Many enthusiastic people write us to share the benefits they experience when using our service.
We are truly grateful for the positive feedback we receive every day from our customers.
Stephanie Scherpf reviewed VisaHQ
Stephanie Scherpf
I had a great experience with VisaHQ. I was under a very tight timeline to get my visa for India and Alex and Maurice helped me every step of the way. Complete professionalism and excellent communication. Highly recommended!! (on Facebook)
Kyle Michael reviewed VisaHQ
Kyle Michael
Very professional and great customer service. Thank you for completing my Saudi visa request so quickly, got here just in time for my departure for the holidays! (on Facebook)
Fatma Dawood reviewed VisaHQ
Fatma Dawood
VisaHQ i want to thank you for your quick response .. i was hopeless to take this visa but you really really made me feel soooo happy and special .. i can't believe that you did it for me :)
Thanks is not enough! (on Facebook)
Joe Stidham reviewed VisaHQ
Joe Stidham
Awesome customer service! Provided excellent communication through the entire process and secured my visa quickly. I would highly recommend VisaHQ. Alberto Ruiz took really good care of me. (on Facebook)
Anthony Bonamici reviewed VisaHQ
Anthony Bonamici
The professionals at VisaHQ in NYC were very helpful and prompt. (on Facebook)
Starr Smith reviewed VisaHQ
Starr Smith
I got three complex visas done within the last month. The service is great and my contact Trevin handled everything perfectly. Just received my passport back today and spent the last five minutes doing my happy dance. (on Facebook)
Megan Thompson reviewed VisaHQ
Megan Thompson
I used the Visa HQ services in both the US and UK and could NOT be more pleased, especially with the UK services. They were diligent, helpful, FAST, personally picked up and delivered passports back to our office that were sensitive. I trusted Maria and her team with a former world leader's materials and they executed with such precision. I would never use another company. We will be using Maria for all of our visa's in the future. (on Facebook)
Joe Harrison reviewed VisaHQ
Joe Harrison
I was extremely pleased with the services of the Washington DC office of Visahq. I initially applied for a China Visa on very short notice. It turned out that my Passport did not have the required number of pages. Since one can no longer simply obtain additional pages, I needed to obtain a completely new passport.VisaHQ was able to obtain this in ONE DAY, and then submit to the Chinese Embassy for the Visa, which was completed the next day. Extra costs as well for each (due to my late submission and passport problem), but well worth it for the personal attention, expedited handling and professionalism. Aaron McCrossan of the DC office was exceptional, and kept me informed at each stage. Very highly recommended. Thanks to all who assisted. (on Facebook)
Christine Cai reviewed VisaHQ
Christine Cai
Great and fast service! Used it to get an e-visa for a business trip to India. Due to tight schedule, I submitted it on Friday morning and got the visa processed and granted the following Monday morning (the processing time indicated was "next business day, so perfect because my flight was on Monday afternoon!). I also had several questions before submitting my visa application, which I asked through their chat window, and these have all been answered relatively fast. (on Facebook)
Sonya Chapman reviewed VisaHQ
Sonya Chapman
Awesome company! This was my first time applying for a visa. They made the process easy for me. I received my visa within a week. I have a bucket list of places to visit, and I will be using you again. Thank you! (on Facebook)
Brian Norris reviewed VisaHQ
Brian Norris
I think this is my first time ever reviewing something on Facebook. But the service was that good.
I've utilized VisaHQ's services twice for trips to China--for my and my wife--over the last few months, and Trevin (of their San Francisco office) was amazingly helpful for both. In both cases, I had a pretty short timeline for getting visas, and Trevin was able to quickly answer any questions I had, provide accurate time estimates, and deliver on time in the end. In one case, I needed to pick up a visa the night before our flights, and after his courier delivery didn't work out (long story; completely my fault), he offered to stay after hours in the office so I could get to him in person.
All in all, great service, and I would definitely recommend. Thanks Trevin. (on Facebook)
Ken McCann reviewed VisaHQ
Ken McCann
From start to finish, the service I received from VisaHQ was nothing short of exceptional. I had the pleasure to work with Trevin in San Francisco who kept me informed every step of the way. I must admit I was a bit nervous sending off my passport, only 4 weeks away from my trip, but the professionalism of Trevin and the VisaHQ team kept me at ease. The turn-around time was exactly as promised - only a handful of business days. I will certainly be using VisaHQ for future services as they're required. Thanks again! (on Facebook)
Abbas Sarami reviewed VisaHQ
Abbas Sarami
I applied for Uzbekistan and Tajikistan visas recently. My visa application was processed in Washington headquarters and was personally assisted by Keith Lamphier, operations manager who did an excellent professional job in assisting my needs in order to achieve my visas. He deserves an A + for customer service, great manners and work ethics, I could not have ask for anyone better. I will recommend him to all my friends and families if they need help in obtaining their visas. (on Email)
Vasanth Kumar reviewed VisaHQ
Vasanth Kumar
I used VisaHQ for my Singapore and Malaysia Visa process. I was hardly having 15 days to get processed, since I had travel singapore within the duration. My Application was processed by Alex Finkel, was so prompt and took care of my urgency very well answering to my calls and mails. I helped expedite my shipping from 2 different places i.e. singapore (washington DC) malaysia (NY) even though i opted for 2 days ground transport.
Thanks again Alex and VisaHQ team!!! Cheeers (on Facebook)
Zac Tidwell reviewed VisaHQ
Zac Tidwell
An amazingly easy site for idiots/newbies, like me. I had zero issues with the process and my agent Marina Kim was as helpful as could be. They inform of every step in the process, via email. St Petersburg, here i come :) (on Facebook)
Jose García-Taborda reviewed VisaHQ
Jose García-Taborda
Thanks VisaHQ for a wonderful services, you saved my trip guys! All the best!!
Excellent work!!!! (on Facebook)
Chase Cotten reviewed VisaHQ
Chase Cotten
I recently worked with VisaHQ for the first time ever and the experience was absolutely exceptional on every level. My customer service representative was Pablo Delgado, and he was not only patient with me, but also very informative, helpful, kind, and communicative in every interaction. I had not been through a visa application prior to this opportunity, and Pablo with VisaHQ made it more than easy for me despite a few hiccups based upon my own ignorance of the process. 5 stars, and I recommend this company and their service hands down. Their service is well worth the reasonable price. (on Facebook)
Merwyn Bagan reviewed VisaHQ
Merwyn Bagan
Great website with ability to file visa forms electronically and then have same reviewed by VisHQ staff for accuracy/completion prior to Consulate/Embassy submission. Continuous notification regarding status of visas. Excellent rapport and updates with Carlos Esteban Condat in VisaHQ NY office! (on Facebook)
Ashley L. White reviewed VisaHQ
Ashley L. White
I have used Visa HQ twice for my travel visa needs for China, both times the service was exceptional! I had Mr. Mohammad Said as my Visa coordinator and runner. He was always prompt and courteous. He answered his email and even returned my phone calls directly. When there was an issue with my Hotel reservation type, due to visa changes, he was quick to alert me the very day my forms arrived. I was able to fix the problem with a different hotel booking and I succeeded in getting a 10 year multiple entry visa!!

