Turkey e-visa error

Are you having difficulty submitting your Turkey online visa application form because of a Turkey e-visa error? This is one problem visa applicants often face, but it is not without a solution. There are a few reasons why you may be seeing this error on the screen each time you try to submit your application form. This page address the E visa error and what you need to do to resolve it

The Turkey E Visa For Foreigners

Turkey has an electronic travel visa scheme that allows visitors to process travel visas without visiting the Turkish embassy in their respective countries. This online visa is an alternative to the normal visa issued by embassies but serves the same purpose. The e-visa is issued solely for tourism and business trips and is valid for a relatively short time.

To apply for this visa, the applicant must fill out the application form with their details, attach the necessary documents and pay the visa processing fee using a Master Card it Visa Card. UnionPay cards also work in countries where they are available.

How To Apply For a Turkey e-Visa?

Applicants must provide valid details in the appropriate fields, such as their full names, nationality, gender, date of birth, trip purpose, contact address, and other things. They must also attach their passports and other documents to the form by scanning and uploading them. After completing the application form, they must pay the visa fee and submit it for approval.

Turkey tourist visas take only a few days to be approved and sent to the applicant’s email address. Once received, the applicant must print the e-visa out and bring it on their trip to Turkey. At the arrival point, immigration officers will review the e visa along with other documents, and if they are satisfied, the visitor’s passport will be stamped to activate the e visa, and they will be allowed into the country.

However, the entire process described above will not be possible if the visa fee cannot be paid because of an error

Causes of Turkey e visa Error

Many applicants have complained of seeing the same error and that they can’t process payments with their credit or debit card. If you are seeing this error, something is most certainly wrong; here are some reasons.

Insufficient Balance: It may be that your debit or credit card has insufficient balance to cover the visa fee and the transaction cost. The payment will not go through if the bank account connected to the card has an insufficient amount. The two charges to be mindful of are the visa fee and the transaction charges. The payment will not go through if your card only has a balance to cover the fee and not the transaction charges.

Network issues: If your card issuer is experiencing a network issue, the payment will not go through even if you have sufficient funds in the card.

Wrong card: Not every credit or debit card can be used to pay the application fee for a Turkish visa. Only Master Card, Visa Card, or UnionPay cards can be used. If your credit or debit card differs from these three, the payment may not go through.

International Access: Another reason you may encounter an error message is if your card is blocked from making international transactions (it cannot be used to pay for items abroad). The Turkish e visa fee payment will not go through if your credit or debit card is only meant for local transactions.

What To Do If You See a Turkey e Visa Error?

If you see a visa error with your Turkish e visa application in the payment portal, don’t panic. Here are some steps to take.

Use the right card: Make sure you use the right card, like a Master Card, Visa Card, or UnionPay.

Check your balance: Ensure your card has sufficient balance to cover the fee and transaction charges. Having a little more money than what is required is a safe bet to avoid seeing an error message.

Contact your card issuer: Contact the issuer if the payment is not going through and you are sure it contains enough balance and is the right card. If there is a network issue, they will ask you to exercise patience while the issue is resolved. You can try again a few hours later. If it is not a network issue, it may be that your card is limited to only local transactions. If this is the case, you will need to use a different card to make the payment.

In rare cases, the visa application portal may be experiencing a glitch, so nothing you do will work. The only option you have is to wait for the problem tone resolved before you pay the application fee. Hopefully, this Turkey e-visa error will not last for too long.

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