Business visa for Thailand from India

business visa for Thailand from India is available for all Indian citizens who wish to visit the Southeast Asian country to do business or attend to any business-related activities. This page contains a complete guide to obtain a Thailand visa and the eligibility and documents required.

Traveling To Thailand On Business

Indians need a Thai business visa if they wish to enter Thailand for business, as India is not on the visa-free list. The Thailand business visa is classed under the Category B Non Immigrant Visa and has facilitated the free and easy movement of investors and business professionals. 

Thailand attracts millions of visitors annually, most of whom visit as tourists to enjoy the sights and sounds of the country.

However, the number of visitors who arrive for business has increased in recent years are Thailand's economy expands and evolves. Now, eligible visitors, including Indians, can visit and stay for a short time to conclude their business-related engagements.

Category B Business Visa For Thailand From India

The Thailand business visa is under the Non Immigrant Visa and is called a Category B visa. This visa is issued to Indians for the following reasons

  • To conduct business in Thailand without paying

  • To invest in Thailand

This visa is issued to foreigners coming to Thailand to negotiate deals, attend meetings or conduct any business-related activity that will not earn them any direct pay by a Thai company for their services. If you are coming to Thailand and your activity will earn you direct pay, then this visa is not for you; you should get a Thai work visa instead.

Are Indians Exempted From Holding Business Visas?

Indians are not exempted from holding this visa, so they must apply for it and get it before boarding a flight to Thailand. Once it is issued to the Indian national, they can travel to Thailand for up to 90 days.


Types of Thailand Business Visa

There are two types of Thai business visas, namely

Single-Entry Business Visa: This allows the holder to enter Thailand only once and stay for three months or 90 days before leaving. This visa is best for infrequent travelers who will only visit once in a while.

Multiple Entry Business Visa: This one is for frequent travelers and is valid for one year. The holder can visit Thailand several times within the calendar year but cannot stay for more than 90 days per entry.

Documents For Business Visa For Thailand From India

When applying for a business visa from India, there are several documents you will need to submit to avail of this visa. We review them below in detail.

Passport: You need an Indian passport to avail of this visa, and it must be valid for at least 6 months from the day you enter Thailand. Passports that expire sooner will not be accepted for the application or at the airport. The passport must also have a minimum of two blank pages.

Application Form: The application form must also be completed and signed by you before submitting it for processing. Provide only valid information and leave no section unfilled. You can obtain the application form at the Thailand embassy or online.

Photograph: You will need a recent passport photograph of yourself taken not later than 6 months. The photograph must have a white background with your face showing clearly. Maintain a neutral facial expression and make sure your face is showing.

Proof of Financial Means: You must prove that you have the financial means to cover your expenses during your stay. The minimum amount you must have is at least 20,000 Baht if traveling alone.

Letter From Employer: If you are a professional working for an establishment, you must present a signed letter from your establishment starting your position in the organization, your salary, and the reasons for the trip.

Letter of Invitation: a Signed letter from the company in Thailand inviting you to the country. The letter should contain information like the company's profile, business operations, company balance sheet, tax statement, etc.

Aside from these documents, you may be asked to provide additional documents to process your application.

How To Apply For A Thailand Business Visa

If you wish to apply for this visa, you must submit your application form and documents to the Thai embassy or consulate in India. After submitting the documents, the embassy will schedule an interview with you which you must honor. Bring original copies of your documents along, as they will be reviewed by the visa officer, and questions will be asked concerning your trip.

If you satisfy all the requirements, the business visa for Thailand from India will be issued to you.

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