Visa to Spain from Bahrain

Bahrain is a popular destination for tourists, but there are times when Bahrainis want to see the world around them, so they take trips to other climes. Of all the destinations on offer, Spain is a top draw for tourists looking for lovely weather, amazing food, and vibrant Latin culture. If you are seeking a perfect getaway from the heat and sand dunes of the Gulf peninsula, you should apply for a visa to Spain from Bahrain. Spain welcomes millions of visitors annually and is France's second most visited country in Europe.

There is so much to see in Spain, such as its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, amazing cities like Valencia, Barcelona, Seville, Cadiz, and the capital, Madrid. There are temples, medical castles and monasteries, hills and mountains, and mesmerizing landscapes that convalesce in perfect harmony. 

If you choose to spend your time in a Western European country, believe that the time and investment will be worth your while, but only if you have a visa.

Do Bahrain Citizens Need Visas?

Citizens of Bahrain need visas to enter Spain because Bahrain is not on the visa-free list. A visa is the only legal document that grants foreigners access to Spain if they don't enjoy the visa-free status, and there are more than a few visas they can apply for.

Types of Visa To Spain From Bahrain

Bahrainis can apply for any of these visas.

Schengen Visa:  Schengen visas are tourist visas issued to short-term visitors coming to the Schengen zone. Spain joined the zone in 1995 after becoming an EU State, so it issued and recognized the visa. This visa is solely for tourism and short business trips that will not last more than 90 days. With this visa, you can enter any of the other 26 countries in the zone.

Transit Visa: Bahrainis traveling to another country but taking a connecting flight at any airport in Spain will need to get this visa if they intend to leave the airport for a short visit. The US visa is valid for just two days.

Business Visa: There is a business visa for persons coming into Spain for business. The visa is short for business-related activities that will not earn the visitor direct income.

Study Visa: Spain has good schools, so it should be clear that there are many international students who wish to get their education in the country. However, they can only study on a student visa. Attached to the visa is a work permit which grants them the license to work for a limited amount of daily hours.

Visitor Visa: Those coming to see family or friends in the country can apply for a visitor visa, especially for a visit.

Cultural Exchange Visa: Have you heard about a cultural exchange visa? It is a special type meant for social activities like culture, music, sports, and film crews coming to Spain for one activity or the other.

These are some of the visas issued by the Spanish authorities to visitors, and they are designed for different purposes.

Documents For Spain Schengen Visa

The documents the embassy will request may vary depending on the visa type, but here are the basic ones you must provide

  • A completed visa application form

  • Valid Bahrain passport

  • Travel Itinerary

  • Travel medical insurance

  • Proof of financial means

  • Cover letter

  • Letter of invitation

  • Civil Status application, where applicable

  • Two passport photographs

  • Visa receipt

Which Countries Can You Visit In Europe Apart From Spain?

Schengen visas can best be described as multinational visas because holders can visit up to 27 Schengen countries in the Eurozone and more. Any country that signs the agreement officially becomes a borderless state on the continent. This means that persons with Schengen visas can visit multiple countries in the union. With a Spanish Schengen visa, you can visit a member state, including a few non-member states like Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania. However, you cannot visit The Republic of Ireland or the United Kingdom as both are not the Schengen Member States.

Difference Between A Schengen Visa and a National Visa

A Schengen visa is recognized by countries in the Schengen zone and a few other nonmember states, but a national visa is only recognized by the issuing country. Citizens of Bahrain who wish to visit only Spain should opt for a national visa, but for trips to multiple countries, a Schengen visa is the what as it allows them to use one visa instead of wasting time and resources on multiple visas.

Are you looking for a visa to Spain from Bahrain? Visit the Spanish embassy in Manama to submit your visa application. Make sure you meet all the requirements so your application will be successful.

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