India visa for Vietnamese

An India visa for Vietnamese is a travel document that guarantees Vietnamese nationals legal passage into India to pursue any activity of their choice, and India welcomes global citizens from every corner of the globe. Every year, millions of visitors come to India, and most of them do so with visas. Recently, the Indian government has liberalized the visa process to make it easy for visitors to access visas for their travels, as Vietnam citizens are not left out.

Why Do Vietnamese Require Visas To Enter India?

Vietnam may be a fellow Asian nation, but her citizens need a visa to travel to India. This is because Vietnam is not on the visa-free list of the Indian government, so they don’t enjoy visa-free access. However, the authorities have liberalized the application process by opening up more than a few application forms for foreign visa applicants. One of the easiest types of visas Vietnam passport holders can apply for is an e-visa or online visa, as it is popularly called. The e-visa is open to citizens of 169 countries, including Vietnam, and is accessible online.

Indian e Visa

The Indian e-visa is an online visa launched by the government of India for short visits to the country. The visa is available online and spares applicants the stress of going to the Indian embassy in Hanoi. They can simply apply for the visa from the comfort of their home and get it approved in days. There are four types of e-visas, and they are

Tourist e-Visa: This is the most popular e-visa of them all, and it is issued to Vietnam tourists as well as those who wish to visit their family and friends in India.

Business e Visa: A business e Visa is for business persons and professionals who wish to visit a business to attend a meeting or event or negotiate a contract. This visa is not a work visa but is issued for noncommercial activity.

Medical e-Visa: This one is for short-term medical treatment. Persons in need of medical care can come to India for such care using this online visa, but they must be admitted by a hospital in India before doing so.

Medical Attendant e Visa: Persons accompanying a patient to India for a medical procedure to provide them with support during the period can avail of this visa.

What Are The e Visa Requirements?

E Visa applicants will need the following documents when applying for this visa online.

Visa Application Form: The online e-visa application form must be completed and submitted

Passport: A Vietnamese passport valid for six months minimum with two empty pages for stamps.

Photograph: a recent passport-sized photograph on a white background uploaded in the right Jpeg format and size dimension.

Email: An email address to receive the e-visa once it is approved.

Card: You will need a credit or debit card to pay the visa fee online

These are the few documents you Will need to apply for an e visa but bear in mind that additional documents may be required of you depending on the type of visa.

How To Apply For An e Visa To India?

Here are the few application steps for e visa

  • Visit VisaHQ 

  • Select India as your destination

  • Select Vietnam as your citizenship

  • Complete the visa application form

  • Attach the documents

  • Pay the visa fee

  • Submit for approval

Within the next 3-5 days, a confirmation will be sent to your email along with the India Vietnam visa. Please print it out and travel with it.


Long Term Visas

The e-visa option reviewed above is a short-term visa for trips to India that last no more than 3-6 months. For longer-term visas, Vietnam passport holders must visit the Indian embassy in Hanoi to submit their applications and book an appointment for visa interviews. The application process for long-term visas is much longer, and it takes a few weeks to get the visa. Types of visas one can obtain through the embassy include the following

  • Student Visa

  • Work visa

  • Temporary residency visa

  • Permanent Residency visa

A transit visa is only required if the traveler intends to stay in India for more than 24 hours before boarding their flight for their destination.

How To Apply For A Visa At The Indian Embassy?

The first step is to complete an application form, pay the visa fee and submit it. The next step is to gather the documents you need depending on the type of visa, before booking an interview with the embassy.

Embassy applications for Indian visas for Vietnamese have a much longer processing time but for short-term trips, an e-visa is the best option. Visit VisaHQ now to complete the online application form.

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