Visa for Thailand from UK

Thailand has emerged as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. What could be the reasons that people love to travel to this exotic destination? It could be the tranquil beaches, exotic cuisine, magnificent temples and scenery, colorful history, or cultural and archaeological sites.

Thailand tourist visa

The Thailand visa offered by Royal Thai embassy is a single entry visa with validity of up to 3 months. This visa has a processing time of fifteen days and a total cost of 130.20 pounds. It offers 60 days stay in the United Kingdom.

Thailand Non-Immigrant Visas for British Passport Holders

British passport holders may also apply for a wide range of non-immigrant visas:

  • B Visa: for conducting business or employment

  • O visa; for visiting Thai spouse and family

  • ED visa: for students of recognized institutions in Thailand and their Parents or Legal guardian

  • O retirement visa: for those who wish to retire in Thailand

  • OA and OX visa: for those who wish to obtain a Thailand retirement visa for long stay (it differs from type O visa)

The above visas can be organized with a local Thai Embassy or Consulate in Britain. The paperwork can be quite involved, but there are companies that can help.

Thailand business visas

If you have a job application or want to enter Thailand for a particular purpose such as business, then you must apply for a business or work visa. You must meet the entry requirements and also for entering Thailand, you must use their international airport. This visa is a single and multiple entry visa with a processing time of fifteen days. The visa fee includes all the services charges and consulate charges and for the single entry visa with three months validity, the fee is 163.20 pounds. For the multiple entry visa with up to one year validity, the fee is 329.60 pounds.

Visa exemption for British passport holders

UK passport holders may travel to Thailand without a visa as long as it is for the purpose of tourism. They may stay for a maximum of 30 days through the Visa Exemption Program. You may extend your permit to stay for a further 30 days at any local immigration office.

Thailand visa basic requirements by royal thai embassy

UK Foreigners wanting to visit Thailand must provide the following documents to get visas for Thailand. The Thai visa application is simple, but Egypt citizens must complete the following required documents to get a Thailand visa.

  • A valid British Passport. The passport validity date should be above the time the visa expires; generally, six months and the passport must have blank pages for the Thai Immigration visa stamp. The passport should have all the previous details of trips.

  • Passport-type photographs are required for visa applications. The photo should show your current appearance with a white background or else the Thai embassy can reject your visa.

  • Proof of status. Such as ID card, birth certificate, residence permit, invitation letter, study permit, institution certificate, marriage certificate, and Thai work permit on the company's letterhead, etc. The Thailand work permit must display the full address of the company, the training sessions they will be taking in Thailand, a foreigner living duration, date of entry in Thailand, the purpose of business, etc.

  • For child abroad, the parents' ID card copies are required and the parents can apply for a non-immigrant visa to enter Thailand.

  • Photo of Passport. A photo of the person applying for a Thailand visa holding the photo and information page of the passport.

  • Thailand visa application form containing telephone contact of the foreign nationals

  • Proof of accommodation in Thailand such as accommodation ownership documents, accommodation mentioning your name on the Thai house registration paper where applicants stay in Thailand, etc.

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds such as bank statements of the person applying for a Thailand visa.

  • Travel document such as travel signed airline tickets, etc.

  • However, some supporting documents can be requested from the Thai immigration office such as criminal records, travel insurance, attested documents from foreign affairs, etc.

Thailand E Visa Applications through Computer Program

The foreign nationals wanting to apply for Thailand e visa can visit VisaHQ website and apply for a Thai visa. The Thai visa application process is easy. They have to first enter Thailand as their destination and UK citizens as citizenship then wait for the Thailand visa options to load on the webpage. Once, the load is finished, they can apply for different Thai visas offered by the Thai Immigration Bureau. There are multiple entry visa, single entry visa, then Thai work visa, Thai tourist visa and more. Select the category you want to apply for and then fill in the e visa application form.

Then complete the required documents list as per stated by Thai Immigration Bureau office. Then submit the complete application form, required documents, and other requirements to the Immigration bureau. Also, pay the visa fee. Once, the application has been checked, and approved, you will receive your visa. Also, remember that the Thai immigration bureau office and Thai government can cancel your valid Thai visa.

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