That visa type is rare for China, so I was extremely pleased with the fast responses and quick turn around time.
A++ service, ask for Mohammad Said as your coordinator, and you will have excellent dedication. 10/10 will use again. (on Facebook)
Margo Knight reviewed VisaHQ
Margo Knight
I've used VisaHQ twice now to obtain visas: one for Brazil and one for China. We don't live close to a city with foreign consulates, so we have relied on VisaHQ and have been very pleased with their service. Their website is easy to use and, when I needed it, their customer service representatives were very helpful on the phone. Their tracking service is so good, you always know where your particular application and passport and other important documents are in the process. (on Google)
Alexander V. reviewed VisaHQ
Alexander V.
Great service. It's a little unsettling sending your passport via mail but I used fedex overnight and required a signature. Visa HQ was great..they provided email updates for ever stage of the process and they were very quick to submit my application. Also they were more upfront about the fees than the other visa services I looked at. (on Yelp)
Stephen Sapp reviewed VisaHQ
Stephen Sapp
Just got 2 visa's for China. Great service and very fast turn around. All of our questions were answered quickly and efficiently. We were informed every step of the way. (on Google)
Gerald Sykes reviewed VisaHQ
Gerald Sykes
Well organized, efficient and professional, would highly recommend. (on Google)
Rachel Go, reviewed VisaHQ
Rachel Go,
I'm happy to share VisaHQ -- visas have always been a major pain point in my travel plans. VisaHQ helps out a lot with that, and I recommend it to a lot of fellow digital nomads/remote workers who like to travel and work at the same time.
Timothy McLaughlin-munroe reviewed VisaHQ
Timothy McLaughlin-munroe
I got my passport renewed in a few days and they kept me informed every step of the way. Excellent service. (on Facebook)
Andy Jacobs reviewed VisaHQ
Andy Jacobs
Just got a business visa for India and worked with the Houston office. VisaHQ staff were very responsive. My passport and visa were returned within 6 business days, half the time quoted by a competing service. Highly recommend. (on Google)
Sam Bledsoe reviewed VisaHQ
Sam Bledsoe
Very good service. I had a couple problems with my passport and the post office, but Mohammad Said kept in touch with me and worked with me in order to get the visa. Very polite and professional staff. (on Facebook)
Dave Quinn reviewed VisaHQ
Dave Quinn
Thanks visa HQ . Russian visa sorted with business invitation .. nice speedy service this is the 3rd year I have used visa HQ .. and no problem . See you next year (on Facebook)
Azam Saeed reviewed VisaHQ
Azam Saeed
Applied for Brazil visa and extremely satisfied with the service provided by Visa HQ. Thanks. (on Facebook)
 Vanessa Villa Estrella reviewed VisaHQ
Vanessa Villa Estrella
Thank you so much just received my neices passport took them exactly the days they said money was well spent thanks alot and to patricia kennedy for having so much patience with all my questions (on Facebook)
Mostafa Z. reviewed VisaHQ
Mostafa Z.
Everything met the announced schedule for the service. No delays! No additional fees! and really very helpful customer service!. That was my first time to use VisaHQ service but pretty sure that will not be the last!
Thumbs up!. (on Yelp)
Trisa T. reviewed VisaHQ
Trisa T.
Used VisaHQ when I needed to get a visa for Malawi on a tight turnaround time. Their online system is really easy to use. You start by telling them your citizenship, and then which country you're going to. It then tells you the visa requirements. You can then move forward in the visa application process, completing the forms online. You select your shipping preferences, depending on when you need your passport back. And you pay for everything (including visa fee, service fee, and shipping) online. You print the application forms, provide whatever else is needed (following a convenient check list provided), and ship everything to them. Then they take care of the rest! Once they have your passport, they e-mail you every step of the way to let you know the progress. Then when you visa has been issued and your passport is on its way back to you they provide FedEx tracking so you know exactly where it is.

Because Malawi's mission in NYC doesn't do consular services I ended up having to ship my application and passport to VisaHQ's office in DC so that they could get the visa taken care of with the consulate there.

Reliable service and would definitely recommend for when you're unsure about what the visa application requirements are for a particular country (especially because some of the consulates aren't the most reliable in answer phone calls/questions). A bit expensive. Plus, one of the things I didn't appreciate was that they placed a VisaHQ sticker on the back of my passport! I like my passport sans advertisements :) (on Yelp)
 Sarah Catherine Sholagbade reviewed VisaHQ
Sarah Catherine Sholagbade
I love these guys! Have applied for Nigerian Visa twice now on two separate occasions and on each occasion it has been granted! These guys work so hard at what they do and I would recommend this business to anyone its 5 * service,very efficient and fantastic! Thankyou guys! Thankyou Qais! (on Facebook)
 Manu Chao reviewed VisaHQ
Manu Chao
I applied for a Canadian visa and got it in less than 3 hrs. All was done through my cellphone in less than 20 min. Pretty amazing. I'm definitely happy with the service. Had to pay $65.oo but I guess it was well worth it. (on Facebook)
Viviane Thompson reviewed VisaHQ
Viviane Thompson
Great experience with this company: we obtained 3 separate visas to China in 10 working days (mailed on Monday and received back the following week on Friday.) The company emailed and texted us at each step: receipt of passports by them, drop off at consulate, visa acceptance, and shipping of passports back to us. When I accidentally paid for 2 visas for one passport, the company refunded the second payment right away without fuss. Last but not least, there was no additional shipping fee for the 2nd and 3rd passport however I did not ask for a group discount although they may have given it to me had I asked. Advice: if you are getting more than one visa (two or more people traveling together), make sure you create an account first which will avoid double billing of the fee. (on Google).
Susan Dannecker-Arroyo reviewed VisaHQ
Susan Dannecker-Arroyo
My daughter needed a visa for Mozambique. It was my first time applying for one and our agent, Mohammad Said kept in communication with us in a timely and thorough manner - he was quite patient with me!! We received the visa in a matter of days. (on Facebook)
Giuliana Manuel reviewed VisaHQ
Giuliana Manuel
VisaHQ was excellent. Carlos Esteban Condat was the officer handling my visa to the UK, he was extremely helpful and polite at all times which made my experience excellent. Thank you for all your help. (on Facebook)
 Dusty Dennington reviewed VisaHQ
Dusty Dennington
Very easy to follow instructions, They kept me up to date on new documents China requested and status of application. Very pleased highly recommend definitely will use again. (on Facebook)
 Hussain Bootwala reviewed VisaHQ
Hussain Bootwala
good and prompt service. very smooth transaction.
worked with Mohammed and very efficient. good follow up. i went there personally to ensure that the docs are not misplaced, but i feel even if you courier them your docs, it should be perfect. (on Facebook)
Tom Backer reviewed VisaHQ
Tom Backer
I have used VisaHQ several times in the past. The service is always top notch. But this time, time was a bit of an issue, and Carlos went way above and beyond to get my Chinese visa in a very short time. I highly recommend this service, as well as Carlos. Thank you Carlos! (on Facebook)
Adnan Tanveer reviewed VisaHQ
Adnan Tanveer
Had a visa booking done recently by them and what a wonderful experience it was, they are highly recommended by me. (on Facebook)
Ross Hammock reviewed VisaHQ
Ross Hammock
We had a great expirence with VisaHQ. They were very helpful and very quick to return ouf Visas (on Facebook)
Claire Beaudrot Aloisio reviewed VisaHQ
Claire Beaudrot Aloisio
VisaHQ has been more than helpful and is worth every penny and piece of mind BEFORE you do anything yourself. I leave it in their hands and I am worry-free when I do because of their experience. (on Facebook)
Amanda Bordeau reviewed VisaHQ
Amanda Bordeau
Great service, didn't have to contact anyone to follow and it was completed in a timely manner. Thank you! (on Facebook)
Vivienne Clare Hayes reviewed VisaHQ
Vivienne Clare Hayes
Thank you Visa HQ, absolutely fantastic advice and support from Anistasia Zybinskaya to get my visa for trip to India , could not ask for better !! (on Facebook)
Sharon Brenn reviewed VisaHQ
Sharon Brenn
First time using this service in Chicago. Alberto was exceptional with sending emails and calling on my cell. There was a concern from the China Counsel due to my part time position as a church administrator. Had to scan,sign and send a statement that I will be a tourist only. It held up the processing. Alberto explained it all and it was mentioned that the China Counsel makes the final decision. When visas arrived, my husbands was for ten years, my visa was only for three months. Called visahq after hours so was talking to California. He was very worried that our two week trip time was covered, he recommended to call the Chicago office the next day for more information. Much to my surprise, Alberto called me while being off duty, he wanted to make sure our trip dates are covered also. He apologized for their decision to limit my time in China. Would definitely use this service again without hesitation. Efficient and very patient with customers..

