Visa for Thailand from Ireland

The only country in Southeast Asia that has never been conquered by a Foreign force is Thailand. It is renowned for its stunning scenery, appetizing fruits, and stringent restrictions on talking about its royalty. Irish passport holders that want to travel to Thailand for tourism or business purposes need a visa.

There are many different Thai visas that Irish citizens that are entering Thailand or want to visit Thailand can apply for. Below are the different Thailand visas and Thai visa exemption scheme that you can apply for at the Thai embassy if you want to travel to Thailand.

Thailand Tourist Visa

To travel to Thailand you can apply for a Thailand tourist visa. The Thailand tourist visa is available as single entry tourist visa and multiple entry visa tourist visa. This Thai visa has a visa fee of 132.25 EUR for single entry tourist visa and 282.25 EUR for multiple entry visa. With the Thailand tourist visa, you can get you can get up to ninety days validity. The visa processing time for the Thailand tourist visa is around fifteen days. For the tourist visa with multiple entry visa the entry to Thailand is valid for up to ninety days and offers up to three months stay in Thailand and comes in fifteen business days processing time.

Business Visa

To travel to Thailand for business purposes you can apply for a Thai business visa. This Thailand visa is a single entry visa that allows up to two months stay in Thailand. This Thailand visa has a validity of up to three months and one year. Both validity visas have a visa processing time of fifteen business days and has a visa fee of 189.39 EUR and 302.39 EUR, respectively.

Thai Visa Extension Exemption Scheme

The Tourist Visa Exemption Plan is part of Thailand's immigration regulations. Normally, qualified visitors don't need a passport to enter Thailand for up to thirty days. Travelers with passports from specific nations may take advantage of this program. The plan would be kept in force through the end of 2023, according to the Tourism Thai Authorities. The Irish citizens entering Thailand through international airport can avail this opportunity by applying for a visa exemption scheme and getting a visa from the immigration officers.

Thailand Visa Applications

Irish citizens can apply for a visa to Thailand swiftly as long as the required documents and details are submitted correctly. Irish citizens may assure a simple application process while applying for a visa to the country by following the steps listed below.

It is suggested that you apply for the visa well in advance of the trip in order to give yourself plenty of visa processing time and to prevent any problems. Applications may be rejected by the Thai government for a various reasons, such as giving wrong information, failing to provide supporting documents, or having a criminal past. In these circumstances, the applicant must apply for a Thai visa again and pay the visa fee.

  • Obtain your valid passport and any other supporting papers you might need in order to apply for a visa to Thailand.

  • Verify that your passport from Ireland is still valid for at least six months after your arrival in Thailand. Request a fresh Sri Lankan passport if necessary.

  • Complete the Thailand application form.

  • Make an appointment to submit your application at the Thailand embassy or consulate. You may do this by calling the embassy or consulate or by doing it online.

  • When finished, send your visa application to the Royal Thai embassy together with your passport and all other supporting documentation.

  • Your Irish passport, Thailand visa application, and any other supporting papers will be examined by an immigration official after submission. In accordance with the data supplied in the application and the accompanying papers, the visa application will either be approved or rejected.

  • If the application is approved, Thailand visa will be added to the Irish citizens' passport, which they may pick up at a Royal Thai embassy or consulate.

You can easily complete all the steps by applying for a tourist visa, business visa, transit visa, or any other visa through VisaHQ. Moreover, for any issues or further details, you can contact VisaHQ.

Thailand Visa Requirements

Irish citizens wanting to travel to Thailand must have the following documents required to get visas for Thailand. The Thai visa application is simple, but Irish citizens must complete the following documents required to get a Thailand visa.

  • An original passport. The Irish passport validity date should be above the time the visa expires that is six months and the Irish passport must have blank pages for the Thai entry stamp and Thailand visa sticker. The Irish passport should have all the previous details of trips.

  • Passport-type photographs are required for visa applications.

  • Proof of status. Such as ID card, birth certificate, work permit, invitation letter, study permit, institution certificate, marriage certificate, etc.

  • Flight itinerary. It should have travel date, arrival and exit date when travelling to Thailand.

  • For transit visa, return ticket might be asked.

  • Thailand visa application form.

  • Proof of accommodation such as hotel bookings, etc.

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds such as bank statements of the person applying for a Thailand visa.

  • Accommodation proof such as address of permanent residence, if available, hotel bookings, etc.

  • Travel document such as travel signed airline tickets, etc.

The Thailand visa immigration office has the full right to reject visa applications if they do not meet the visa requirements. Moreover, the visa immigration officers present in the Thai immigration office can also ask for additional documents required by foreign nationals.

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