India visa for Jamaicans

There is an India visa for Jamaicans seeking entry into India for

  • Tourism Visa

  • Business Visa

  • Medical TreatmentVisa

  • Other reasons

You don’t have to visit the Indian embassy in Kingston to process your visa application for India if you plan to stay in the country for a limited time. Avail of the opportunity of applying for an electronic India visa from the comfort of your home. Read this post to the end to learn more.

Jamaicans Traveling To India

If you are a Jamaican seeking entry into India, you have two options; to apply for a normal visa or an online visa. Normal visas require visits to the Indian embassy. This visa takes about 15 days to process and requires a lot of vetting and one-on-one interviews with embassy officials. However, it is the only way to obtain a long-stay visa.

The second option is the online visa, also called the e visa. Visas for long stays don’t require visiting the Indian embassy; you can apply for it from the comfort of your home using your smartphone. The scheme was launched in 2014 by the Indian government to facilitate visa processing and to decongest Indian embassies and missions in their host countries.

So for work or student visas, you need to apply to the Indian embassy; however, short-term visas can be obtained online.

Types Of India E Visa For Jamaicans

There are different types of Indian e visas for Jamaicans, and they are as follows.

E Visa For Tourism

The e visa for tourism is for holiday seekers who want to spend their vacation in the country. India has a rich culture with sites like the Taj Mahal that draw millions of visitors from across the globe. You may apply for a one month, one-year, or five years e – tourist visa. However, you can only stay in India for 30 days (one month visa) or 90 days (one year/ five years) at a time.

E Visa For Business

The second type of e visa is the one for business. This one is essentially for career professionals who intend to visit India for business. E business visas have one year of validity.

E Visa For Conferences

This one is solely for participants of a workshop, seminar, or symposium organized by an Indian organization in the country.

E Medical visa

The e medical visa is for those who are seeking treatment in an Indian hospital. To qualify for it, you must show proof that you are actually coming to India for urgent medical attention. This visa has a validity of 120 days.

There is also a special Medical visa issued to companions of those seeking treatment in an Indian hospital. The companion may be a spouse, relative, professional caregiver, or nurse. Note that e medical visas are only issued to people 18 years and above.

Documents Required For Jamaicans To Obtain An E Visa

To obtain an e visa, you need to provide the following.

A Completed Online Application Form

The applicant must fill out and submit an application form showing important details like date of birth, fill name, nationality, etc. The information in the form must match what is on their documents.

Valid Passport

A Valid Jamaican passport is a must when applying for an electronic Indian visa. Only passports with at least 6 months of validity are accepted. Secondly, the passport used for the application must be the same one the traveler enters India with. Also, the passport must have at least 2 blank pages left. Any applicant who enters India using a different passport from the one on their form will be denied entry.

The applicant must also scan and attach the bio page of their passport to the application form.

Debit or Credit Card

The Visa fee payment is done online, not with cash. Payments can be processed using a credit or debit card.

Email Address

Applicants must provide a valid and verified email address on their forms. If their application is approved, the e visa will be sent to their email.

Other Information

Other information that may be required include

Business Card: Applicants for an e business visa must upload a business card copy to show as proof. The card must contain the company name, business affiliation, and contact information. They also have to provide a letter or invitation.

Conference Clearance: Applicants for e-Conference visas must provide a conference clearance document issued by the Ministry of Home & External Affairs as part of their documentation. They should also upload a copy of the invitation letter sent to them by the event host.

Letter Of Admission: Applicants for an e medical visa must upload a signed letter of admission by the hospital.


If you have your documents for an India visa for Jamaicans, log onto VisaHQ’s website to access and fill out the online application form to obtain a valid visa. It is fast and easy.

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