Sharon and Bruce Brenn (on Facebook)
Jason Baynes reviewed VisaHQ
Jason Baynes
Exceptionally prompt service from the staff at Visa HQ. Thank you all especially Anastasia give her a bonus!!! (on Facebook)
Gus Moreira reviewed VisaHQ
Gus Moreira
Small but VERY efficient office. Highly recommend it for any business traveler (on Google)
Rani Dhavan reviewed VisaHQ
Rani Dhavan
I tried getting an e-visa to india for an emergency, but the payment server kept crashing. The Indian Visa helpline kept telling me it might be fixed in a day or two. I tried VisaHQ because they were top rated by USA today for Visa services. I filled out the application at 6:30 am PST and the Visa was in my inbox at 5:00am the next morning!! The fee for this miracle was $50 (plus the standard $60 visa charge). Will be using them every time I need a visa for anything. I also used their live online chat and calling centers, and everyone was so helpful. (on Google)
Jide Haffner reviewed VisaHQ
Jide Haffner
I started my application on a Monday, by Wednesday I had my visa. This was a remarkably efficient service - First Class. I will be using this service from now on - no need to visit anymore embassies in the future. Thank you. (on Facebook)
Rafeek Ahamed reviewed VisaHQ
Rafeek Ahamed
I am very satisfied with the service provided by visahq. (on Facebook)
Yani Rose reviewed VisaHQ
Yani Rose
Everyone who has assisted me was superb! I would highly recommend VisaHQ for your visa processing. It took only a day after payment when I received my e-visa. How cool is that? Kudos to the whole team! (on Facebook)
Ace Santiago Lopez-Atienza reviewed VisaHQ
Ace Santiago Lopez-Atienza
Friendly agent and past processing. Processed 4 visa applications for only 1 working day. (on Facebook)
Natasha Shawe reviewed VisaHQ
Natasha Shawe
Great service. Easy application and they kept me updated with personal emails and answered all my questions promptly. Thanks so much! (on Facebook)
Bianca Steigberger reviewed VisaHQ
Bianca Steigberger
VisaHQ, and their Dubai team, provide, by far, the most efficient, courteous, and professional service I have had the pleasure to experience. The entire team is pro-active and their response time is un-equalled (I was still filling in my application when I received their first call, offering assistance in the procedure).
Thumbs up and kudos to the entire Team. (Facebook)
Barbara Belak reviewed VisaHQ
Barbara Belak
This is the first time we have used VisaHQ. In the past, we applied for visas through other companies for Brazil, India, & China (the latter was through a visa service that didn't let us know that a 10-year visa for China was even an option). By far, this was the best visa service experience we've had. The application process itself was easier, though these applications are never fun, and there were no snags whatsoever (perhaps because I was VERY meticulous about following their directions to the letter). Because of a tight timeframe, we paid the big bucks to get the super-fast service, and that's exactly what we got. For mine, I mailed the application package to VisaHQ via USPS Priority Express on a Monday morning, and Thursday afternoon - yes, only 4 days later! - my passport with the China visa (this time good for 10 years) was delivered to my home. I was amazed, since the 1st time we went for China visas (through a different service), it took weeks! I rarely write reviews for companies, but when I read reviews ahead of time, there was such a wide range of responses (1-5 stars), I felt I should share my 5-star experience to help others decide which service to use. I can't speak for others, but we're VERY happy with our outcome, and we won't hesitate to use VisaHQ for our next visa needs. (on Facebook)
Roxanne Gaines Barr reviewed VisaHQ
Roxanne Gaines Barr
I have to get Visas often for my Executive and both Trevin Barker (SFO) and Pablo Delgado (Chicago) made the process seamless for me. Had the Visa in record time. Will use again!!! (on Facebook)
Dave C. reviewed VisaHQ
Dave C.
I worked with VisaHQ to obtain a visa on short notice during the busy holiday season (a week before Christmas). After I had contacted them to set everything up, my passport was lost by FedEx. Trevin at VisaHQ was phenomenal to work with and advised me on how to obtain an emergency replacement passport. I worked closely with him and he went above and beyond and even had my passport picked up at the SF office by one of the staff. Trevin and his team were awesome to work with and can be counted on to get things done when you're in a bind. Thanks Trevin! (on Yelp)
Marcus Ray reviewed VisaHQ
Marcus Ray
I have to admit i was very weary of this. There were a few hiccups in the beginning. I was promised a expert would call me twice and that call never came. Unfortunately I had no other options so I took a leap of faith. I was worried I would be scammed. Fortunately my passport came today, less than a week after I sent it. It was well worth the money. I am in the military and had no chance to go in person to expedite a passport. Thank God for this company. Now I am able to attend my grandfather's funneral in the Phillipines thanks to this company. Thank you so much. It means more to my family and I thank you guys know. Thank you. (on Facebook)
Śrmāđ S. reviewed VisaHQ
Śrmāđ S.
I am writing to say thanks for the great service. Since I needed my visa on short notice, I was a bit worried about which company I should choose to process my paperwork. I obviously made the right decision with Visahq. I really appreciate the email confirmations that I received every step of the way. Thank you so much! (on Yelp)
Jas S. reviewed VisaHQ
Jas S.
I am sitting in Bangkok today with absolute gratitude for VisaHQ and an almost unbelievable story to follow. To start, I have two passports and travel internationally for 50% of my job. Usually one passport is sitting with an embassy while I travel with the other one. This last weekend when I arrived at the airport, I was told that I cannot board since my alt. passport did not have six months of validity and it was a holiday weekend - I had to get my other passport back ASAP. On a holiday - MLK day - I call my account representative Trevin, on Monday morning at 9 am. I fill him in on the situation and we compose a plan for me to fly through SFO on Wednesday where he will have his right-hand man Anthony pick up the passport and run it to the airport.
Complicating this, on Wednesday my flight was delayed, leaving me 15 minutes to get from gate to gate. I called Trevin again and let him know what was happening and also the operations manager at SFO to see if the passport could be brought into the gate. After some negotiating it was agreed. Long story short we actually landed with only 7 minutes to sprint 30 gates - I was the last one to make it to the gate and the gate keeper was holding out my passport, knowing I was on my way. I grabbed it and the gate shut behind me as I boarded. I sat there in awe that all the plans were executed to get me there.

I used to try to deal with the embassies and some of them are almost impossible with websites that crash and are often labyrinths. Someone recommended VisaHQ to me and my international planning has become loads easier. They treat you with value and understand the ease of use needed by their customers; they provide invite letters; they are timely and usually have priority appointments; most important is that they are reliable to the point of never letting me down in 42 countries over the last three years! Thank you Trevin, Anthony and the whole leadership team that has made this business and culture - my life is seriously easier because of you! (on Yelp)
Richard Vaughn reviewed VisaHQ
Richard Vaughn
VisaHQ communicated every step of the visa submission process to put my mind at ease throughout. The process was quick, seamless, and cheaper than nearly all the visa "help" businesses out there. I dealt with the Chicago office during my use of VisaHQ and I'll definitely use this company again the next time I need a visa. Thanks! (on Facebook)
 Brandon Adkins reviewed VisaHQ
Brandon Adkins
Very happy with my service with VisaHQ to China. Alex Finkel handled my visa and was very prompt as well as thorough with his responses. He let me know I needed to reformat my letter of invitation as well as assuring me my visa would arrive on time and approved if i followed his instructions. It shipped out same day and I am getting my visa earlier than expected. Will use you guys again. Thanks a lot to Alex for being experienced and getting things done!!!!! (on Facebook)
Yvonne Silveira D'Souza reviewed VisaHQ
Yvonne Silveira D'Souza
I recently applied for a visit visa to Sri Lanka and was pleasantly surprised when the same was processed within a day. Ms Simar Kaur did an excellent job with the least amount of hassles and in a very polite manner. Thanks Simar. (on Facebook)
Erika Lee reviewed VisaHQ
Erika Lee
Recently had to get two visas to China and we worked through the NY office with Malika Wilson. Malika was very responsive and answered all my questions and emails during our process, since we did come across a few little hurdles... Thanks to Malika, we'll be able to make it into Mainland China during our trip to Hong Kong... I cannot commend her enough for her patience and efficient service through this nerve wrecking time... Who wants to send their passport off to anyone?? She really made this a great experience and I would recommend VISAHQ to anyone who's looking to get a visa from the US. Thanks Malika!!! (on Facebook)
Austin S. reviewed VisaHQ
Austin S.
This year, after a byzantine, year-long application process, the Chinese government awarded me a full-ride scholarship to get a master's in Ancient Chinese Literature. I've been incredibly excited this summer, as the term comes closer and closer to beginning in the fall. It's been a dream of mine for years to study in China.

I had less than a month to compile the necessary forms, which frontloaded an enormous amount of stress, and VisaHQ was super helpful getting everything finished in time. They were communicative and transparent in what was needed for my documents to be received and processed efficiently. When my passport photo needed to be retaken, they immediately contacted me and ended up submitting the new one on the very next day! This kind of turnaround really helps smooth over the stress of traveling.

There was one critical moment during this process when Trevin at the SF office went above and beyond the call of duty. My student visa was denied because my university didn't fill in a box on my visa application form. When I heard it was denied, I was full of despair. This tiny mistake threatened to completely derail years of hard, stressful work, and I'd already emptied my savings on a plane ticket/travel arrangements/preparation. It felt like I was watching the next few years of my life slip away.

Trevin was THE perfect person to help me during this time. He promised to advocate for me, and the next day, met with half the consulate to try and find a solution. When I was panicked, he stayed calm, and communicated clearly the things I needed to do to salvage the situation. He pulled me out of what felt like the beginning of a depressive spiral. In a situation where I felt helpless before the whims of bureaucrats, he was the man on the ground fighting for me to make it and pursue other alternatives.

