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 Sarah Catherine Sholagbade reviewed VisaHQ
I love these guys! Have applied for Nigerian Visa twice now on two separate occasions and on each occasion it has been granted! These guys work so hard at what they do and I would recommend this business to anyone its 5 * service,very efficient and fantastic! Thankyou guys! Thankyou Qais! (on Facebook)
Sarah Catherine Sholagbade 05.23.2016
 Manu Chao reviewed VisaHQ
I applied for a Canadian visa and got it in less than 3 hrs. All was done through my cellphone in less than 20 min. Pretty amazing. I'm definitely happy with the service. Had to pay $65.oo but I guess it was well worth it. (on Facebook)
Manu Chao 05.18.2016
Viviane Thompson reviewed VisaHQ
Great experience with this company: we obtained 3 separate visas to China in 10 working days (mailed on Monday and received back the following week on Friday.) The company emailed and texted us at each step: receipt of passports by them, drop off at consulate, visa acceptance, and shipping of passports back to us. When I accidentally paid for 2 visas for one passport, the company refunded the second payment right away without fuss. Last but not least, there was no additional shipping fee for the 2nd and 3rd passport however I did not ask for a group discount although they may have given it to me had I asked. Advice: if you are getting more than one visa (two or more people traveling together), make sure you create an account first which will avoid double billing of the fee. (on Google).
Viviane Thompson 05.15.2016
Susan Dannecker-Arroyo reviewed VisaHQ
My daughter needed a visa for Mozambique. It was my first time applying for one and our agent, Mohammad Said kept in communication with us in a timely and thorough manner - he was quite patient with me!! We received the visa in a matter of days. (on Facebook)
Susan Dannecker-Arroyo 05.13.2016
Giuliana Manuel reviewed VisaHQ
VisaHQ was excellent. Carlos Esteban Condat was the officer handling my visa to the UK, he was extremely helpful and polite at all times which made my experience excellent. Thank you for all your help. (on Facebook)
Giuliana Manuel 05.10.2016
 Dusty Dennington reviewed VisaHQ
Very easy to follow instructions, They kept me up to date on new documents China requested and status of application. Very pleased highly recommend definitely will use again. (on Facebook)
Dusty Dennington 05.06.2016
 Hussain Bootwala reviewed VisaHQ
good and prompt service. very smooth transaction.
worked with Mohammed and very efficient. good follow up. i went there personally to ensure that the docs are not misplaced, but i feel even if you courier them your docs, it should be perfect. (on Facebook)
Hussain Bootwala 05.05.2016
Tom Backer reviewed VisaHQ
I have used VisaHQ several times in the past. The service is always top notch. But this time, time was a bit of an issue, and Carlos went way above and beyond to get my Chinese visa in a very short time. I highly recommend this service, as well as Carlos. Thank you Carlos! (on Facebook)
Tom Backer 04.28.2016
Adnan Tanveer reviewed VisaHQ
Had a visa booking done recently by them and what a wonderful experience it was, they are highly recommended by me. (on Facebook)
Adnan Tanveer 04.25.2016
Ross Hammock reviewed VisaHQ
We had a great expirence with VisaHQ. They were very helpful and very quick to return ouf Visas (on Facebook)
Ross Hammock 04.19.2016
Claire Beaudrot Aloisio reviewed VisaHQ
VisaHQ has been more than helpful and is worth every penny and piece of mind BEFORE you do anything yourself. I leave it in their hands and I am worry-free when I do because of their experience. (on Facebook)
Claire Beaudrot Aloisio 04.19.2016
Amanda Bordeau reviewed VisaHQ
Great service, didn't have to contact anyone to follow and it was completed in a timely manner. Thank you! (on Facebook)
Amanda Bordeau 04.19.2016
Vivienne Clare Hayes reviewed VisaHQ
Thank you Visa HQ, absolutely fantastic advice and support from Anistasia Zybinskaya to get my visa for trip to India , could not ask for better !! (on Facebook)
Vivienne Clare Hayes 03.30.2016
Sharon Brenn reviewed VisaHQ
First time using this service in Chicago. Alberto was exceptional with sending emails and calling on my cell. There was a concern from the China Counsel due to my part time position as a church administrator. Had to scan,sign and send a statement that I will be a tourist only. It held up the processing. Alberto explained it all and it was mentioned that the China Counsel makes the final decision. When visas arrived, my husbands was for ten years, my visa was only for three months. Called visahq after hours so was talking to California. He was very worried that our two week trip time was covered, he recommended to call the Chicago office the next day for more information. Much to my surprise, Alberto called me while being off duty, he wanted to make sure our trip dates are covered also. He apologized for their decision to limit my time in China. Would definitely use this service again without hesitation. Efficient and very patient with customers..

