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Thailand is well-known for more than simply its lovely beaches. The nation is also renowned for its magnificent rural areas, which welcome visitors in a very professional manner despite appearing to be in the midst of nowhere. You may simply discover lodging and excursions, whether you're seeking a peaceful place to stay or a rural experience.

However, if you are Egypt country citizens then you will need a Thai tourist visa or other visas to visit Thailand. The Thai visa is very easy to get, you can visit the nearest Thailand embassy or apply online to get your Thai visa. There are single entry and multiple entries Thai visa application available for medical treatment, tourism purposes, and other purposes for entry to Thailand. Below are the details for all applicant and Egypt country citizens or non-Egyptians who want entry into Thailand for short and long duration.

Thailand Visa Application Through Thailand Embassy or Royal Thai Embassy

There are many Thai visas offered by the Thai government for Egypt citizens. The foreigners applicant must provide accurate information for their Thailand visa to get accepted. They should enter the correct purpose whether they are traveling to Thailand for business purposes or tourism purposes. Here, is how the application process for the Thailand visa application goes.

The applicant has to visit the Thai embassy or submit their documents through mail. They can also visit the VisaHQ website and select Thailand as their destination and Egypt as their citizenship. Then select the visa type they want to apply for and complete the process online and wait for visa approval. Once, they get the visa approval, they can get visa stamped on their passport and visit Thailand.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa for up to 90 days is a single entry visa application that takes up to two business days processing time. This visa application process costs around 1270.00 EGP and allows the applicants to stay in Thailand for up to sixty days. The tourist visa for foreign nationals wanting to visit Thailand has a validity of up to three months. The citizens of Egypt can apply for a Thailand visa through VisaHQ or Royal Thai Embassy.

The Thailand tourist visa of up to 180 days which means up to six months validity offers a maximum stay in the country for foreigners for up to sixty days. This tourist visa application processing time is around two days and it costs around 3770.00 EGP.

For foreigners who are considered minors, their two parents' authorization documents with proof that they allow them to travel must be submitted in English and should be signed with information for the person responsible for the child abroad. The parents must show up at the Cyprus embassy to sign their approval and the birth certificate of the child is required.

Business Visa

This visa application for Egypt country citizens has validity for up to three months. This visa to Thailand is solely for business purposes and takes around two business days to process. The total cost for this Thailand visa is around 1870.00 EGP and it offers a maximum stay in Thailand for up to 90 days. For traders or owners, who want this visa, commercial registration documents, tax card, a letter from the applicants' company on the letterhead, license or registration, list of shareholders, business operation details, list of foreign workers, income tax statements, balance sheets, etc., are required documents along with other compulsory documents.

Thailand Visa Requirements

Foreigners wanting to visit Thailand must provide the following documents to get visas for Thailand. The Thai visa application is simple, but Egypt citizens must complete the following required documents to get a Thailand visa.

  • A valid Passport. The passport validity date should be above the time the visa expires; generally, six months and the passport must have blank pages for the Thai Immigration visa stamp. The passport should have all the previous details of trips.

  • Passport-type photographs are required for visa applications. The photo should show your current appearance with a white background or else the Thai embassy can reject your visa.

  • Proof of status. Such as ID card, birth certificate, residence permit, invitation letter, study permit, institution certificate, marriage certificate, and Thai work permit on the company's letterhead, etc. The Thailand work permit must display the full address of the company, the training sessions they will be taking in Thailand, a foreigner living duration, date of entry in Thailand, the purpose of business, etc.

  • For child abroad, the parents' ID card copies are required and the parents can apply for a non-immigrant visa to enter Thailand.

  • Photo of Passport. A photo of the person applying for a Thailand visa holding the photo and information page of the passport.

  • Thailand visa application form containing telephone contact of the foreign nationals

  • Proof of accommodation in Thailand such as accommodation ownership documents, accommodation mentioning your name on the Thai house registration paper where applicants stay in Thailand, etc.

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds such as bank statements of the person applying for a Thailand visa.

  • Travel document such as travel signed airline tickets, etc.

  • However, some supporting documents can be requested from the Thai immigration office such as criminal records, travel insurance, attested documents from foreign affairs, etc.

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