Needless to say, after a very tense couple of days and lots of research, things worked out! I honestly think the service Trevin provided was as good as it gets, and if anyone else had handled things, there would've been a much better chance of disaster. He is the perfect man for this kind of job, because he's knowledgable, patient, calm, and communicative. He's willing to go the extra mile, because he genuinely cares about the wellbeing of the people who need his travel services. Through our many phone conversations, I definitely got a sense that not only was he an immensely competent travel agent, but also just a great human being. I cannot recommend Trevin or VisaHQ enough. (on Yelp)
Heather G. reviewed VisaHQ
Heather G.
My fiance and I used VisaHQ to get Brazilian visas for our honeymoon. I followed the instructions on the website to fill out all of our forms. We opted to use the 2 day FedEx option, and it was easy to print the shipping label and mail our passports and documents off to VisaHQ.

They notified me very quickly to let me know that my fiance had forgotten to sign his passport (d'oh!) and that they were going to send his passport back to be signed. We live in DC, so I called the VisaHQ number and let them know that my fiance would prefer to sign it in person after work. They had it ready for him when he came by the next day.

After that, we got emails letting us know the status of our documents and when everything was approved and shipped back. It was an extraordinarily easy process and took maybe a week total.

The only con is that it was a bit expensive in my opinion. That said, it was worth it for the piece of mind of knowing everything was complete and confirmed. (on Yelp)
 Eric Schulz reviewed VisaHQ
Eric Schulz
Received Russian visa from Visa HQ San Francisco office. Everything was very fast, the whole process done in 3 weeks. They contacted me when they received my documents, when they submitted to embassy and when the expected date it would be done would be, then again when the visa was approved and they were sending it back. Great communication, I would receive texts and emails at each stage, and they helped me with various questions beforehand. Very reliable and would recommend. (on Facebook)
Jose S.  reviewed VisaHQ
Jose S.
I recently worked with VisaHQ to obtain a visitors visa to Canada and they were great. Due to my travel dates, we had to obtain my visa on short notice and Rose at VisaHQ was very helpful. I received my passport back in a little over a week!

I highly recommend VisaHQ and will definitely use them for any future travel. (on Yelp)
Katrix S. reviewed VisaHQ
Katrix S.
Excellent!!! I was a little nervous to use them without having had any prior experience with them in order to get my Chinese visa a couple weeks back, but I needn't have worried. They asked for the bare minimum as far as documents were concerned (other such services were asking for notarization on copies of documents, proof of financial stability etc. -- VisaHQ asked for none of that). My application was a little complicated by the fact that I'm an Indian citizen with a US green card. They have a very convenient dropdown menu on their visa page that allows you to select which country's citizen you are as well as where you live currently.

VisaHQ got me the visa within a little over a week of submitting my application--all that was needed was my passport, proof of US permanent residency, hotel and flight confirmation/receipts and the application form and photo. Their customer service was excellent too--I highly recommend the online "live" chat - takes them a little while to answer, but they do answer and clarify all questions via the chat feature. Even if you're not around when they get back to you via chat, the response also comes as an email, so you won't miss it. Overall, I thought the service was quick and efficient. Will be going back to them for a future visa. (on Yelp)
Girish M. reviewed VisaHQ
Girish M.
I worked with Malika Wilson for processing my Canada visa. I am very happy to have had her work on my application.
She was very prompt in responding(on call and email) and asking for clarifications from my end as soon as she received my application and documents. After clarification was provided she guided me through the 'rush application' process. Thanks to her guidance I was able to process my visa super quickly and I received my visa approval in 4days(the 'regular application' processing time as per the consulate website is 30-35days!).
Thank you did great!
I would also like to mention a thank u and appreciation for Alex, from the NY office, who helped answer my questions on call even before I created my application docket and sent it over to the NY office. A Big Thank You to Alex as well! (on Yelp)
 Nina ZM reviewed VisaHQ
Nina ZM
VisaHQ came highly recommended, and certainly did not disappoint. I hired them to help me with my visa to Kazakhstan, which was moderately complicated and required me shipping extra documents. Wonderful communication every step along the way, and all documents back in my possession in just over a week. Big thanks, and i will most certainly use VisaHQ again! (on Facebook)
 Freddy Kroese reviewed VisaHQ
Freddy Kroese
We sent our passports for the Chinese tourist visa to the Houston office 3/30/15 and received the passports with visa back 4/7/15. Carlos Mendoza and Jazmin Williams answered all our questions and Narmin Azili kept our status updated. It is scary to sent all your official documents to a company you don't know but VisaHQ really earned our trust. The online tracking works great and we received regular emails whenever the status changed. Great job! (on Facebook)
makinjen reviewed VisaHQ
I wanted to pass on positive remarks about Visa HQ (Canada) that I hope you will post to your website. I don't have a Twitter account.

I was delighted to give my passport & paperwork to Visa HQ (Canada) to process my Chinese Tourist Visa Application. I didn't have to miss a day from work to visit the Chinese Consulate, which was a huge relief. Extremely impressed with the quick turnaround with my Chinese Tourist. I really appreciated receiving updates on my passport whereabouts.

This was money well spent. I will definitely use your business again for more tourist visas in the future. I will highly recommend you to others as well.

Thank you very much!
randall atkins reviewed VisaHQ
randall atkins
Thanks for the prompt service in getting me the 3 passports for my family before our cruise. I called with several questions about my first attempt at getting a passport and your staff was both friendly and knowledgeable. We over-nighted our package on August 12th and received our passports on August 22nd. 10 day service on the 7-9 day plan - Awesome!
David Eaman (Collingwood, Ontario) reviewed VisaHQ
David Eaman (Collingwood, Ontario)
We received our passports (including accurate visas) today and would like to thank John Garcia and VisaHQ for the excellent service they provided.

The process could not have been completed in a more timely fashion and we were kept fully informed by e-mail as soon as each step was completed.

Very impressed!
 Malcolm Blowes reviewed VisaHQ
Malcolm Blowes
Thank you so much for you extremely efficient service for a Cameroon visa, in less than 10 days, awesome!
Getting email updates was reassuring.
Karen Chen reviewed VisaHQ
Karen Chen
Just wanted to thank you for the great, attentive service! I'm really so relieved you helped expedite this for my travel!!!!! And waited around for me to come to the office after closing to pick up my passport!
CJ Gaul reviewed VisaHQ
CJ Gaul
I just wanted to send feedback on our experience with VisaHQ.

It was the first time we needed Visa’s before we went on a trip and we were very hesitant to mail our passports away on a tight deadline, but the whole process was so clear and had enough update notifications that we could see the process taking place just as expected, which made us feel confident knowing it was moving along and we would have no problems.

Thanks for making this experience one that made us a client for a lifetime.
M.V. Thomas reviewed VisaHQ
M.V. Thomas
This is to let you know that Your service is highly impressive. I have used a few agencies in the past for my travel and visa needs. You come on the top of the list. I applied for Brazil visa on an expedited 15 days service. You delivered the passport within half of the promised time. It was easy to track the application as you showed the status online. I tried to call you a couple of times with my questions for clarifications. Though lines were relatively busy and had to wait for a few minutes, it was worth it. Your representative had all answers for my questions. Once again, thank you for your excellent service. I will not only recommend you to others, but also plan to use you for my travel needs in future.
John Gautreau reviewed VisaHQ
John Gautreau
I wish to express my gratitude for your handling of my Visa application to Belarus. I am very impressed with your services and I look forward to using you in the future. Your professional and efficient handling of my Belarus Visa request has made me brag about your company to friends, I hope to get you more business and use your services again, many thanks and kindest regards, sincerely John Gautreau M.Div. PS - I hope to ask my girlfriend to marry me so I really needed this Visa, you may be instrumental in my future marriage as well :)
Bhatia Viren reviewed VisaHQ
Bhatia Viren
I needed a Russian visa for my wife and I. This was for a personal trip. It was going to be cost neutral (gas, tolls, parking, needing to twice for drop-off and pickup, meals, etc) for me to go personally to DC (from Delaware) or use a service like VisaHQ. I Google'd, talked to our corporate visa service provider, read reviews of the 3-4 providers I found via my search, compared prices, etc. I also called each of these providers to see how helpful & forthcoming they were prior to my committing to their service. I zeroed in on VisaHQ with only one (very bad) review I could find online versus many positive reviews. That one bad review had a lengthy story, with a professional response from VisaHQ giving their point of view and rebutting some of the information in the story from the reviewer. The reviewer just responded to the rebuttal with the same points in their original review without addressing VisaHQ's rebuttal points. I have been fortunate to travel a lot in my life and decided to go with my gut and set aside this one bad review.

