Spain schengen visa application Kenya

Schengen visa application Kenya Spain is required for any Kenyan national looking to visit Spain for holidays as a tourist or a business engagement. Kenya is not on the list of visa exempt countries, so citizens must submit applications to the Spanish embassy in Nairobi to secure visas.

The application process requires several documents, such as a completed application form and a host of other documents. Only those who submit the right documents and meet the guidelines will be issued a visa to Spain. Below, we review the application process and the documents required to make the process easier for you.

Schengen Visa Requirements For Kenyan Citizens

Application Form: The application form is a document for compiling personal data. There are different sections that must be completed with correct information, and above all, the form must be signed by you and dated. The form can be obtained online or from the Embassy of Spain in Nairobi.

Passport: A valid Kenyan passport is required for this application, without which it will not go through. You will need the original passport and a copy of the bio page. Only passports with a minimum of three months validity beyond the departure date will be accepted, and they must have a minimum of two empty pages too. The passport must not be older than ten years.

Photograph: Two passport sized photographs are required, and they must meet the Schengen photo guidelines. They must have been taken no later than six months ago and printed on a white background. Avoid wearing reflective or dark glasses.

Civil Status Certificate: This requirement is only required to prove marriage or family connections. Examples of such documents are marriage, birth, or death certificates.

Proof of Accommodation: The applicant must prove that they have accommodation waiting for them before they arrive in Spain. They may present Air BNB bookings, hotel reservations, or a house address where they will stay.

Flight Itinerary: Flight reservations for the two-way trip to and from Spain will be required, and the tickets must show the dates.

Health Insurance: According to EU regulations, all visitors coming to Spain must have valid health Medical Insurance with a minimum coverage of €30,000 or its equivalent in Kenyan Shillings. This is used to cover any medical bills or emergency costs incurred during your visit.

Visa fee receipt. The Spain tourist visa fee receipt must be included to prove that you have paid the fee. 

This fee is mandatory; otherwise, the application will not be processed.

Cover Letter:  A cover letter is necessary to explain the main purpose of your trip. This letter should include details about the trip, such as the arrival and departure date and the activities undertaken in the country. The letter should also be signed and dated by you.

Previous Visas: If you have been issued a visa in the past, you may include them in your application to boost your eligibility.

Financial Means: All applicants must provide documents to prove their financial capacity to cover their expenses. This proof must come in the form of original bank account statements stamped by the bank showing income inflows over the last three months. Employees must show a letter from their employer granting them annual leave, while just a bank statement will suffice for a freelancer or self employed applicant.

How To Submit Your Application

The Spanish embassy has made it easy for applicants to submit their applications directly or through a visa application center. Applicants in Nairobi may submit theirs at the embassy or through a designated visa center, while others in cities like Mombasa or its environs may submit theirs at visa application centers. The application submitted through centers will attract extra charges aside from the visa fee.

Besides the submission, they must book an appointment for a visa interview at the embassy. The embassy will call on them to visit on a set a date for a short session that may not take more than 20 minutes. The interview will involve a review of their documents to ensure they are in order, and questions will be asked concerning the trip. 

After the interview, the processing will commence, which may take close to a month or more, depending on several factors.

Successful applicants will be invited to collect their Schengen visas, but they can track their application progress online before then.

Visa Fee For Kenyans

The visa fee for Kenyan applications is €80 for adults and €40 for those between 6-12 years old. Children under the age of six do not pay application fees. Note that the fee receipt must be attached to the application; otherwise, the application will not be processed.

Schengen visa application Kenya Spain must be submitted to the embassy in Nairobi for processing.

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