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Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. It gets this name because of the hospitality of its citizens. This country is filled with alluring beaches, eco-attractions, historical monuments and places and its world known food. Affordable places to stay and good infrastructure is also a part of this country. Many travelers love visiting Thailand for tourism.

For Indian citizen willing to travel to Thailand for tourism, business, or any other reason. The citizen of India are required to apply for a Thailand visa to enter in the country. Below are the different visas example, and guidance to fill the visas form for Thailand, and information on other visa services.

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa has a visa validity of 3 months and 6 months. and this visa allows stay for 60 days. All Indian citizens have to apply for this visa if they are traveling to Thailand for tourism purposes. It is present as multiple and single entry.

Business Visa

This visa is valid for three months and a year. The single entry type has a validity of three months whereas the multiple entry type has a validity of a year. This type of visa also allows for up to sixty days stay in the country. However, you can obtain extension by putting in a request at the embassy, if required for the job But, the government of Thailand will determine if you should be provided extension or not. Moreover, the visa extension fee must be paid at the time of request.

NonImmigrant Visa

Foreigners applicants looking to apply for nonimmigrant visa can also apply for the following the non immigrant visa provided by Thai government, the wait time for every visa is different as per the embassy and the cost for visa is also different for each visa. The nonimmigrant visas application include:

  • Type B which is for business or employment in Thailand

  • Type O which is for visiting spouse or family in Thailand

  • Type ED is for students of recognized institutions in Thailand, the students are required student visa as per country's entry rules and their Parents or Legal guardian also need visa when visiting Thailand.

  • Type O or retirement Visa is for Indian citizens who wish retire and stay in Thailand.

  • Type OX or OA is for individuals who wish to get a Thailand retirement visa for a long stay in Thailand, this Thai visa is different than the O Thai visa.

Thailand Online Visa Application Process

The online visa application process is simple. However, before getting your visa the state department of Thailand or the embassy can request you in for a visa interview. During the visa interview, the present embassy officer can request you to bring in your visa application form with complete contact details and you might also be requested for payment of visa fee and visa stamping costs, if your visa gets approved.

To apply online, you have to visit VisaHQ website on your computer. Then select your citizenship as Indian and destination as Thailand. Fill in the visa application form on computer and submit the documents required and original passport displaying all the information of the travelers.

Remember, if you want to visit Thailand for job purpose, tourism, etc. Then you might have to send in additional document requested

Once, the documents are uploaded. You might get a request to visit the embassy to obtain your approved visa and for interview. After this you have to pay for your visa fee and also you might have to pay visa stamping fee. Then book your flight and you are good to go.

Visa Process Fee and Time

The expenses for a Thailand visa process are generally around 16233.82 INR single visit business visa, 22233.82 InR for multiple business visits. For tourist visas, it is 10078.82 INR for single visit and 17078.82 INR for multiple visits.

The wait time for Thailand visa approval is generally 3 business days. Moreover, all travelers travlingtraveling from India must obtain a Pass registration which is valid for up to one year and costs around 5127808.00 INR.

Thailand Visa Requirements

Below are the tourist visa and business visa requirements for Bangladeshi citizens.

  • A complete application form that should be signed by the applicant.

  • Passport photographs with white background.

  • A valid passport. The passport must have blank pages to paste visa confirmation page. To be eligible to enter in the country, the passport must have 6 months or more validity.

  • Proof of status, such as ID card, qualifications, etc.

  • Debit or Credit card to pay visa fee.

  • For business travelers and business associates, invitation letter is required stating trip date, purpose of travel, etc.

  • Job contract or agreement, if applicable.

  • For students, valid institution letter is needed.

  • If traveling for medical treatment, then visa holders must provide the required documents by the state department of Thailand.

  • Bank statement, to show proof of sufficient funds for vacation, trip, etc.

  • Prood of stay in the country, the examples include house, hotel bookings, etc.

Note: As per the immigration services law, they are eligible to reject visas and ask for extra document.

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