What can I say - I am pleased & delighted with the service I got from VisaHQ at a fair price. At every step (there were delays due to the Russian Embassy having a huge backlog) I was able to pick up the phone or send an email and get prompt, and honest feedback with a level of confidence that I would get my Russian Visa not a week before my travel as I desired - but 2 days before my travel date. I never felt brushed aside or rushed if I called. I will use VisaHQ again and recommend them to my fellow travelers!
Sarah Franklin reviewed VisaHQ
Sarah Franklin
I wanted to follow up on my experience with one of your online representatives, Lauren T. She was very helpful, prompt, friendly, and I had a great experience with her. I wanted to make sure that she was recognized for being a great customer services agent to me.

Overall, my experience with VisaHQ has been positive.

Sarah Franklin
Visobe Welch reviewed VisaHQ
Visobe Welch
Just to let you know I got my passport/visa back yesterday just in time for my trip today. Thank you for being so efficient.
Andi F reviewed VisaHQ
Andi F
In the beginning I was skeptical about using a service like this because I needed the passport within a matter of days. I had plenty of questions and they were answered within minutes via email or Customer Service. This website has it all and explains everything perfectly for someone like myself who is/was not familiar with passports. I love the tracking process, along with getting updates via email every step of the way for this passport to be completed. The day it was completed it was sent out and received less than 24 hrs later. I'm extremely happy with the process and professionalism. I will let everybody I know that ever needs a passport/visa to use this company for any business needs for a rush order. Thank you again and you literally made my life very easy and stress free. Rating of 1 - 10... I give you a 10+ !!!
Chad W reviewed VisaHQ
Chad W
I came across your site and after reading some reviews decided to use as a last ditch effort. My passport package was mailed out on Monday and I got my passport by Thursday same week. What a life saver. The constant email updates on the status of my passport also lessened the stress that I was going through not having a passport and about to leave the country for 7 months. I am going to Europe and will be changing countries regularly and having a passport is a life saver. Thank you guys so much at
David L reviewed VisaHQ
David L
I received my passport with the Congo visa in it today. I can't thank you
enough. I know what it is to try and do these things myself with all the
delays and unpredictability of it. So I compliment you for your fast and
efficient service and for keeping me informed on the progress along the
way. It was super helpful.
Andrew S reviewed VisaHQ
Andrew S
I appreciate immensely the effort and dedication of all VISAHQ staff in getting my Nigerian Visa VISAHQ is really one of the best on the market.
Suzi T reviewed VisaHQ
Suzi T
I just wanted to commend VisaHQ on its service. Every time I have called or had inquiries (and I have had a lot), VisaHQ has been super helpful, informative and patient. Thank you, I will definitely recommend VisaHQ to my friends in the future.
Debbie G. reviewed VisaHQ
Debbie G.
As always, I so appreciate your thoroughness and communication. I totally trust your services.
Charlie F reviewed VisaHQ
Charlie F
I have never delt with more professional, efficient and courteous employees as you have on your staff. It is a true pleasure doing business with your company.
In this day of employee apathy, it must make you feel proud to have people of such high caliber on your staff. I will highly recommend your company to anyone who may need your services. I look forward to dealing with you and your company in the future.
Carter R.  reviewed VisaHQ
Carter R.
Just wanted to say what an amazing site !! This was so very helpful !!
Regina M. reviewed VisaHQ
Regina M.
THANK YOU for such FABULOUS service!
Getting a visa is a nerve-wracking thing for me, not to mention time-consuming.
But you have really impressed me with your always fast and courteous service.
I just got off the chat line with an employee named “Valerie C” and she was just wonderful!
I’ve used your services twice, and you can be sure that whenever I need to get a visa, I will most definitely be using you again.
Jose Z.  reviewed VisaHQ
Jose Z.
I want to note that I have used other services like yours in the past but yours is the best. You kept me aware of every step and I was very comfortable knowing where my passport was and status of process. GREAT SERVICE.
Bert P reviewed VisaHQ
Bert P
Thank you so much for the fast service working on my my Myanmar Visa... I got it and you are all just great there.
I would recommend your agency to my friends for their visas. Again my big appreciation for the job well done.
Natalie M. reviewed VisaHQ
Natalie M.
You guys are awesome!
Ron and Cindy N. reviewed VisaHQ
Ron and Cindy N.
My wife and I want to thank you sincerely for your efforts in obtaining our passports on short notice. Your web site tracking system kept us well informed and you delivered the passports within the time promised. It was a pleasure working with you and we will highly recommend your service to others. Thanks again and happy holidays.
Rachel W reviewed VisaHQ
Rachel W
Thank you so much for all your help. This has been a very easy process thanks to you. This was my first time using will recommend to others and use again in the future as I have another application I will be submitting today.
Sara B. reviewed VisaHQ
Sara B.
I received my passport today and just sent it on Tuesday. When I could not find my passport and my vacation was just a week away, panic ensued! It was well worth the money spent to get 3 days service from you - what a relief and it was so easy! I highly recommend your service to anyone in a time crunch!
Dawn R reviewed VisaHQ
Dawn R
My son and I cannot begin to express our great gratitude for the excellent service you provided in obtaining his second passport especially dealing with our strict time provisions and the Labor Day holiday weekend. Your amazing turn around allowed us to meet the further criteria in submitting his original passport for the final steps to obtain his UK work visa.
Tim B.  reviewed VisaHQ
Tim B.
I used their New York City branch to get a visa to Brazil. I picked them because their price was lower than competing services.

The service was perfect. They submitted the application to the consulate the day after they received it, returned it to me when ready, and kept me informed on its status with emails. Can't do better than that.
Tom F.  reviewed VisaHQ
Tom F.
I had a biking trip planned for Canada, and I realized my passport expired 2 days before I left. I was worried I'd have to cancel the trip, but I luckily found VisaHQ. They got me my passport and shipped it to me on the bike route, so I could pick up it before we entered Canada. Hashim was really friendly and kept me in the loop the entire way. Great service.
Dobeir R. reviewed VisaHQ
Dobeir R.
Thank you for taking me and mother's calls and giving us all the info needed to get this all completed. Please understand that you were apart of the process in allowing me to start a new life with my family in Japan. I really can't stop thanking God enough for you and all at VisaHQ who assisted in getting my passport. You all were a blessing.
Pierre G.  reviewed VisaHQ
Pierre G.
Great service. I submitted my passport paperwork on Monday and I received my new passport Wednesday at 0900. Great customer service always keeps you updated.
Kathy T. reviewed VisaHQ
Kathy T.
I highly recommend VisaHQ for the processing of any travel needs. An international trip came up overnight and my passport expired in five months and I needed to have a six-month expiration in order to depart from the US. Needless to say, I was panicked and very apprehensive about sending my official passport documents off to an internet company I'd never heard of or dealt with before. I selected the 1-2 business day turnaround, sent off the documentation on Tuesday and had my passport renewal by 7 am Friday - panic over. Hashim, who handles passports, was very responsive to every email I sent bugging him about delivery. I would highly recommend and will definitely use again.
Steven W.  reviewed VisaHQ
Steven W.
I wanted to say thanks, I received my visa & passport back today for my first trip to Russia. I didn't know the process but everything went smoothly. I didn't think it would be that easy. So it was my first time using your company, and your very professional with prompt replies to questions. Would use again, and recommend. And I VERY rarely write these type of follow up thank yous.
Dennis S.  reviewed VisaHQ
Dennis S.
This morning I got my Russian Visa. I want to thank you for your excellent service. My travel agent did recommend another provider, however I noticed too many requirements so I decided go to the the internet and I saw some alternatives and after cheking all of them I found out that VisaHQ offered the best service... and I was right. I already forwarded your contact info to my travel agency.
JoAnn O.  reviewed VisaHQ
JoAnn O.
We just want to tell you how pleased we are with the wonderful professional service and customer support we received from VisaHQ. We are going to Russia and our invitation did not arrive from as planned. I saw on your website that for a little extra we could obtain the invitations AND visas from you. The forms were easy to complete and the process non-stressful. I called your company several times with questions and received very professional and kind service. We will definitely be using your services in the future and recommend you to others.
Karen B.  reviewed VisaHQ
Karen B.
When you live in Montana and want to travel to china, you need the help of a service such as VisaHQ. The entire process was painless for us. The online form was a little confusing in spots, but the online help, as well as the real live customer service agents were great. We received our visas in a timely manner, even over the Christmas/New Year holiday weeks. VisaHQ is a reputable, professional company and I would recommend it to anyone who can't get to an embassy or consulate personally. I'll definitely use them again.
Ravi V. reviewed VisaHQ
Ravi V.
As a business man, I travel a lot and so the need for visa comes into action and so does the paper work that goes with it and then the waiting time and not knowing where the passport is and when it would be back in your hands. Well, it is not so when you are dealing with the most professional staff of VisaHQ and their online email process, that will keep you informed the minute they get your passport until it has been mailing back to you. I applied for my Bangladesh Visa and sent my passport to Ottawa, Canada and I was more surprised then ever to see email and details of what my passport was doing and where it was almost everyday.

