Turkey visa for Indonesians

Do I need a Turkey visa for Indonesians if I want to travel to Turkey?

Yes, you definitely need a Turkey electronic visa to travel to Turkey for any purpose. There are different types of visas Indonesians can apply for, but they will need to provide

  • Passport information

  • Proof of funds

  • Proof of Return Ticket

Find below all you need to know about traveling to Turkey with an Indonesian ordinary passport and the Turkey visa requirements.

Travel To Turkey

Indonesian ordinary passport holders, traveling to Turkey allows you to see a part of the world with a different civilization. Turkey is a melting pot of Eastern and  Western cultures with a healthy mix of external influences, making it a truly amazing country. Many Indonesians join the over 50 million visitors that visit the country every year for business or pleasure.

You, too, can visit Turkey by flight from Jakarta to any of her international airports, provided you have a valid Turkish visa.

The Turkey e Visa for Indonesians

Traveling to Turkey is much easier than it has ever been using the e-Visa program. This visa program is open to Indonesian passport holders and is designed for tourism and business. It is done online, and you don’t have to travel to the Turkey embassy to apply in person. With the aid of a smartphone and an internet connection, you can remain in your comfort zone and complete the application.

The e visa for Indonesians is a single entry document with a 180 days validity. Furthermore, the visa allows you to stay anywhere in Turkey for 30 days before departing the country. E visas can be used to enter Turkey by road, air, or sea.

If you are planning a long-term visit to Turkey, an e visa is just what you need. For long term visits like schooling or pursuing professional opportunities, you will need a normal visa. For that, you will have to apply to the Turkish embassy in Jakarta for a residence permit.

The e visa for Indonesians is a single entry document with a 180 days validity. Furthermore, the visa allows you to stay anywhere in Turkey for 30 days before departing the country. E visas can be used to enter Turkey by road, air, or sea.

E Visa Requirements For Indonesians

To apply for a Turkish e visa, you will need the following to process the application.

An Indonesian Passport

Your Indonesian passport is a basic documentary requirement to apply for the e-visa. The passport must bear your details with a 60 days validity or more before the trip. Passport that will expire under 60 days after the trip is not allowed.

Credit/Debit Card

You will need a credit or debit card to pay the visa application fee. Visa fees are subject to exchange rate changes, so do your due diligence before applying. The card does not have to be in your name; it only needs to have a sufficient balance to cover the cost.

Email Address

An E visa is a 100% online application; you don’t handle any physical document, so you need an email to receive the visa upon approval. Provide an email address you have access to in the appropriate field in the form

Travel Tickets

You cannot apply for a Turkey e Visa with a one-way flight ticket. Only two-way tickets are allowed. So you must purchase the travel tickets before you apply for the visa. Provide information about the flight tickets in the appropriate field.


Your accommodation also needs to be ready before your arrival. Fortunately, you can book hotels online in the city where you plan to stay during your visit.


How To Apply For Turkey e Visa?

To apply for a Turkey e Visa, there is some information you must provide in the visa application form. They are as follows

Personal Information

Your personal information includes your full name (as it appears on your passport), date of birth, email address, home address, and phone number.

Passport Information

Your passport information has to reflect exactly what you have in the passport you will present to the immigration authorities at the port of entry. Fill in the passport number, date of issue and expiry, and your nationality. Under this field, you will also be asked to share details about your itinerary, like the date of your trip and flight ticket information.

It is important that you crosscheck all your details before progressing to a new page. While mistakes can be corrected before submitting the application form, corrections are no longer possible once you submit the form for approval.

Errors can also delay your visa request or lead to outright rejection. This is why it is advisable to arrange all the information and documents you need before filling out the application form.

You can apply for a Turkey visa for Indonesians on VisaHQ. The process is smooth and fast, and all your information is secure.

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