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Thailand Visa

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US permanent resident?
Tourist visa
up to 30 daysnot required
Tourist visa
over 30 daysrequired
Business visa
Journalist visa
Student visa
Work visa
Airport Transit visa
not required
Official visa
Volunteer visa
Retirement visa

Thailand is one of the world's most amazing travel destinations for both business and pleasure. Americans only require a visa if they intend to stay in Thailand for more than 30 days. Passport holders of countries other than the U.S.A. may need a visa to enter the Southeast Asian nation even for shorter periods.

Choosing the Correct Thai Visa

Whether you are a citizen of the United States of America or from any other country, VisaHQ has created a cheap and easy way to get your Thai visa. The first step is to decide on the category of visa for which you need to apply:
  1. Tourist visa - over 30 days. For extended tourist holidays.
  2. Business visa. To investigate business opportunities and short-term work not related to the media.
  3. Student visa. If you intend to pursue an academic course.
  4. Work visa. For the purposes of employment.
  5. Transit visa. For those transiting in Thailand for up to 30 days before leaving for a country other than the one from which they arrived. Also applies to sports teams and vessel crews.
  6. Official visa. Holders of diplomatic passports or travel documents from organizations like the U.N.
  7. Volunteer visa. For individuals invited to volunteer by accredited organizations.
  8. Retirement visa. For self-sufficient retirees over 50 who will not seek employment in Thailand
If you are unsure about which visa to get, just contact VisaHQ - our Thai visa experts have the info to help you decide.

Applying for Your Thai Visa

Not all visas cost the same but besides price, the certifications and documents you need to obtain before you travel may also vary. Rules that apply to a U.S. citizen may not always apply to others. This is where VisaHQ, the one-stop Thai visa specialists can help. At VisaHQ, we are all about simplicity.

Our streamlined, compact online application form was created with direct input from the Thai embassy. It asks for only the most basic information required for visa approval. A helpful checklist of documents makes things even simpler.

The VisaHQ service support team of experienced visa specialists stays informed of the latest rules and requirements so you are assured entry into Thailand once your visa is issued.

Combined with our low fee structure, there is no cheaper or easier way to plan your Thai getaway. Don’t put off your travel plans any longer - contact VisaHQ or apply online today.
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Thailand visa for citizens of United States of America is required. For more information please contact the nearest Thailand embassy.

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