Thank you VisaHQ - Good Job!
Susan F.  reviewed VisaHQ
Susan F.
VisaHQ is the only way to obtain a visa to a foreign country! Professional, efficient and expedient service each and every time I have needed (3 times so far this year) to obtain a visa while traveling. And, the on-line chat is great for asking a quick question.

All you have to do is fill out the application, print and sign, and mail it off with the list of required documents to them - they do the running, verifying and work. One less thing to worry about when traveling. Need a letter of invitation - they can also arrange that; more pages to your passport - they do that too!

They are my "go to" company for travel visas.
Brett M. reviewed VisaHQ
Brett M.
My experience with VisaHQ was great. Helping me through the process of obtaining a visa on short notice, my associate, Marina, communicated quickly and clearly, making a potentially difficult process a breeze!

The charges are fair ($45 + shipping), and well worth the piece of mind that the process is being followed even don't have the time to do it myself.

As a frequent world traveler who has dealt with many visa applications on my own I can safely say now that I'll use VisaHQ as my first option from now on...
Anthony A. reviewed VisaHQ
Anthony A.
I had to obtain a visa in order to travel. I didn't know where to start. I found this company online and gave them a call. They explained the entire process for me and said they could take care of it while I work on other things. Perfect. They got my visa quick and with no problems. I recommend them.
Nancy I.  reviewed VisaHQ
Nancy I.
Excellent service, reasonable fees, and great communication. What more could you ask for. The best I have ever used!
L. K.  reviewed VisaHQ
L. K.
VisaHQ made my life SO EASY! They were quick, professional, and were the only agency willing to answer my questions when I was filling out my visa application. I want to travel more just so I can use them again!
Stephen N. reviewed VisaHQ
Stephen N.
We booked a last-minute trip to Canada, only to realize that we needed a passport for our infant son to cross the border! With five days until takeoff, I furiously researched passport expediting services, and after seeing all the positive reviews for VisaHQ, I went with them. While it definitely wasn't cheap, I sent my paperwork on Monday afternoon and got my son's passport Thursday morning, with a full two days before takeoff to relax and de-stress.

The only issue I found with the whole process was at the post office, where you need to get the passport application stamped and signed. As is always the case with USPS employees, they don't know anything about anything. They swore blind that I was not allowed to use a courier, that my son's Hawaii birth certificate was invalid, and couldn't take a passport photo if their lives depended on it. Fortunately VisaHQ is aware of these severe shortcomings and provide specific pages referenced in the procedures manual that passport agents use, that proves you can, in fact, use services like these to get you passport quickly. With a great deal of arguing and assertiveness, the post office workers finally complied, and what do you know? It worked, and it was all legit!

Highly recommended
Mr. Daoui reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Daoui
I wanted to thank the VisaHQ team for getting my passport as advertised in ONE DAY.... you guys rock, when you say it you mean it. You also advised me on changing the Fedex shipment in order to get the documents to your office in time. I am leaving Saturday....I sent the documents on Wednesday, got my passport Friday. What can I say....Thank you very much for a great customer service.
Warwickp (Twitter)  reviewed VisaHQ
Warwickp (Twitter)
Passport back in my hands with a whole lot of visas in it. Pretty awesome service from visahq. Highly recommended.
Ms. Silva reviewed VisaHQ
Ms. Silva
I have worked in customer service for most of my life and it is refreshing to have such a polite and attentive individual to deal with. I am extremely happy with Hashim's customer service and I assure you that you will keep my business and gain more business through my glowing referrals to your company. Once again Thank you!!!! Also, Hashim is not the only representative that I have dealt with that was polite each one has been patient and full of information. I have just happened to be in dire need of assistance while working with Hashim and he has helped me every step of the way and helped me to keep sane.
Mrs. K reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. K
Just had to thank you for your valuable service! I must confess I was very nervous to go this route~ internet renewal....I researched many companies and I AM SOOO GLAD I CHOSE YOURS! I rec'd my renewed passport ontime!
Mrs. Galante reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Galante
Honestly, you have been great. Very much appreciated since booking international travel can be very time-consuming and at times hard to follow. Will be using you all again and recommending you to our entire department. Your site is easy to follow as well!
Mrs. Williams reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Williams
I just want to let you know I appreciate your services. I don’t know who’s working at your company but you have been a great help in answering my questions and getting my Visa ready within a week. The bad reviews Ive read, I have no idea what happen to them, but I have recommended your service to all my friends. Thank You Very Much!
Mr. Wine reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Wine
I have been using VisaHQ since 2007. When people I knew were waiting 10 to 12 weeks for passports from government offices. I was unable to wait that long unpredictible time. those people can't answer questions and have no clue about the status or location of your documents, nor do they seem to care. VisaHQ on the other hand advised me on what to do,how long it would take,and gave me play by play emails so i knew where my documents were at all times. I had a passport and a visa in 2 weeks and I wasn't wondering when it would show up. Two years and several visas later, I needed visas to two countrys, and i didn't have time before my departure. Again, I asked the experts. I ordered a second passport,and visa, on there recommendation, and left on my trip. With the play by play Emails,I monitored the progress. When my documents got sent to my home address by mistake, I noticed,called, and they had them re-routed to my location over seas. I recommend them to all my friends,for advice, and service.they have always been worth the money.
Mrs. Mia reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Mia
I always have problems to travel because I need visa for many many countries... This time I needed a visa for Canada and there was no concrete information online. VisaHQ was extremely efficient, transparent and my passport was back in less than one week. Obviously you are supposed to follow their instructions exactly organizing the documents and letters so you don't have problems with the embassies and consulates. I was honestly very worried about trusting my documents and passport to a third party but it worked just perfectly! The visa is on my passport and all other documents sent as attachment were sent back.
Mr. Adolpho reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Adolpho
I travel for my business all over the US, and when I discovered on my last trip that my passport was about to expire, I nearly had a heart attack. My sales manager had finally gotten that all-important client in Ireland to agree to a meeting only a few days away, and I needed everything updated immediately. I was able to send all my information via FEDEX and got my paperwork back within 2 days. Talk about efficient, I spoke with Hashim, who calmed me down and explained everything to me. He was friendly, professional, and a real boon to my business. Thanks guys!
Mr. Jake reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Jake
I needed a visa within a relatively short period of time but hoped for the best with VisaHQ. After sending my visa and forms they contacted me by email to tell me that given my departure date they didn't think it would be processed in time due to the associated embassy's reputation of slow processing. They wanted to know if I still wanted them to try but because I had no other option except to change my ticket I decided to let them go ahead a hope for the best. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I received an email the next day informing me that it had already been processed and was being sent back. I don't know how they managed to get such quick processing but the quality of their work and service more than paid for any fees!
Mr. Daniel reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Daniel
I needed a last-minute visa for a sort-of spur-of-the-moment trip to Nigeria. VisaHQ totally came through for me and satisfied my rushed requests.

Sure, like everyone else I was a bit nervous to send off my personal documents in the mail, but VisaHQ allowed me to print out a fedex label and send it overnight -- which gave me peace of mind. The embassy fees were rather high for expedited service, but there is nothing they can do about that! Their service fee (VisaHQ) was a deal considering the fact that I didn't have to loose (at the very least) an entire day's work and wait in endless lines like I've done so many times before.

The service was great. No complaints here, I will certainly be using this service again as it costs less than doing it yourself! It's a no brainer!
Mr. David reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. David
I recently applied for a Sao Tome & Principe visa for myself and my girlfriend. STP currently does not provide consular services in NYC where I live, Wary of mailing my passport directly to the consulate (unnerving experience in the past with other consulates), and unwilling to travel to DC just for the visa application, I tried VisaHQ.

I have to say that the turnaround and service was excellent. I got e-mail notifications at every step of the process, and was able to reach without any problem, the VisaHQ staff dealing with our applications.

The icing on the cake was that even though the visas were supposed to take 3 business days, they were actually issued on the day of the application. Basically, I mailed out my passports Thursday, and had them back with the visas onn Tuesday.

