Turkey visa processing time

What’s the Turkey visa processing time?

Turkey visa processing time is 15 working days. The time starts counting

  • From the moment you submit your visa application form

  • Processing times may be extended for a few more days

  • Expedited processing may take 3 working days

If you want to apply for a Turkish visa and want to know more, read this article to learn more.

The Visa Processing Time Frame

Turkey has foreign missions in different countries, and besides the normal visa issued to foreigners, there are also other types of visas like the visa on arrival scheme and the Turkey E-visa scheme, which is an electronic visa.

As for the Turkish sticker visa, the most popular visa of the lot, the processing time frame is 15 working days from the day you submit your application form and after your interview.

An official of the consulate in your country will interview you to know why you want to visit the country. They will also review your travel documents. After the interview, the processing of the application commences, and within 15 days, you will get feedback.

In some consulates with a backlog of applicants, this 15 working days period can be extended by several more days. However, note that the consulate has the prerogative to process the application in less than 15 days. In some cases, you may receive feedback as quickly as 3 days after attending an interview.

In some consulates with a backlog of applicants, this 15 working days period can be extended by several more days. However, note that the consulate has the prerogative to process the application in less than 15 days. In some cases, you may receive feedback as quick as 3 days after attending an interview

Note: You can track your Turkey visa application progress on the pre application platform you used to submit the application form and other travel documents.


Be Clear About Your Purpose Of Entry

If you don’t want your application to be denied, make sure you enter the correct information. For instance, the purpose of entry is critical information the officials at the consulate will review. The are only a few approved purposes, such as the following.

Tourist Visit: This is for the purpose of tourism. If you wish to visit Turkey for a vacation and to enjoy the sights and sounds of the amazing country, tick this box.

Business/Meeting/Commerce: This one is for the purpose of attending a business meeting or engaging in any commerce related activity. Note that this visa does not give you the clearance to engage in any kind of paid job during your stay.

Conference/Meeting/Seminars: Many foreign missions, international brands and agencies organize seminars and conferences in Turkey. If you wish to visit as a guest, then tick this box.

Fair/Festival/Exhibition: This is for any of the annual and bi-annual festivals, exhibitions and fairs held annually in the country.

Sporting Activity: Turkey has a thriving sports industry, with football being the most dominant sport. You can attend any of them as a fan but make sure you tick this box.

Culture/Art: The country is a melting pot of Eastern and European culture with so many archaeological sites and a thriving local culture. You can visit to enjoy its unique culture.

Official Visit: If you are part of a government delegation representing your home government or any public institution, this is the box you should tick, not any other one. This validates your trip in an official capacity representing your government or principal.

How To Apply For a Turkey Visa?

Applying to obtain visa is relatively easy. Just do the following.

Check When You Should Apply

Before applying, always check to see if it is appropriate. If you apply too early for a valid visa, your request will be denied m apply too late, and your visit may be delayed. The general rule is to apply at least 60 days before the proposed date of your trip or one month in advance. This way, you avoid the risks of denials or delays.

Where To Submit Your Application

Different missions in foreign countries have unique application processes so do your findings. The standard may be to submit it at the embassy in person, at a consulate office, or with a third-party application agent working with the embassy in your country. Be sure of the appropriate facility to apply to.

Fill out The Application Form

Fill out the online application form properly and without errors and attach the relevant documents. When you are done, submit them electronically.

Attend The Interview

On the scheduled date of the interview, present yourself with hard copies of all your documents, including the application form.



A Turkey visa processing time takes between 3 – 15 days but may extend beyond that in some cases. If your application is approved, you will be issued the visa.

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