Turkey visa for Irish

Since 2020, Ireland citizens don't require a Turkey Visa to visit the country, meaning they can enjoy visa exemption. Still, there are some visa requirements that you must fulfill to get into Turkey.

Continue reading to out all the entry requirements that Ireland citizens must fulfill in order to travel to Turkey without a Visa:

Do Irish citizens Need Turkey Visa?

Due to their fascinating landscapes, rich cuisine, and diverse culture, every year, millions of tourists and businessmen travel to Turkey. For different countries, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has different rules and regulations.

While some countries must have a traditional Visa to travel to Turkey, others can apply for Turkey e-Visa to avoid visiting their embassy. Luckily, if you are an Irish citizen, you don’t even need a Visa to travel to Turkey.

Irish ordinary passport holders enjoy the Visa exemption, meaning they can visit Turkey even without applying for a Visa. This exemption is for both touristic purposes and business trips. Irish citizens can spend up to 90 in the country with a 180-day period.

That being said, the Irish do need some travel documents required to enter the country, including the Turkish Entrance Form!

Moreover, in the following scenarios, Irish citizens are required to have a Turkey Visa:

  • Work in Turkey

  • Live in Turkey

  • Engaged in other activities that are not covered by the terms of the Visa exemption

Turkish Entrance Form

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey has issued the Turkish Entrance Form. This form is a must-have Visa document if you are vising from Ireland. Even though Ireland citizens don’t need a Visa with Turkish Entrance Form, it does not replace a Visa.

In other words, if the foreign nationals require a visa, you'll have to show a Turkey Visa to the immigration office on your arrival.

How to Get Turkish Entrance Form

The Turkish Entrance Form is also known as the Turkish Health Declaration form. It is an online form with information related to travel and health history. The purpose of this form is to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here's how you can get Turkish Entrance Form:


To visit Turkey, you must fill in the Turkey Entrance Form. To complete this form, you'll need to provide personal information, travel information, and contact details, including:

  • Name and Surname

  • Age

  • Nationality

  • Mobile Phone

  • Debit Card or Credit Card

  • Email Address

  • Date of Arrival

You also need to declare any COVID-19 symptoms that you are currently experiencing.

Processing Time

To get your Turkish Entrance Form, you can pick any one of the three options when it comes to processing time, including:

  • Standard Processing Time - With this option, you'll get your form within 72 hours. However, you can expect some delays.

  • Rush Processing Time - This one might be a little more expensive than the above-mentioned option, but you'll get your form within 44 hours.

  • Super Rush Processing Time - If you are in a hurry, you can even get your form within 5 hours. However, it is the most expensive option when it comes to processing time.

Passport Requirements

Yes, Irish citizens don’t need a Turkey Visa to visit the country. However, they still require some mandatory documents, such as:

  • Valid Irish Passport

  • Turkish Entrance Form

  • Negative COVID-19 test result

Besides basic visa requirement, you can get the Turkish Entrance Form on the internet. Moreover, you also need to provide a vaccination certificate to avoid self-isolate on entry. So, make sure you are fully vaccinated.

Furthermore, make sure to check the validity of your Irish original passport. After arriving in Turkey, your passport should be valid for up to 6 more months. Otherwise, immigration officials can deny your entry.

Visiting Turkey from Ireland

Once you get your passport, you'll have multiple options to travel to Turkey. However, make sure to complete the Turkish COVID-19 health requirements beforehand to avoid issues on your arrival.

To visit Turkey, official passport holders only have to bring test result and their passports. Irish citizens can enter Turkey by land, sea, or air without a Turkey Visa. The most convenient approach is, of course, by air.

If you want to enter Turkey without changing flights, you can book flights from Cork or Dublin to Istanbul. Alternatively, you can also fly from Shannon to Turkey; if you don’t mind changing flights on your way.

Turkey Embassy in Ireland

If you'll be staying in Turkey for less than 90 days with a 180-day period, you don’t have to contact the Turkish authorities. However, if you are moving to Turkey or obtaining a work permit/residence permit, you have to visit the Turkey embassy in Ireland.

Turkish Embassy Address:

8 Raglan Road, Ballsbridge

Dublin 4


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