Indian visa for Sri Lanka

An India visa for Sri Lanka is mandatory for any Sri Lankan looking to visit the country. Thousands of Sri Lankan nationals in India live, work, and attend school there. The transition from Sri Lanka is made possible because of the favorable visa policy of the Indian government towards Sri Lankans.  

To avail of this visa, the applicant must meet the requirements for the visa, and we review them below.

Indian Visa For Sri Lanka Requirements

Visa Application Form: The Indian visa application form must be filled out and signed by the applicant. Only valid and verifiable information will be accepted, and wrong will lead to outright rejection of the application. The visa application form can be obtained from the Indian embassy or online.

Passport Photograph: Two recent passport photographs were taken not later than six months prior. The photos must be displayed against a white background, showing the face clearly.

Valid Sri Lankan Passport: Another major requirement is a valid Sri Lankan passport containing at least two blank pages for visa stickers. The image on the passport must tally with the applicant's image on the application form. Passports with less than six months' validity will be rejected.

Birth Certificate: A copy of the applicant's birth certificate or NIC card must be attached to the application.

No Objection Letter: If a minor is traveling with one parent, the accompanying parent must provide a no objection letter signed by the absent parent. If the minor travels with relatives or an unrelated adult, they must produce assigned consent letters by both parents.

More documents may be required by the Indian embassy in Colombo, depending on the type of visa you are applying for. The application process will only go through after all required documents have been provided.

Types of Indian Visa For Sri Lankan Nationals

Tourist Visa: A tourist visa is for tourists and persons looking to come to India for non-economic purposes. The visa offers greater flexibility as it can be used to seek medical treatment, visit family and friends, spend holidays in the country and engage in social engagements. The visa is not extendable once it has been issued, nor can it be converted.

Business Visa: This visa is for Sri Lankan professionals, investors, and company representatives or guests coming to India for meetings, training, participation in negotiations, and other business interests. It is not a work visa, so those entering India seeking employment will be deported.

Student Visa: There are many international students in India studying at many of the country's reputable public and private institutions. This visa gives them the legal room to pursue their academic quest in India without issues.

Transit: The transit visa has the shortest validity of all visas. This visa allows the holder to switch flights at any of India's international airports. The visitor can only stay in the country for three days, after which they must continue their trip. As part of the requirements for this visa, the applicant must produce their flight tickets. Kindly note that this visa is optional for travelers who will not leave the airport but wait to change flights midway.

How to Apply For An Indian Visa As A Sri Lankan?

The application process is quite straightforward, so you should have nothing to worry about as long as you have all the required documents. There are two ways to apply: directly to the Indian embassy or indirectly through a visa application center. Here are the steps to take

Complete the Form: The starting phase is to complete the visa application form before anything else. How you fill out the form will depend on your application route. Visa application centers will grant you access to an online portal where you can fill out and submit the form.

Arrange your documents: You will need to arrange the documents listed above in an orderly fashion. Take your time to ensure that no document is missing from your file.

Book An Appointment: The next phase is to book an appointment with the Indian embassy. How you do this will depend on whether or not you use an application center or the process set up by the embassy. After booking the appointment, an interview date will be issued to you, which you must honor.

Attend The Interview: On the set day, visit the embassy with original copies of your documents and wait until you are called to meet the consular officer. Interviews take only a short while, so endeavor to answer all the questions you are asked correctly.

The outcome of the interview will determine whether the Indian visa for Sri Lanka will be issued to you. The waiting time may take a few weeks, but the embassy will get back to you soon.

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