Turkey visa for citizens of Pakistan

Turkey visa for citizens of Pakistan

What is the Turkey visa for citizens of Pakistan requirement?

All citizens looking to visit Turkey need to

  • Submit an online application form

  • Present relevant documents, including a Pakistani passport

  • Pay a visa application fee

Citizens of Pakistan can visit Turkey for business or commercial purposes, but they must apply for a valid visa before they can enter Turkey. Read this article to get firsthand information about Turkey visa requirements.

A Visit To Turkey

Turkey is one of the most visited countries in the world by citizens of foreign countries. It is one of TripAdvisor's top ten international travel destinations because it has a rich culture and lovely tourist hotspots like Marmaris beach.

If you want to visit Turkey, you will have to apply for a Turkey visit visa. The government expects you to submit an application form electronically with supporting travel documents, cash to fund your stay, a return flight ticket, and a hotel reservation.

Below, we address these requirements in detail

If you want to visit Turkey, you will have to apply for a visa. The government expects you to submit an application form electronically with supporting travel documents, cash to fund your stay, a return flight ticket, and a hotel reservation.

Turkey Electronic Visa Application

All Turkey visa applications are done electronically and they are called e visa. This means you have to fill out and submit the application form online. Unlike other countries that still do in-person applications, Turkish consulates adopt a different method. The Turkey visa application form is available online and can be filled in a few minutes.

Supporting Documents

Besides the application forms, you will also have to submit copies of other vital documents. One of them is your Pakistani official passport. Only passports with at least 5 months of validity before expiration are allowed. If your passport expires in less than 5 months, your application will be denied.

Another notable document they request for but is optional is a visa or resident permit issued by a Schengen country or the UK, USA, or Ireland. If you have such a document, you may attach it to your application form and submit it online.

Return Ticket

The Turkish government expects all applicants for Turkey e visa to have purchased a return ticket back home from Turkey before they even start the application process. This modality is put in place to ensure that the visitor has plans to leave Turkey on the day or before their visa expires.

By committing funds towards procuring a return ticket, their departure is guaranteed.

Hotel Reservation

Just like all Pakistani visitors are expected to buy a return ticket back home ahead of time, they are also expected to pay for a hotel reservation before they enter Turkey; the reservation has to be made known through receipt. This is to guarantee that the interested visitor has accommodation and will not pose a social risk to the authorities by sleeping on the street.


The government will also request to see evidence of living funds. Visitors must show proof that they can afford at least $50 daily as living funds. This is because the visa does not give them the legal right to engage in any form of paid employment, so they need to hold cash which they will live on during their stay.

Not Among A List Of Visa Exempt Countries

Pakistan is not on the list of visa-exempt countries, so you need to apply for a visa before visiting. Luckily for you, the process is smooth and straightforward and takes only 2-3 business working days to process as it is done online.

However, note that this online application is only for those looking to visit for a short stay. Students or those seeking a temporary or permanent residence permit will have to visit the Turkish consulate in Lahore or Karachi.

Duration Of Visa

The electronic visa gives you access to Turkey for at least 30 days for single entry applications. However, you may choose to stay back for up to 180 days but not more than that. This visa is only issued to tourists or those coming for a conference, sporting activity, or commercial engagement.

During your stay, you are not expected to engage in any form of paid work as that would violate your visa. Furthermore, you are expected to leave Turkey before or on the day that your visa expires.

Last but not least is the fees you have to pay. There are two fees which are the Visa fee and the government fee. Visa fees are application fee you pay to complete your application and the government fee you pay to the immigration officers at the Airport to process your physical visa and stamp your Passport.

If you meet the Turkey visa for citizens of Pakistan requirement, you can visit Turkey to experience the wonders of the country where East meets West. To make the application process seamless, you may apply for an electronic visa via VisaHQ.

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