I am wary of mailing my passport, but VisaHQ certainly earned my trust, and I would use them again without hesitation.
Mr. Montgomery reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Montgomery
Medhy at VisaHQ has just completed a difficult and unusual task of obtaining tourist visas for several West African countries to which I am traveling. The itinerary included Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Central African Republic, Republic of Congo and Liberia. His competence and professionalism was evident in all our discussions and deliberations. I assume all the other visa procurement officers at VisaHQ are the same and I highly recommend the organization.
Mr. Smith reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Smith
I contacted VisaHQ in a panic because my daughter's passport was discovered to have expired less than two weeks from her return to school overseas. I was actually told about them by a post office passport intake employee so in spite of reservations, being desperate, I took the advice and a chance on them. I'm very happy I did, we sent in the documents just before the 5pm Fed-Ex pick up on Monday, got confirmation the package was received on Tuesday morning and her passport arrived before noon on Thursday. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and will recommend VisaHQ to friends and family. Thanks so much!
Mr. Diomande reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Diomande
I would like to thank you all at VisaHQ for your prompt service and your professionalism as it was a pleasure working with you in the quest for obtaining my visa.
Mr. Elliott reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Elliott
If was my employee, I will give them a raise….(a big raise). This is my second review …and my target dates to get
my visas for Nigeria and Ghana was at least before July 15th 2010. But with my time line below:

Received by June 21st
Nigerian Visa (multiple Business): mailed June 22nd
Nigerian Visa (multiple Business): received June 24th
Ghana Visa (Single Tourist): mailed June 28th
Ghana Visa (Single Tourist): mailed June 30th
US passport with complete Visas: received July 1st

Bill from HQ: $ Priceless. (Honestly) … I saved $50. Considering I would have driven to DC twice and spent on Gas, toll…..2
hours on the road….. queues and confusion @ the embassy…. So I recommend you and will definitely use you guys again.
Mr. Elliott reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Elliott
Andrew and all the VisaHQ team,
I don’t know what kind of connections you got; but you guys are professionals and good. VisaHQ should be a WORD that means; “Get the job done on time.” I have been to Africa many times, and usually apply for my visa without any middle man. I always run into the problem of embassies telling me I can apply within the 90days window before my trip. Usually I apply 2 weeks in advance which can be inconveniencing and stressful. This week, you have proved them wrong. I got my Nigerian visa today (June 24th) after submitting my application on the (June 21st) to Visa HQ. If were a third political party, I will take them for their word. “THEY GET THE JOB YOU WANT DONE”

Mrs. Rossing reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Rossing
Thank you so much for the miracle work you did to get us our Sierra Leone & Guinea visas in only 5 days – only 5 days from the time you received our applications to the day we received the visas at our office in San Francisco! We are amazed and eternally grateful. We’d had other visa expediting companies tell us flat out that it couldn’t be done.

I really appreciate everyone at VisaHQ’s hard work and diligence. I was concerned that the time pressure might result in a mistake or an oversight of some sort that would cause a delay, but clearly everyone working on our visas was incredibly attentive and committed to making sure everything went smoothly every step of the way.

Your customer service is superb! Your automated emails on the status of the applications kept me reassured things were on track. Medhy was particularly patient and responsive via email and phone to all my questions and concerns. And Paul, who answered my panicked call after 5:30 pm on a Friday night, was incredibly helpful and professional.

We will definitely be using your service again.
Mr. Rouphail reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Rouphail
Thank you for your very prompt and professional services on getting the China visa on time. I am very impressed, and will recommend your services highly to colleagues and friends. Keeping the client informed of the status has been particularly helpful.
Mr. and Mrs. Israel reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. and Mrs. Israel
We used your service for visas to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan -- not the most cooperative countries -- and I was delighted with the promptness of your service and especially with your continuing communication with us, so we knew exactly where we were in the process at all times. Thank you
Mr. Kumar reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Kumar
I greatly appreciate your services and after having used Visa HQ three times I have great confidence in your ability to deliver what you promise. My passport needing extra pages came back to me in one week (5 working days). Your tracking system is also excellent.
Mr. Agarwal reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Agarwal
Thanks, I have received my passport with the China Visa. Who ever founded VisaHQ have done a great job in the business model and assembling a good team. I was informed at every stage and you took away the anxiety until you get back the passport and Visa. I have already started recommending to my friends and colleagues to use the services of VisaHQ, whenever they need a Visa or passport services. Thank you again for your impeccable service.
Mr. O'Berry reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. O'Berry
I wanted to express my sincere appreciation of your outstanding professional service. I was further very pleased in how your organization kept me abreast in every step of the process, there was no surprises and no wondering when, where and what was going on with my visa request. Please rest assured, that not only shall I return as future client, I will surely
recommend your service to others.. Thanks again...
Mrs. Pliskin reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Pliskin
I received my passport with the visa yesterday. Thank you for your good service, especially keeping me informed of the status during the recent snow storms in DC. I would definitely use your service agian and would recommend it as well.
Mrs. Toews reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Toews
Thank you very much for your great service. What a wonderful, speedy and efficient way to get visas. Thanks for making this part of our trip simple and trouble-free. Best wishes.
Mr. Lester reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Lester
I would just like to express my gratitude for the excellent service I have received from your company. When I applied for three visas which I needed in a hurry, I got regular e-mails from Medhy, and everything was handled very professionally and right on time. In today’s world we usually find the time to complain when service is bad, but seldom make the time to offer compliments when service is good.
Yours gratefully,
Mrs. Patheal reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Patheal
YOU GUYS ROCK! I got my passport today, and am ready to leave tomorrow! Thank you SO MUCH for the outstanding work.
Mr. Lattupelli reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Lattupelli
I would like like to take a moment to show my gratitude towards VISAHQ services, especially ANDREW who was great in handling my VISA for my vacation to the Bahamas. Given the tight deadline, Andrew was extraordinary in delivering my documents on time for my trip. I really hope to use your services for my future visas.
Mr. Vigliotti reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Vigliotti
Paul thanks again for all your assistance. Received my renewed passport on Saturday for travel to Thailand on Sunday-thank you! This would have been impossible without you guys! The trip was great and would not have happened without your outstanding service.
Mrs. Ring reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Ring
I want to take a moment to pass on kudos to Josee for her exemplary customer service. I have been a bit of a head case as I was asked to come up with an India visa in a very tight timeframe. VisaHQ so far has come through exactly as promised (my visa is heading back to Calgary for tomorrow morning), and I have been in regular contact with your company to ensure my visa is delivered on time. Josee has been extremely patient with me even though I’ve been a total pain in the butt; in our many phone calls she was happy to discuss options and the “worst case scenario”. She even offered to call the Consulate on my behalf to ensure my visa was processed in time. Because of Josee, I will be recommending VisaHQ to my company for future visa requests.
Mr. Little reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Little
Dear Visahq folks,
MY PASSPORT ARRIVED FRIDAY!!! All visas looked to be in order. I could not be more pleased with your service. I will definitely use it again. What I REALLY appreciated was the communications, some e-mail, some by phone. You obviously realize the anxiety levels of your customers rises exponentially as the date of departure gets closer and closer.
Mrs. Murphy reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Murphy
Received my renewed passport today for travel to the UK on Sunday-thank you! Your service was outstanding and worth every penny. I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend you to someone else. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime.
Mrs. Rizza reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Rizza
Just had my first experience with your service. Had 2 Brazil Visas turn around within 2 weeks and 1 Brazil Visa turn around within 1 week! I've dealt with Brazil Visas before and never had this kind of turnaround. Very impressed and now stress free from the waiting worry... thank you!
Mr. Plemmons reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Plemmons
I just again wanted to extend my thanks. In the crazy computerized world in which we live, your organization has been very professional, easy to work with, and very computer friendly. It is nice for something to a simple process with is rare these days. Kudos to VisaHQ.
Mrs. Santos reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Santos
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to VisaHQ and their staff. I did not realize how much time it took to process a visa request for my upcoming trip to Brazil to see my husband. I panicked when I was told it took about 20 days to process the paperwork. I searched the internet and found VisaHQ, applied online, mailed my supporting documents, and received my travel visa back before it was promised. I will refer every one I know that is traveling abroad to use your services.THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUCH GREAT SERVICE!!!!
Mr. Kurman reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Kurman
Thanks for providing prompt and reliable service in obtaining my visas to Russia and Belarus. Phone support was great as well. I will be turning to VisaHQ anytime I need visa help and I will recommend VisaHQ to my friends as well.
Mr. King reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. King
Thank you for assisting me during crunch time! Having very short notice, I needed to get down to Mexico for a construction job. I was very weary of all the different websites offering their passport services but was fortunate enough to find your site. Your company offered the quickest turn around time for the least amount of money! Mostly, I appreciate that your company realized the urgency of my situation and got my new passport to me in less time than I expected or was promised. I'm still shocked that I received my passport in only 2 days!!! Thank you VisaHQ! Because of your company, I was able to get to Mexico and fulfill my obligations! I will recommend your services to everyone I know!
Mrs. Sittig reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Sittig
I spoke with two of your online reps the past two days. They were both very curtious and prompt with answers for me! I was nervous about using your system but I would gladly recommend your service to anyone! Everything online was very organized and easy to find and the online help was very efficient: the names of the people who helped me were Yulia and David.
Mr. Holland reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Holland
Thank you - just received back my completed documents - you guys are fantastic ....even with the holiday in there! Really appreciate how easy you were to work with, professional and on top of things, as well. Great personal service and interaction - it was a pleasure doing business with you. I will definitely recommend to others in my organization and use you again whenever I need a visa. Appreciate your living up to what you said you'd do and exceeding my expectations.
Mrs. Flores reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Flores
Just want to thank you for your help... I want to recognize and appreciate Mr. Carlos Mendoza's hard work. He kept me updated through out the process and returned my calls when I bugged =). It is obvious that the clients satisfaction is Mr. Mendoza's priority.Thank you for having helpful people like him as an employee.
Mrs. Johnson reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Johnson
Good Day,
We just received our passports and want to thank you for a job well done! This is the first time we have used your service and we are impressed with your efficiency, speed and especially the communication that kept us informed throughout the process. Thank you!
Mr. Hales reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Hales
I recently submitted my group passports to VisaHQ for processing to Uganda and Kenya for our upcoming mission/convocation trip to East Africa. I immediately received information back from VisaHQ of the problems with the passports having no more Visa pages. I went online to correct the problem and to submit the new applications for adding Visa pages and then left my office to go on vacation before my overseas travel started. Somehow, I omitted sending VisaHQ all of the required information. Carlos called me the very next morning to inform me that he had received the documents and to let me know that more was needed. I explained to him that I was away from my office and on vacation and I asked him if he could help me during the phone call. In an outstanding and eager way with high professionalism, he proceeded to assist me which allowed the processing to be completed in just a few minutes. His customer support was outstanding and I am very satisfied with the service he and VisaHQ provided.
Mr. Hansen reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Hansen
To whom it may concern,

