What are the requirements for a schengen visa to Spain

What are the requirements for a Schengen visa to Spain? Persons applying for visas to Spain or any Schengen country will only be issued the visa if they meet the requirements and are eligible. Below we review these requirements.


Schengen Visa Requirements

Application Form

One of the requirements is a completed application form. The applicant must sign the application form before submitting it for approval. On the form, there are several sections for collating different details, and each section must be filled with correct data, and none should be left empty. For minors, their parents must fill out and sign the form on their behalf.


A recent passport photograph is required, which meets the photo requirements for Schengen visas. 

It must not be older than six months and must be colored. Furthermore, the picture must be taken on a white background with the applicant's face facing forward without wearing any reflective or dark glasses. The face must be clearly shown with no obstruction.

Valid Passport: A valid passport issued by the applicant's home government is required, and it must contain biometric data and be valid for at least three months beyond their planned departure date. Furthermore, the passport must have at least two blank pages and not have been issued more than ten years ago.

Travel Medical Insurance

In light of the travel requirements by the European Union, all visitors coming to the Schengen zone must possess active travel medical insurance plans to cover the cost of medical bills or in the event of death. The minimum coverage value of the insurance plan should be €30,000. These plans should be valid for future trips if the applicant holds multiple entry visas.

Visa Fee

 A visa fee must be paid for document and application processing. This fee depends on the age of the applicant. For adults, the fee is €80, but €40 for those ages 6-11. Children under five years of age are exempted from paying such fees but bear in mind that the fees of some nationals vary. Nationals from Cape Verde, Russia, Armenia, Belarus, and Azerbaijan pay a different fee due to the Visa facilitation Agreements agreed upon by these countries with the EU.

The visa fee is an important part of the application process and must be paid; otherwise, the application cannot be submitted. The fee is paid in the local currency and is subject to exchange rate fluctuations. While some may be able to pay with debit or credit cards, others will have to pay directly into a designated bank account.

Cover Letter

Another requirement is a cover letter to explain the purpose of the trip. It must be signed by the applicant and provide specific details about the trip, including places to visit and the arrival and departure date.

Proof of Residence

Visitors must provide proof of residence if they are not applying from their own country. A valid residency permit will suffice.

Proof of Accommodation

Proof of accommodation may be a valid house address in Spain where they will stay or a hotel reservation. The reservation document must show the check-in and check-out date for the latter.

Proof of financial means

The applicant must prove they have the financial means to cover their expenses throughout their time in Spain. Financial documents like a bank statement for the last three months will suffice, but the bank must stamp them.

Civil Status Proof

In some cases, a document to prove civil status may be required. For instance, the applicant may need a death or marriage certificate to prove their status, depending on the circumstances. For the minor's case, the parent will require a birth certificate.

Besides the above documents, the applicant may be asked to provide additional information and documents by the embassy for further vetting.


 How To Apply For A Schengen Visa To Spain?

Applying for a visa to Spain will require visiting the Spanish embassy if nationals from your country cannot submit applications online. The online option is only available to persons from selected countries. Here are the steps to take to apply.

Confirm Your Needs: The first thing is to know whether you even need a Schengen visa in the first place. People from visa-exempt countries do not need this visa, so check properly and proceed if nationals from your country need visas.

Get Your Documents Organized: If you need the visa, start by arranging your documents and putting them in order. Ensure they are in order and properly arranged in a file so you can access them when required.

Book An Appointment: At this point, you can book an appointment with the embassy and get a visa interview date with the officials.

Attend The Interview: On the set date, attend the interview with your documents and answer all questions honestly and clearly. The application and other documents will be taken from you for processing. The processing phase takes about 15 calendar days.

What are the requirements for a Schengen visa for Spain? We loaded them above, so get them ready before applying for it.

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