India visa for Italians

Is there an India visa for Italians?

Yes, there is an Indian visa for Italians, which grants the holder access to India for some time. To qualify for an electronic visa, an applicant must submit the following

  • A completed application form

  • A valid Italian passport

  • Pay the visa application fee

Italians who wish to visit India must meet the visa requirements to qualify. This post contains all the necessary information to apply for an electronic India visa.

The E-visa program

India has one of the largest tourism industries in the world. The South Eastern nation has a huge population of over one billion people but still hosts millions of foreign nationals who come into the country to enjoy their holidays.

With so many cultural and historical landmarks alongside lush beaches and resort towns, India has all it takes to keep a tourist engaged for a lifetime. Besides tourism, India is also a growing economy that attracts expatriates and professionals from all over the world. The visa application process has been made possible using a special program called the e visa or electronic travel authorization ETA.

Italian visa applicants for the e Visa program don’t need to visit the Italian embassy in Rome or any of its consulates in person if they want to visit India for a short period. The e visa is applied for and processed online.


Italians who use the e Visa program don’t need to visit the Italian embassy in Rome or any of its consulates in person if they want to visit India for a short period. The e visa is applied for and processed online.

Types of E-visa For Italians

If you are an Italian passport holder and want to visit India, these are the three types of e-visa you can apply for from the comfort of your home using your smartphone.

E-Tourist Visa

An E tourist visa is designed strictly for tourism. This visa is of different types; the 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years tourism visa. This multiple entry visa allows the holder to consistently enter and stay in visa for 30 days or 90 days.

E- Business Visa

An E-business visa is strictly for business. If you want to come to India as a professional on a contract or as a guest of an organization, you can apply for this visa. E business visas have a 1 year validity, and you can apply for yours twice a year. A business visa holder can stay in India for 180 days maximum at a stretch.

E – Medical Visa

Then we have the e medical electronic Indian visa for those seeking treatment in any of India’s hospitals. The Indian health industry is one of the most advanced in the world, with talented experts who conduct surgeries and transplants. E medical visas have a validity of 120 days.

There is another variation of the e medical visa called the e medical visa for companions of patients coming to India for treatment. This visa is open to nurses, caregivers, or relatives of patients. It carries the same validity as the e medical visa.


Note: The e visa allows the holder to enter India through any of its designated 28 airports and 5 seaports.


Documents For Italian Citizens Applying For An E Visa

To apply for an e visa, you need the following documents.

Completed Visa Online Application Form

A completed online visa application form showing your details such as your name, date of birth, passport information, etc.

Italian Passport

Your Italian passport with at least 6 months of validity. Applicants must scan the bio page of their passport and upload it on their forms. Only the same passport should be brought along on your trip to India.


Upload a copy of a recent picture of you in JPEG format.

Email Address

E visa applications are done online and require the applicant’s email address. If the visa is approved, the Indian authorities will forward the visa to your email. Print it out and bring hard copies of it on your trip.

Debit or Credit Card

The visa application fee must be paid using credit and debit cards. Make sure you have sufficient balance to execute the payment.

Other Documents

There are other documents you may need to include in your application, such as

  • A letter of invitation by an Indian organization ( e business visa)

  • A letter confirming admittance into an Indian health facility ( e Medical visa)

 Ensure you only provide accurate information when filling out your application form, as wrong or fictitious information will lead to rejection.

For an India visa for Italians, visit VisaHQ to fill out the application form; it will only take 15 minutes.

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