Turkey visa for Chinese passport holders

Turkey visa for Chinese passport holders

Is there a Turkey visa for Chinese passport holders?

Yes, there is, and you can apply for it easily if you are Chinese and can prove it with the required documents. You need to

  • Fill out the visa application form

  • Attach all required documents, then verify your income, identity, and health status

  • Pay the visa application processing fee and submit the form

This article contains all the relevant information you need to know about registering for a Turkish visa as a Chinese citizen. Read until the end to know more.

Two Broad Types of Turkey Visa for Chinese passport holders

There are two broad types of visas for Chinese passport holders. They are the visas for long stays and visas for short stays. Let's review both.

Visas For Long Stays

A visa for a long stay is the type of visa issued to Chinese citizens who wish to come to Turkey and stay back for a significant period of one year or above. You may wish to visit a school in any of Turkey's academic institutions, open a business or engage in any business that will require a long stay above 6 months in the country.

To obtain this type of visa, you will have to visit the Turkish embassy in Beijing or any of its consulate offices. At the embassy, the officials at the desk will take you through the procedure. Do note that Turkey embassies may have the same code of conduct but operate differently in different countries.

So the onus is on you to find out the modus operands of the Turkish missions in China before applying for a long stay visa.

Visa For Short Stays

Then there is the visa for short stays called an E-visa or a tourist visa. This one is the easiest to process and guarantees the fastest route into Turkey from any Chinese city you may be traveling from.

The E-visa Program was launched by the government in 2013 to facilitate international trips into Turkey, and it has been quite a revelation. This visa replaced the sticker visa used previously and is rated as the most convenient method to enter Turkey for international travelers.

You don't need to visit an embassy or consulate office in Turkey to apply for it. Rather, the entire application is done online from the convenience of your home.

Duration and Validity

The e-visa is valid for 180 days from the day it is issued and is a single entry document into Turkey, but you can only stay within her borders for as long as it is valid.


This Turkey tourist visa is issued for only two purposes; tourism and business, or as a transit visa, and you can use it to enter Turkey by road, air, or sea. If you wish to visit for education or any other purpose, they will keep you back for an extended period; you should apply for a long-stay visa that qualifies you for a resident permit.

Basic Turkey E-visa Requirements

Chinese travelers who wish to apply for this Turkey electronic visa must meet the basic requirement as laid out by the government of Turkey through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration authorities. They are as follows.

  • A Chinese passport with at least 2 months' validity

  • 2 blanket pages on the passport to stamp the visa at the port of entry

  • A credit or debit card to pay for the visa application fee

  • Email address


Note that the payment will be denied if the credit or debit card does not have the required application fee amount. The same will occur if the card issuer is having network issues. Furthermore, before initiating the application, take your time to read the international travel requirements for travelers from China. All application correspondence will be through a verified email, and you will get the E-visa through the same email you used to apply for it, so do well to provide a secure email with a password known only to you.

Important Information To Provide

During the application form filling, you will be asked to provide key information to prove your identity, financial capacity, and purpose of travel.

Personal Details

There is a space for your details, such as your name, nationality, and date of birth. This information must be accurate and the same as what is on your passport.

Passport Information

Your passport information must be provided, such as the date of issue and expiry date.

Travel Itinerary

Your travel Itinerary is the date of your planned trip, your flight ticket, and hotel reservation in the city you intend to visit. The flight ticket has to be a round ticket for the trip into and out of Turkey on the day of your exit.

It is imperative that the Chinese passport you present at the port of entry has the same information as your e-visa; otherwise, you will b barred from entering Turkey.

Turkey Visa for Chinese passport holders using the E-visa route is the easiest. You avoid long queues at the airport and unnecessary delays if you apply on reputable platforms like VisaHQ.

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