Turkey e-Visa processing time

If you intend to apply for a Turkey e visa, you want to ensure you get your timing right so you don’t face unnecessary delays on the day you plan to travel. The only way to avoid delays is to know the Turkey e visa processing time.

Applying for an e visa if you are from an eligible country is easy, but your plans may be ruined if you get the timing wrong. This page contains information about the e visa in Turkey, the processing time, and other relevant information.

What Is The Turkey e Visa?

The government of Turkey launched the Turkey electronic visa on the 17th of April, 2013. The visa is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey and is online based. Foreign nationals who wish to visit the country for tourism or shirt business visits or even as transit visitors don’t have to visit the Turkish embassy in their respective countries to apply for the e Visa. They can submit their online applications after filling them out with their smartphones and attaching the necessary documents. The e-visa only takes a few minutes to complete and is valid for 90 days.

There are single-entry and multiple-entry visas; the former can only be used to enter Turkey once, while the latter can be used to enter Turkey multiple times.

Turkey e Visa Processing Time?

What is the e visa processing time?

Once you complete and submit the online application form, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take between 1-3 days to process it. You may get your e-visa mailed in 19 hours if you are lucky.

However, note that travelers must use the e-visa to enter Turkey within one month and not later than three months after it is approved and issued to them. They must also prevent a health certificate at the airport once they arrive in Turkey.

Special Entry Health Form

The special entry form was introduced in March 2021 to check the spread of the pandemic and the notice is still in place. The form must be filled out and submitted online within 72 hours before boarding a flight for Turkey.

Types of Turkey E Visa?

Tourist Visa: The tourist visa is for foreign nationals coming to Turkey for holidays or to visit family and friends.

Business Visa: The business visa is for those with business interests in Turkey.

Note that the e visa is only for tourism and business, not for any other purpose. If you require a travel document for any other dot, visit the Turkish embassy in your home country to apply for a different visa.

Also, note that transit visitors don’t need an e visa as long as they don’t plan to leave the airport.

Once you complete and submit the online application form, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take between 1-3 days to process it. If you are lucky, you may get your e-visa mailed in 19 hours.

Arrival Requirements

All visitors need the following to apply for the e visa.

Valid Passport: A valid passport that will not expire for the next six months. The passport used to complete the application form must be presented to Immigration officers at the arrival desk.

Printed copy: A printed copy of the Turkish visa should be presented to immigration officers.

Bank card: There is a processing fee you must pay before you can submit the application form. This visa fee is paid with a credit or debit card so ensure that the card has sufficient funds to complete the payment.

Email Address: Provide a registered email address to receive a valid visa to enter Turkey.

Note: The Turkish e visa is not a residence permit.

Word of Caution

Valid information: You must provide only valid information when filling out the application form and provide valid documents as well. If your documents and information are inaccurate or invalid, your application will be rejected, and the Turkey visa processing fee you paid will bother refunded.

Don’t overstay: You must not overstay beyond the maximum number of days allowed. Failure to leave on the maximum allowed day will be a violation. Erring visitors will be asked to pay a fine or face jail in worse-case scenarios.

Not for work: A business e visa is not a work visa. E visa holders are not permitted to work as the visa does not attract a work permit. Working with an e visa is a violation. If you want to work in Turkey, apply for a work visa at the Turkish embassy in your home country.

Now that you know the Turkey e visa processing time, you can apply for the visa in 15 minutes or less. Kindly visit VisaHQ to complete the application form.

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