I have had a good experience with the last few days. We did not notice our passports had expired until a few days ago and we are scheduled to leave for the UK the day after tomorrow. I have been invited to make a key address at a conference in England. My wife will accompany me and I have been looking forward to the trip for months. Getting a passport in a few days seemed to be an almost impossible task. We were fortunate to be able to work with Carlos at He has made personal calls a number of times to me to let me know how things were progressing and once he filled out a form for us, because I had gotten the wrong form off the internet. His following up with us was very helpful to settle my nerves as there are so many things I have to do to get ready, renewing a passport at the last minute was a lot of stress, but he pushed it through. I have never met Carlos in person, but the way he handled things provided much relief for me and I thank him.
Mr. Joseph reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Joseph
Getting a visa to Russia can be be a very confusing task. And finding a company you can trust to get it done for you can be a little scary. VisaHQ was fantastic to work with. They communicated with me every step of the way and made the process painless and effortless. I highly recommend VisaHQ. Thank you so much!
Mrs. Bell reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Bell
I merely wish to repeat that your business procedures are miles beyond any of your competitors. As a very frequent traveler to remote parts of the world I have had many sad experiences with many of them. Based on some real sad past experiences I fully expected to have the passport held hostage until I paid "X" amount for some phony charge that had been overlooked. So....all is well and my passport is alive and well on the desk beside me. Thank you so much! You certainly shall be processing my visas again in the near future, as well as those of many friends, who were delighted to hear about you.
Mr. Fosman reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Fosman
I needed a passport in a hurry and found your website on the internet. The price was very good and I dealt with Carlos, who went out of his way to make sure I had my passport delivered to me by February 4. In this day and age, it is very gratifying to find employees who will go that extra mile to help customers. Thank you again and I will recommend your company to all my friends.
Mr. Okuly reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Okuly
Thank you so much, I received my package today and a sigh of relief came over me. I cant tell you how thankful I am, I am going to recommend your website to anyone and everyone I know who is looking for a visa. Thanks again!
Mrs. Loquist reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Loquist
I would like to take the time out to thank you all for handling my visa for me and for keeping me informed with everything .. I will be using you in the future and telling everyone about your services.. Happy Holidays..God Bless
Mr. Smith reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Smith
I received my passport by 7am this morning. Thank you so much for your help in expediting my renewal. I had really created a bad situation for myself and was sure I would not be able to travel next week. But VisaHQ was able to do exactly what they advertise - a 24 hour turnaround on my passport renewal. I also appreciated the open channels of communication by phone, email and company website which kept me up to date on the exact status of my renewal.
Mr. Davis reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Davis
I'd like to thank you for the fast service you provided me with on getting my passport, I didn't expect it to even get here this fast.. it was amazing. Thank you very much and I'll make sure to use you if I have any passport troubles again. You are the best!
Mrs. Walton reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Walton
Thanks so much!! Just an FYI, I worked with Paul a lot of the time, and he provided me with excellent customer service. Just passing along some kudos.
Mr. Detommaso reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Detommaso
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your work, my passport was received today as promised by your company. What an excellent company and I will recommend you guys to everyone I know. Thank god for all your honesty and what a Class act. I will be able to make my departure date solely by your efforts...
Mr. Edeal reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Edeal
You rock! Thanks for the service and the update. Your professional communication and timely delivery has me very impressed and I will save your information and recommend that others use you when they need help with a Passport or Visa. That was cool.
Mrs. Burke reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Burke
Thank you so much! Your service has been outstanding as far as answering questions and helping me. I was really nervous but I appreciate the honesty and integrity you have put forth.
Mr. Houston reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Houston
I am still in the middle or processing my Visa for Bangladesh. Up to this point there have only been minor setbacks. I am amazed at the follow through and service I have received from your company. All along the way there has been complete follow up. When an issue came up not only was there a email request, I received a call from Tatiana. She was patient with me and certainly was interested in solving my problem. In most cases when dealing with people over the phone I find them more interested in giving their opinion or trained response rather than listening to caller. This was not the case with Tatiana. She made my problem her problem and took ownership of the process. Certainly I will use her as an example to myself as well as our employees as how to handle customers. Thank you for your time and service.
Mr. Siggins reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Siggins
You guys are awesome! Passport arrived today. Thanks!
Mr. Jones reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Jones
I just want to let you know that I have my passport with Australian visa inside. Thank you very much, the process was fast and efficient. I will definitely use visa HQ next time and will definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Have a good day!
Mr. Wilson reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Wilson
To the fine folks at VisaHQ,

Just wanted to send you a brief note to express my sincere appreciation for your wonderful service. With your help, this otherwise intimidating process was so simple, so efficient and so convenient. I was anticipating a very frustrating run around and what I received was the complete opposite.

Imagine my surprise when I called the number provided for assistance and received an answer on the second ring from a real person (not a recording) who didn't put me on hold but immediately (and I mean immediately, like "Oh yes, I have your file right here") retrieved my file and answered my questions personally. Wow! Where do you get that kind of service these days? I now know of one place - VisaHQ!

Hats off to your personnel and your organization. I felt like I was the only person in the entire continental U.S. applying for a visa. The email updates about my visa's progress and the seemless turnaround and delivery of my documents was really amazing. Thank you.

One very satisfied VisaHQ customer.
Mrs. Vesey reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Vesey
Thank you for your response to my question. I think you service has been extraordinary! You have efficiently tried to take care of our visas that were very rushed indeed.
Mrs. Chamberlain reviewed VisaHQ
Mrs. Chamberlain
Thank you very much for your professionalism and your service. I truly appreciate it! This trip is already stressful enough without having to travel though Paris with luggage to obtain a visa! you have taken a great deal of stress from me. I shall inform the company I work through of your services as well as all I know.
Mr. Jensen reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Jensen
I am eternally grateful for the hard work invested in getting the visa issued. I am sure that it took some good effort. Once again, many thanks.
Mr. Leeman reviewed VisaHQ
Mr. Leeman
Thank you very much for your punctuality and professionalism. At first, I was reluctant to send important personal documents via any courier, however, I quickly understood the benefits of a reputable visa service provider when I realized that the closest consulate was a plane ride away. VisaHQ provided notifications every step of the way, helping me obtain multiple visas to Central Asian countries, on time and with care. Thank you!