Sharon and Bruce Brenn (on Facebook)
Sharon Brenn 03.30.2016
Jason Baynes reviewed VisaHQ
Exceptionally prompt service from the staff at Visa HQ. Thank you all especially Anastasia give her a bonus!!! (on Facebook)
Jason Baynes 03.24.2016
Gus Moreira reviewed VisaHQ
Small but VERY efficient office. Highly recommend it for any business traveler (on Google)
Gus Moreira 03.15.2016
Rani Dhavan reviewed VisaHQ
I tried getting an e-visa to india for an emergency, but the payment server kept crashing. The Indian Visa helpline kept telling me it might be fixed in a day or two. I tried VisaHQ because they were top rated by USA today for Visa services. I filled out the application at 6:30 am PST and the Visa was in my inbox at 5:00am the next morning!! The fee for this miracle was $50 (plus the standard $60 visa charge). Will be using them every time I need a visa for anything. I also used their live online chat and calling centers, and everyone was so helpful. (on Google)
Rani Dhavan 03.10.2016
Jide Haffner reviewed VisaHQ
I started my application on a Monday, by Wednesday I had my visa. This was a remarkably efficient service - First Class. I will be using this service from now on - no need to visit anymore embassies in the future. Thank you. (on Facebook)
Jide Haffner 03.04.2016
Rafeek Ahamed reviewed VisaHQ
I am very satisfied with the service provided by visahq. (on Facebook)
Rafeek Ahamed 02.28.2016
Yani Rose reviewed VisaHQ
Everyone who has assisted me was superb! I would highly recommend VisaHQ for your visa processing. It took only a day after payment when I received my e-visa. How cool is that? Kudos to the whole team! (on Facebook)
Yani Rose 02.28.2016
Ace Santiago Lopez-Atienza reviewed VisaHQ
Friendly agent and past processing. Processed 4 visa applications for only 1 working day. (on Facebook)
Ace Santiago Lopez-Atienza 02.27.2016
Natasha Shawe reviewed VisaHQ
Great service. Easy application and they kept me updated with personal emails and answered all my questions promptly. Thanks so much! (on Facebook)
Natasha Shawe 02.25.2016
Bianca Steigberger reviewed VisaHQ
VisaHQ, and their Dubai team, provide, by far, the most efficient, courteous, and professional service I have had the pleasure to experience. The entire team is pro-active and their response time is un-equalled (I was still filling in my application when I received their first call, offering assistance in the procedure).
Thumbs up and kudos to the entire Team. (Facebook)
Bianca Steigberger 02.22.2016
Barbara Belak reviewed VisaHQ
This is the first time we have used VisaHQ. In the past, we applied for visas through other companies for Brazil, India, & China (the latter was through a visa service that didn't let us know that a 10-year visa for China was even an option). By far, this was the best visa service experience we've had. The application process itself was easier, though these applications are never fun, and there were no snags whatsoever (perhaps because I was VERY meticulous about following their directions to the letter). Because of a tight timeframe, we paid the big bucks to get the super-fast service, and that's exactly what we got. For mine, I mailed the application package to VisaHQ via USPS Priority Express on a Monday morning, and Thursday afternoon - yes, only 4 days later! - my passport with the China visa (this time good for 10 years) was delivered to my home. I was amazed, since the 1st time we went for China visas (through a different service), it took weeks! I rarely write reviews for companies, but when I read reviews ahead of time, there was such a wide range of responses (1-5 stars), I felt I should share my 5-star experience to help others decide which service to use. I can't speak for others, but we're VERY happy with our outcome, and we won't hesitate to use VisaHQ for our next visa needs. (on Facebook)
Barbara Belak 02.13.2016
Roxanne Gaines Barr reviewed VisaHQ
I have to get Visas often for my Executive and both Trevin Barker (SFO) and Pablo Delgado (Chicago) made the process seamless for me. Had the Visa in record time. Will use again!!! (on Facebook)
Roxanne Gaines Barr 02.11.2016
Dave C. reviewed VisaHQ
