India visa for Malaysians

If I want to apply for an India visa for Malaysia, how do I go about it?

You will need to do one of two things

  • Visit the Indian embassy

  • Apply for an online e visa

Applying for an online visa is much easier and takes less time. Keep reading this post to know all about Indian visa requirements for Malaysian citizens.

Traveling To India

India is a famous destination for fun seekers, business people, professionals, and patients in need of medical attention. In recent times, the number of visitors has witnessed a surge after the Indian government diversified the immigration process to make it easier for visitors to visit the country for short stays.

There are two ways for Malaysians to get a visa: the direct application to the Indian embassy in Kuala Lumpur or via online portals. Let us explore both methods in detail.

Embassy Applications

Malaysian citizens who are planning a long stay in India will need a residence permit once they enter the country. But before they can do so, they must first apply for a visa by contacting the Indian embassy. After submitting their application form and attached documents, an interview will be scheduled. If their application is successful and the visa is issued, they can travel to India and apply for a residence permit at the local immigration office where they reside.

This visa application route is required for long stays of one year and above and is mostly used by business people and investors with contracts or businesses in India. The visa takes between 15-30 working days to process.


Online Applications

The second application route for applicants is via online applications. This method is the easiest route but only suits Malaysians coming for short stays. All online visas fall under the electronic travel authorization scheme or E visa.

Here are the different types of Electronic India Visa


Tourist e visa

As the name implies, the India tourist electronic Indian visa is issued to tourists coming to India strictly for tourism. This visa has different validity variations; 1 month, 1 year, and 5 years. Foreign nationals who wish to visit India for the holidays may apply for a tourist visa online. Holders of a tourist e visa may stay in India for 30 days but not more than 90 days at a time, depending on their visa's validity.

Note: Tourist e visas for Malaysians have been temporarily suspended. The Indian government will resume the issuance of this electronic visa shortly.

Medical Treatment E visa

Another type of e-visa for Malaysians is the e Medical visa for treatment. Foreign citizens who want to take advantage of India's budding health care industry may apply for this visa. It is open to Malaysian citizens and has a 120-day validity. To qualify for this visa, the applicant must attach a signed copy of the invitation letter issued by the hospital where they will receive the medical care.

Medical Visa For Companions

The medical e-visa for companions is issued to companions of patients seeking medical care in India. This visa is not issued to minors but to adults 18 and above. The applicant may be a relative or spouse of the patient or a certified caregiver or nurse. A medical visa for companions has similar validity to the Medical treatment visa.

Business E Visa

A business visa is available to Malaysian businessmen, women, or professionals who have investments or are under short-term contracts by an Indian organization. This visa has a validity of 1 year and allows the holder to stay in India for 180 days maximum at a time. To qualify for a business e visa, the applicant must attach a business card to their application letter showing the business entity's name or a signed letter of invitation.

Conference e visa

A conference e-visa is another short-term e-visa for which Malaysian citizens may apply if they are invited participants or guests for a conference, seminar, or workshop. This visa has a validity of 30 days, but the applicant must attach a letter of invitation sent to them by the event organizer.

Documents For E Visa Application

To obtain an e visa, you will need to provide the following

  • A Malaysian passport with at least 6 months validity and 2 blank pages

  • An email address

  • Credit and debit cards to pay the visa fee

  • A recent photograph uploaded in JPEG format

These documents, including other special documents, must be attached to the visa application form and submitted online. The process takes 3-5 days, and if approved, the visa will be sent to the applicant's email address.



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