Thailand visa for Canadian citizens

Including its breathtaking tropical scenery, historic temples, incredible culinary scene, and exciting nightlife, Thailand has a really chaotic appeal that draws tourists from all over the world. The nation, also known as the Land of Smiles, never lets you down. However, if you are traveling from Canada to Thailand then you need some supporting documents, an application form, and possibly a visit to immigration office. To travel to Thailand and to stay in Thailand, the Canadian citizens require a Thailand visa. Below are details for every type of Thailand visa, if you wish to travel to Thailand and stay in Thailand for a short stay in Thailand or longer stay in Thailand.

Different Thailand Visa for Canadian Passport Holders

There are different Thailand visa applications and entry requirements that the people of Canada have to fulfill. If they fail to fulfill these entry requirements or provide the requested supporting documents then they can expect refused entry to Thailand from the Thai visa application center, Thai embassies, or Thai immigration office.

Tourist visa

There are different types tourist visa available for Canadian citizens. You can have a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa for entering Thailand. Below are the Tourist visa types that Thailand offers for the Canada passport holders.

Single Entry Visa Thai tourist visa for Tourism Purposes

For Canada citizens, a single entry visa Thai tourist visa that is up to thirty days, does not require any visa application. However, a tourist e visa application is required for individuals seeking to enter Thailand. This visa application has a validity of up to three months and has a total cost of $168.95. The processing time for the tourist visa application to Thailand is just ten to fifteen business days. However, if you want super urgent visa then the processing time is lesser but the costs for the visa application increase. Moreover, this single entry tourist visa allows a maximum stay in Thailand for up to sixty days.

Multiple entry tourist visa

Unfortunately, at the moment a multiple entry stamp or tourist visa application with multiple entry is not available by the Royal Thai embassy or consulate general to visit Thailand.

Business visa

The business visa application for Thailand offers the foreign passport holders single and multiple entry. Below are the business visa types offered for the Canada passport holders.

Single entry visa

The single entry visa application for Canada nationals has a validity of up to three months. This Thailand visa application takes around ten to fifteen business days processing time and has a total cost of $349.45.

Multiple entry visa

The multiple entry visa application for Canada residents to Thailand comes with a visa validity of up to one year. The business visa application also takes around ten to fifteen business days processing time and has a total cost of $499.45.

Non-Immigrant Visa

Foreigners applicants looking to apply for non immigrant visa can also apply for the following the non immigrant visa provided by Thai government for entering Thailand. The non-immigrant visa application include:

  • Non-immigrant Visa B wich is for business or employment in Thailand

  • Non-immigrant Visa O which is for visiting spouse or family in Thailand

  • Non-immigrant Visa ED is for students of recognized institutions in Thailand, the students are required student visa as per country's entry rules and their Parents or Legal guardian also need visa when visiting Thailand.

  • Non-immigrant Visa O or retirement Visa is for Canada citizens who wish retire and stay in Thailand.

  • Non-immigrant Visa OX or OA is for individuals who wish to get a Thailand retirement visa for a long stay in Thailand, this Thai visa is different than the O Thai visa.

Visa Application through Thai Embassy or Consulate General or Visa Application Travel Agents

The Visa application process through the Royal Thai Consulate General or Royal Thai embassy or consulate is simple. You have to complete the Thailand visa application form online, get your original passport, and the required documents. Submit them at the Royal Thai Embassy in Canada and wait for the immigration officer or immigration officials at the immigration office, to review your application.

Once, the application process has completed and you are granted a Thai visa, you can visit the Thai embassy and get your Thai entry stamp on your passport. Remember, you can only travel to Thailand with a valid and appropriate visa and entry through the international airport. Moreover, for further assistance, you can contact VisaHQ for your queries related to Thai Visa.

Visa Requirements to Visit Thailand

The following are the tourist, business, non-immigrant, transit, Thailand pass and working visa requirements related to the Thailand visa. All these documents are requested by the Thai authorities and if wrong documents are submitted then the Thai embassy can reject the visa of Canada resident.

  • Passport copy. The passport valid date should be above six months and the passport must have blank pages for Thai Immigration visa stamp. Tha passport should have all the previous details of trips.

  • Passport type photographs is required for visa applications. The photo should reflect your current appearance or else the Thai embassy can reject your visa.

  • Proof of status.

  • Photo of Passport. A photo of you holding the photo and information page of the passport; also, displaying the passport validity clearly.

  • Declaration form.

  • Proof of residency.

  • Proof of Sufficient Funds

  • Travel document such as round trip ticket

  • However, some supporting documents can be requested from Thai immigration office such as criminal record, travel insurance, attested documents from foreign affairs, work permit, study permit, etc.

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