Turkey visa for Afghans

If I want to apply for a Turkey visa for Afghans, what do I need? You will need

  • To fill and submit an online application form

  • Attach your Afghan passport and other necessary travel document

  • Pay and application fee

There is a substantial number of Afghan citizens living and working in Turkey. Many also visit the country for a short time to enjoy Touristic views. If you want to visit Turkey, read this article to the end to learn more.

Turkey Visa For Afghans

Turkey is a top destination for many international travelers, with an average of 50 million people visiting the country revert year. The nation has seven regions, each unique in its own way. The rich culture, tasty cuisine, and mixture of European and Asian cultures make it an appealing country to visit.

To facilitate visits and make them stress-free for international visitors, the Turkish authorities launched the E-visa initiative in 2013. Today, visitors, including Afghans, can visit Turkey at short notice if they complete the e visa application process.

The need for a visa is simple. Afghanistan is not on the list of visa-exempt countries, so as an Afghan, you have to directly apply for a visa to come to Turkey.

You don’t have to visit any Turkish embassy or consulate to apply for a visa since you can do it online. However, you have to pay the application fee and submit your passport, among other documentary evidence, to qualify for entry.


You don’t have to visit any Turkish embassy or consulate to apply for a visa since you can do it online. However, you have to pay the application fee and submit your passport, among other documentary evidence, to qualify for entry.


Length Of Stay

Turkey issues different types of visas to Afghans, but the most common one is the single entry online visa. This visa is not renewable and is a one time visa. It allows you to stay in Turkey for 30 days to 180 days maximum. Before or on the day it expires, you are expected to leave the country and reapply outside Turkey if you wish to return again in the future.

For those who wish to stay for an extended period, they will have to apply for a traditional visa that comes with a resident and work permit. You can apply for a traditional visa by visiting the Turkey embassy in Kabul to see if they accept applications; if not, you can contact any other mission in Pakistan or other surrounding nations.

Documents Required For Turkey Visa Application For Afghans

When applying for a visa, afghan passport holders must attach the following documents to their application form to get visa approval.

Valid Passport

Your valid Afghani ordinary passport is a vital document. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months before your trip. Furthermore, the passport must have two blank pages left. These pages are for stamp verification for your visa.

Valid Email

Since the application will be done electronically, you will need a valid email. The platform will verify it and send your electronic visa for download. Without a valid email, you cannot apply for a Turkey visa.

Valid Visa

A valid visa issued by a Schengen country or the US, UK, or Ireland is another optional document required. If you don’t have such a visa, it doesn’t disqualify your application in any way, but it will help your case if you do

Round Trip Ticket

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expects all Afghans to purchase a round-trip ticket before arriving in Turkey. The ticket and flight information must be attached to your application when filling out your form. This information is to ensure that there are no delays when it is time to leave the country.

Hotel Reservation

Information about the hotel you will stay in is also required. You can book a hotel online and provide this information in your application.

Proof Of Sufficient Funds

Last but not least is proof of sufficient finance. They want to be sure that you have the financial capacity to fund your stay in Turkey. The minimum requirement is proof of living funds of $50 minimum per day. This amount should be multiplied by the number of days you intend to stay in Turkey.

Steps To Apply For A Turkey Visa For Afghans

If you want to apply for a Turkey visa for Afghans, do the following

  • Fill out the application form

  • Double-check your details to be sure that they are accurate. The last thing you want is an application rejection on the grounds of false or incorrect information

  • Select a payment option to pay for that visa service charge, then complete the checkout form

  • Obtain the E Visa and other instructions to get it stamped through your email (You will receive a notification).


When you arrive at the airport in Turkey, an immigration officer will stamp your Turkey visa for Afghans and into your passport to make it official, and you can enter the country. If you want to expedite the process, consider applying for the visa via VisaHQ.

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