Thailand visa for Nepalese

With its breathtakingly tropical scenery, historic temples, incredible culinary scene, and exciting nightlife, Thailand has a really chaotic appeal that draws tourists from all over the world. The nation, also known as the Land of Smiles, never lets you down. You can explore the beautiful Kathmandu, Bangkok.

If the Nepalese official passports holders are visiting Thailand then need to apply for a Thailand visa. For entering Thailand the Nepalese citizens need to submit the documents through e mail and apply for a Thai visa. Following are the different type of Thai visa available for visa applicants to apply.

Different Thailand Visa Type

There are many different Thailand visas available for Nepal passport holders and each has a different visa fees and visa application requirement. Below are the visa type for Nepal nationals that they can apply if they wish to visit Thailand.

Thailand Tourist Visa

The Thailand tourist visa fee is around 22172.33 NPR and The valid passport holders of Nepal can apply for this Thailand tourist visa category. The Thailand tourist visa is a single entry visa with 90 days stay. The Thailand tourist visa has a validity of up to 90 days.

Thailand Business Visa

This is a single entry category visa and is only available Nepalese who have passport valid for at least six months after their visa expiry date. The processing time of this visa is ten business days and the visa fee is around 43375.85 NPR. It offers ninety days stay and has a validity of ninety days.

Thailand Visa On Arrival

Thailand does not offer visa on arrival facility to Nepal tourists. However, if you are from the eligible countries then you can apply for tourist visa upon arrival and enter Thailand through multiple entries zones such as Bangkok, Kathmandu, etc.

Thailand Residence Visa

The Thailand residential visa is for individuals wanting to live in Thailand for more than ten years. This visa is only for relocation purposes and is only eligible to individuals who has a sufficient amount of funds in their accounts.

Thailand Visa Application Process through Royal Thai Embassy and Apply Online

Nepal citizens can apply for a visa to Thailand quickly and easily as long as the required paperwork and details are submitted correctly. Nepalese citizens may assure a simple and hassle-free application process while applying for a visa to the country by following the steps listed below.

It is suggested that the Nepal nationals apply for the visa well ahead of the trip in order to give yourself plenty of time for processing and to prevent any unforeseen problems. Applications may be rejected by the Thai government for a number of reasons, such as giving false information, failing to satisfy standards, or having a criminal past. In these circumstances, the applicant must reapply and pay the visa cost.

  • First you have to complete documents.

    • Obtain your Nepal passport and any other supporting documents you might need in order to apply for a visa to Thailand.

  • Verify that your passport from Nepal is still valid for at least six months after your arrival in Thailand. Request a fresh Nepal passport if necessary.

  • Fill application

    • Complete the Thailand application form.

  • Schedule appointment

    • Make an appointment to submit your application at the Thailand embassy or consulate. You may do this by calling the Royal Thai embassy or consulate or by doing it online.

  • Then Submit the required documents

  • Let the visa processing time complete as per provided by the embassy.

  • Then receive visa from the embassy

Thailand Visa for Nepal Citizens Required Documents

Foreigners wanting to visit Thailand must provide the following documents to get visas for Thailand. The Thai visa application is simple, but Nepal nationals must complete the following required documents to get a Thailand visa.

  • A valid Passport. The validity date should be above the time the visa expires, and the passport must have blank pages for the Thai Immigration visa stamp.

  • Passport-type photographs are required for visa applications.

  • Proof of status. Such as ID card, birth certificate, residence permit, invitation letter, study permit, institution certificate, marriage certificate, Thai work permit, etc.

  • For child abroad, the parents' ID card copies are required and the parents can apply for a non-immigrant visa to enter Thailand.

  • Thailand visa application form containing information of the foreign nationals

  • Proof of accommodation in Thailand such as residence address, hotel bookings, place of stay, etc.

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds for travel and stay in Thailand such as bank statements of the applicant for a Thailand visa.

  • Travel document such as travel airline tickets, flight itinerary, return tickets, etc.

  • However, some supporting documents can be requested from the Thai immigration office such as criminal records, travel insurance, attested documents from foreign affairs, education documents, health certificates, or any other type of documents.

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