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Spain tourist visa application, requirements, price, and processing time

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If you want to visit Spain for the holidays, you need a tourist visa Spain. Tourist visas are available to foreigners from other countries for short-term visits. Keep reading to know more.

Spain In Europe

Spain is the second largest country by land mass in Europe and is home to more than 46 million people. Located on the Iberian peninsula and bordering Portugal to the West, it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful countries on the continent. The official language is Spanish; the minority speaks other languages like English and Italian. With a 505,990 square mile size, the country has loads of tourist attractions that will make your visit worthwhile. Currently, the tourism industry is the second largest in the world in terms of visitors and revenue generation.

Due to Spain’s position as a former colonial power and home to the Spanish language, many visitors come from Spanish-speaking countries. Moreover, the famous tourist attractions in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, and Seville attract millions yearly. Museums, resorts, ruins, cathedrals, and more are abundant in Spain.

Other side attractions include the famous bullfighting exhibitions, the festival of tomatoes, flamingos, and more. Then there is Ibiza, with its lovely beaches and resorts, the Alhambra Gardens, the Grand Mosque of Cordoba, and the Sagrada Familia. In fact, Spain has so much to see, which is why it is the second most visited country in the world.

Types Of Spain Tourist Visa

There are two types of tourist visas for visitors.

National Visa: The national Spain visa is issued by only the Spanish government to tourists. This visa can only be used to visit Spain and no other country. It is valid for 180 days and allows the holder to stay for up to 90 days. It is only meant for vacation and sightseeing, not for long-term stays.

Schengen Tourist Visa: The Schengen tourist visa is another type of tourist visa issued by the Spanish authorities because it is a Schengen country. Spain became a Schengen nation in 1995 and an EU nation-state. This association allows its government to issue Schengen visas to visitors. Holders of this visa can visit any of the other Schengen nations in Europe, provided they make their first stop in Spain. Schengen visas are valid for 180 days and allow up to 90 days of stay. They are also multiple entry visas.

Tourist Visa Spain Requirements

Here are the Spain tourist visa requirements to avail of this visa

Application Form: You must fill out and complete the application form. Forms should be filled out in block letters and black ink. Ensure you only provide valid information.

Passport: A valid passport that will not expire in the next 6 months is required.

Proof of Accommodation: An Air BnB or residential address where you will stay during your visit.

Return Flight: A round-trip ticket or return ticket to your home country after your trip.

Email: An registered email to receive correspondence or the online visa.

Medical Insurance: Based on Schengen requirements, the applicant must provide health insurance with a minimum cover of €30,000 to cover any potential health expenses.

Card: A credit or debit card to pay the application fee.

How to Apply For A Spain Tourist Visa

These are the steps to apply for a visa for Spain.

Embassy Application: If an online application is not open to nationals from your county, you will have to visit the Spanish embassy to submit a physical application. Depending on how the embassy operates in your country, you may need to book an appointment. 

After submitting your documents, an interview will be scheduled for you, which you must attend with original copies of your documents.

Online Application

The second option is to apply for a Spanish Schengen visa online if you are eligible for such. You can apply for a tourist visa to Spain using VisaHQ. Just follow these simple steps

  • Log onto VisaHQ

  • Select Spain as your destination

  • Select your citizenship

  • Choose Tourist Visa

  • Complete the application form

  • Attach the required documents

  • Pay the processing fee

  • Submit for approval

Applicants who are successful will receive the visa in their email. They must print it out and bring it on the trip to Spain as immigration officers will request it.

The processing time for a tourist visa in Spain depends on the application method. Online visas are issued in 5 working days or less due to the limited paperwork and process. For embassy applications, it may take up to 15 working days to get the visa. Just make sure that your documents are in order so your application will not be rejected. 

For emergency trips, endeavor to apply as quickly as possible.

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