Turkey e-visa payment error

What is the Turkey e- visa payment error?

This is a situation whereby your online payment for the e Visa application fee is rejected by the e Visa online platform. An E Visa payment error may occur on the payment page if

  • You do not use a Master Card/ Visa Card/ UnionPay Card

  • The card does not have your name on it

In recent times, many people have complained about an Evisa payment error. If you are facing this situation, read this article until the end to know how to rectify the issue when applying for a Turkish visa.

Want Is An E Visa

A Turkish e Visa is an official document issued by the government of Turkey electronically. This digital visa allows foreign nationals from designated visa on arrival countries to enter Turkey without q conventional visa. E Visas are an alternative to the normal visa issued by Turkish missions in foreign countries or Visas on arrival at the port of entry.

The applicant can obtain it electronically after providing all required information and making payments using an online payment card.

There is an e Visa download link to complete the final step. This link will let you know if your application has been successful after entering your required details. The same link will also be used to download the e Visa, which will be sent to your email. After receiving the E-visa, you are to download it and bring the hard copy on your trip to Turkey.

Once you arrive in Turkey, the immigration officials will review the document and the visa and may allow you into the country or deny entry if you don’t prove your reasons for coming into the country beyond a reasonable doubt.

Why Are You Experiencing a Turkeys e Visa Payment Error?

You may experience a Turkey e-visa payment error if you don’t use the approved payment card to make the application fee payment. Only approved Master Card, Visa Card, and UnionPay cards are approved for such payments.


You may experience a Turkey e-visa payment error if you don’t use the approved payment card to make the application fee payment. Only approved Master Card, Visa Card, and UnionPay cards are approved for such payments.


Another reason a payment error may occur is if the card is expired or the card issuer has a glitch or network issue. Many users of approved cards experience this issue. If that is the case with your situation, you will have to contact your card issuer and exercise patience for the issue to be resolved.

Besides the above two reasons, you may experience an error if the card does not have a 3D Secure authentication system. This can lead to an error message.

What To Do If You See A Payment Error

If you encounter a payment error, make sure you have enough balance on the card and your issuer is not having network issues. If everything is fine with the card, consider making the payment another time or try a different card to see if it works.

Note that after receiving the message to verify your email address, you need to click the approve button, after which there is a 24 hour window to pay the application fee. Failure to make the payment will lead to closure, and you have to restart the process all over again.

Note: An application time out means the payment will not be approved. But if the payment page error issue persists, contact your bank.

Other e Visa errors

There are other possible eVisa same payment error many applicants experience while filling out their forms. They are as follows.

Failure To Highlight The Purpose Of Your Trip

If you fail to highlight the purpose of your trip, your application may be rejected. This type of visa is issued to visitors for a short stay other than for business or tourism. If you state that you are visiting to study, your application could be rejected.

Failure To Attach Supporting Documents

Another reason for common errors is if you fail to attach relevant supporting documents like a valid passport to your application. You must provide information about your nationality or residence permit from the US, UK, Ireland or any of the Schengen zone countries. Without the relevant supporting documents, your application will be rejected.

Trying To Fix an Earlier Mistake

It is important to fill out your form carefully and not to make a mistake with your details. After submitting the form, you cannot return back to a previous page to correct an error. And note that errors with your details may count against you at the Turkish consulate when the officials are processing your application.



Turkey e visa Payment error is a regular occurrence for many who try to pay the application fee. If you encounter this problem, consider the tips provided in this article.

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