Thailand visa requirements for Sri Lankan citizens

"The Land of Smiles" is a common nickname for Thailand. Because a grin in Thailand is so much more than simply a smile, it has earned this reputation. It is a delicate kind of communication between people. A Thai individual may grin in at least thirteen distinct ways, and each one conveys a very distinct sense. Moreover, Phuket, Bangkok and other cities are a few examples of why you should visit Thailand for tourism purposes.

The Sri Lankan individuals traveling to Thailand require a visa to Thailand. They

Different Thailand Visa for Sri Lankan Passport Holders

There are different Thailand visa available for entering Thailand. The Sri Lankan nationals can apply a tourist visa, employment visa, transit visa, etc. Below are different type Thailand visa that you can apply if you want to travel to Thailand.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa is issued for tourism purposes and is a visa-required for foreigners entering Thailand. This is a short-term visa, which can be issued for single or multiple entries.

Thailand Transit Visa

Foreign nationals who want to travel through the Kingdom of Thailand on their route to a 3rd country are granted a transit visa.

Thailand SMART Visa

The Smart visa is intended for highly qualified foreigners and encourages them to engage in or make investments in one of Thailand's 10 prioritized areas, such as biotechnology, robotics, agribusiness, aviation, and medicine.

Thailand Non-Immigrant Visa

Foreigners visiting Thailand for purposes other than tourism or recreation are awarded a non-immigrant visa. According to the intent of travel, Thailand's non-immigrant visas are further divided into several categories.

Thailand Work Visa

The work visa is intended for those who want to work for pay in Thailand.

Thailand Student Visa

Foreign nationals who desire to continue their academic studies in a Thai academic facility can apply for a student visa.

Thailand Business Visa

Foreign nationals who are visiting Thailand for business related activities, such as discussions, meetings, etc., require a business visa.

Thailand Marriage Visa

For outsiders who marry Thai nationals, a marriage visa is required.

Thailand Retirement Visa

The "10 Year Visa," generally recognized as a retirement visa, is given to foreigners over fifty years old who desire to retire in Thailand and have the autonomous financial resources to do so.

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Required documents for Thailand Visa for Sri Lanka Citizens

To apply for a business or tourist visa to Thailand requires the following documents:

  • Original passport. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months and with two free pages, at the time of application. Moreover, printed or already stamped pages do not count. Copy of the page with picture and personal details.

  • Passport Photo with a white or light blue background.

  • Complete travel Itinerary. Copy of round trip tickets or confirmed itinerary.

  • Proof of traveling to the destination country. Visa or any other residence document of the final destination country.

  • Signed and completed application form. If you are applying for job application then a written letter requesting job program details, the platform where you will be working, etc.

  • Bank statement. A bank statement showing that the applicant has sufficient funds in their account that are eligible to travel to Thailand.

  • Driver's license if applying for a particular purpose.

Verbal or Written Request for Thailand Visa Application through Royal Thai Embassy

Sri Lankan nationals can apply for a visa to Thailand quickly and easily as long as the required paperwork and details are submitted correctly. Sri Lankan people may assure a simple and hassle-free application process while applying for a visa to the country by following the steps listed below.

It is suggested that you apply for the visa well ahead of the trip in order to give yourself plenty of time for processing and to prevent any unforeseen problems. Applications may be rejected by the Thai government for a number of reasons, such as giving false information, failing to satisfy standards, or having a criminal past. In these circumstances, the applicant must reapply and pay the visa cost.

  • First you have to complete documents.

    • Obtain your passport and any other supporting papers you might need in order to apply for a visa to Thailand.

  • Valid passport

    • Verify that your passport from Sri Lanka is still valid for at least six months after your arrival in Thailand. Request a fresh Sri Lankan passport if necessary.

  • Fill application

    • Complete the Thailand application form.

  • Schedule appointment

    • Make an appointment to submit your application at the Thailand embassy or consulate. You may do this by calling the embassy or consulate or by doing it online.

  • Submit documents

    • When finished, send your visa application to the Royal Thai embassy together with your passport and all other supporting documentation.

  • Visa processing

    • Your passport, Thailand visa application, and any other supporting papers will be examined by an immigration official after submission. In accordance with the data supplied in the application and the accompanying papers, the visa application will either be approved or rejected.

  • Receive visa

    • If the application is approved, Thailand visa will be added to the applicant's passport, which they may pick up at a Thai embassy or consulate.

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