I worked with VisaHQ to obtain a visa on short notice during the busy holiday season (a week before Christmas). After I had contacted them to set everything up, my passport was lost by FedEx. Trevin at VisaHQ was phenomenal to work with and advised me on how to obtain an emergency replacement passport. I worked closely with him and he went above and beyond and even had my passport picked up at the SF office by one of the staff. Trevin and his team were awesome to work with and can be counted on to get things done when you're in a bind. Thanks Trevin! (on Yelp)
Dave C. 02.11.2016
Marcus Ray reviewed VisaHQ
I have to admit i was very weary of this. There were a few hiccups in the beginning. I was promised a expert would call me twice and that call never came. Unfortunately I had no other options so I took a leap of faith. I was worried I would be scammed. Fortunately my passport came today, less than a week after I sent it. It was well worth the money. I am in the military and had no chance to go in person to expedite a passport. Thank God for this company. Now I am able to attend my grandfather's funneral in the Phillipines thanks to this company. Thank you so much. It means more to my family and I thank you guys know. Thank you. (on Facebook)
Marcus Ray 02.10.2016
Śrmāđ S. reviewed VisaHQ
I am writing to say thanks for the great service. Since I needed my visa on short notice, I was a bit worried about which company I should choose to process my paperwork. I obviously made the right decision with Visahq. I really appreciate the email confirmations that I received every step of the way. Thank you so much! (on Yelp)
Śrmāđ S. 02.05.2016
Jas S. reviewed VisaHQ
I am sitting in Bangkok today with absolute gratitude for VisaHQ and an almost unbelievable story to follow. To start, I have two passports and travel internationally for 50% of my job. Usually one passport is sitting with an embassy while I travel with the other one. This last weekend when I arrived at the airport, I was told that I cannot board since my alt. passport did not have six months of validity and it was a holiday weekend - I had to get my other passport back ASAP. On a holiday - MLK day - I call my account representative Trevin, on Monday morning at 9 am. I fill him in on the situation and we compose a plan for me to fly through SFO on Wednesday where he will have his right-hand man Anthony pick up the passport and run it to the airport.
Complicating this, on Wednesday my flight was delayed, leaving me 15 minutes to get from gate to gate. I called Trevin again and let him know what was happening and also the operations manager at SFO to see if the passport could be brought into the gate. After some negotiating it was agreed. Long story short we actually landed with only 7 minutes to sprint 30 gates - I was the last one to make it to the gate and the gate keeper was holding out my passport, knowing I was on my way. I grabbed it and the gate shut behind me as I boarded. I sat there in awe that all the plans were executed to get me there.

I used to try to deal with the embassies and some of them are almost impossible with websites that crash and are often labyrinths. Someone recommended VisaHQ to me and my international planning has become loads easier. They treat you with value and understand the ease of use needed by their customers; they provide invite letters; they are timely and usually have priority appointments; most important is that they are reliable to the point of never letting me down in 42 countries over the last three years! Thank you Trevin, Anthony and the whole leadership team that has made this business and culture - my life is seriously easier because of you! (on Yelp)
Jas S. 01.22.2016
Richard Vaughn reviewed VisaHQ
VisaHQ communicated every step of the visa submission process to put my mind at ease throughout. The process was quick, seamless, and cheaper than nearly all the visa "help" businesses out there. I dealt with the Chicago office during my use of VisaHQ and I'll definitely use this company again the next time I need a visa. Thanks! (on Facebook)
Richard Vaughn 01.09.2016
 Brandon Adkins reviewed VisaHQ
Very happy with my service with VisaHQ to China. Alex Finkel handled my visa and was very prompt as well as thorough with his responses. He let me know I needed to reformat my letter of invitation as well as assuring me my visa would arrive on time and approved if i followed his instructions. It shipped out same day and I am getting my visa earlier than expected. Will use you guys again. Thanks a lot to Alex for being experienced and getting things done!!!!! (on Facebook)
Brandon Adkins 01.01.2016