the Bahrain International Airport.

Important Points To Take Note Of

Bahrain is a traditional monarchy with a strong Islamic culture. Visitors are advised to respect the local laws during their stay in the country. Holding hands between sexes in public is not allowed so, is the drinking of alcohol. Take the time to learn about the local culture before traveling. Furthermore, you must not say beyond the 7 days allowed for Bahrain business visa holders; otherwise, you will be sanctioned. Sanctions range from fines, deportation, or temporary or permanent bans from entering the country in the future. If you have unpaid debt, the authorities will not allow you to leave until you pay up.

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