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Thailand is among the most popular travel destinations worldwide, it has recently gained popularity. What possible factors may cause individuals to like visiting this far-off place? It can be serene beaches, delectable food from far-off lands, breathtaking landscapes and temples, vivid pasts, or historical and cultural monuments.

However, entering Thailand is easy but almost everyone needs a visa for Thailand. Similarly, Bangladeshi citizens also need a visa for Thailand. Therefore, below are the visa requirements, different types of visas, and visa processes for Bangladeshi citizens.

Different Thailand Visa Category

There are different travel visa available for Thailand. If you are applying for a Thailand visa you can apply for the following visa categories. You have to complete the visa process and might have to provide your personal bank statement for visa as per Thai immigration laws.

Thailand Tourist Visa

The tourist visa for Bangladeshi citizens has a validity of three months to six months. The tourist visa is a single entry and multiple entry visa. The visa fee for single entry tourist visa is around 3,500 BDT while for a multiple entry tourist visa, the visa application fee is around 17,000 BDT.

Thailand Business Visa

The Thailand business visa is valid for up to a year and it is a multiple entry visa. The business visa for Thailand, comes in around ten to fifteen working days. However, the visa processing time for all types of the visas is dependent on the time that the visa office or consular officers take to process each visa application.

The visa fee for the Thailand visa is geenrally around 2,300 BDT. However, upon application, please confirm it with your visa application agency or embassy. Also, make sure to provide a bank solvency letter, business license, company bank statement, trade license, and other evidence of adequate finance status for satisfactory transaction.

Thailand Tourist Visa Requirements

Below are the tourist visa and business visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens.

  • A completed and signed by the applicant with applicant's contact numbers Application form.

  • Original bank statement. The company bank statement, bank solvency certificate, salary bank statement, current bank solvency letter, and other bank statements are acceptable. However, only original bank statement and bank solvency letter is acceptable.

  • A valid passport with clear passport status. The passport must have blank passport pages and a valid passport status of more than six months.

  • Colour passport sized photos. Bangladesh only accept photographs with white or light background. So, the colour passport sized photos must be printed on normal photographic paper and should have white background.

  • Copies of cover letter, sponsorship letter, visa request letter, invitation letter and others are required. If the cover letter, sponsorship letter, bar council certificate, invitation letter, marriage certificate or visa request letter are in any other foreign languages, then submit original notarized English translated documents.

  • Royal Thai embassy reserves the right to ask current bank solvency letter, original bank statement, for the last six months. The applicant must have a satisfactory transaction of at least 20,000 baht per person and 40,000 baht per family or 60,000 taka person and 120,000 taka per family

  • With proof of 20,000 baht per person and 40,000 baht per family, for a multiple entry tourist visa, the applicant must send in trade license, travel license, and evidence of adequate finance which can also again contain the bank statement and bank solvency certificate, salary bank statement, etc.

  • Travel itinerary such as a round trip air ticket, or an air ticket for further travel.

  • To get the immigration bureau to place immigration stamps on the passport pages, relationship certificate, office ID card, national ID card, hotel booking confirmation, etc. might also be requested.

Thai Visa Application

To apply for a Thailand Visa whether it is a tourist visa or business visa application; the applicant must fill in the Thailand visa application form. You can fill in online visa application form at VisaHQ. Also make sure that the applicant's contact numbers are valid before submitting the contact details. Visit the website and insert Thailand as the destination and Bangladesh as citizenship.

Then fill in the visa application form and upload your required documents. After the visa application is completed. You have to send in visa application form completed and signed by the applicant, documents and passport. After reviewing the application form, the embassy will call the applicant on a one day prior appointment before allowing visa. If you have any visas granted previously then you must inform the visa officer and show your Thai visa at the Thailand embassy so they can allow you multiple entry clearance. However, if you do not have any visas granted previously then the Royal Thai embassy only gives a single entry clearance.

Note: Royal Thai embassy reserves the request to additional documents from the applicant or upon false document, the Thai immigration reserves the right to reject the visa application. Moreover, for further inquiry you can contact consular officers or VisaHQ.

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