ETIAS Spain online application

ETIAS Spain online application form contains sections for different information that applicants must complete to get approval for travel to Spain. Due to the security threats European countries face, the EU Commission has introduced a new visa waiver policy to vet citizens from selected countries to ensure that they do not threaten the security and safety of member states and their citizens.

The online application form will be available to applicants who must go through the ETIAS application process from start to finish before getting entry authorization.


ETIAS Spain Online Application

 ETIAS Spain online application process is straightforward, and you only need a few pieces of information and documents to complete it. The Electric Etias application form is the document the commission uses to gather travelers' information to vet them. Applicants are required to have the following.

Passport: They must have a valid passport issued by their home government, which must be valid beyond the date they intend to depart from Spain.

Email: An active email address for receiving correspondence and approval once the authorities process and approve the application.

Card: A credit or debit card containing sufficient balance to pay the application fee. ETIAS application is made online, so cash cannot be used to pay the application fee.

These are the requirements for applying for ETIAS approval for a trip to Spain, but the policy only comes into force in 2024.

Note: ETIAS is not a visa and should not be treated as such, it is only a security checking system.


How To Apply For ETIAS?

 You can apply for ETIAS by visiting VisaHQs official platform to submit your application. The prices take only a few minutes in the following steps:

  • Log onto VisaHQ 

  • Choose Spain as your destination

  • Choose your country of citizenship

  • Select ETIAS

  • Fill out the application form

  • Upload the required travel documents

  • Pay the application fee

  • Submit for approval

 Once you submit the above, the system will run a detailed background check across several security databases like Eurocop and Interpol, including SLS and other databases. If your information doesn't trigger a security alert, the approval will be forwarded to your email address.

If it triggers a security alert, the system will forward your information to the manual ETIAS unit in Spain, where the team will vet your application and decide whether you pose a security threat to the country. This manual process may take a few days or several weeks.

Can I Apply For ETIAS If I Have A Criminal Record?

 The European Commission states that people with criminal records may apply for Etias as long as they have served their sentences in their respective countries. However, each independent country is free to decide who enters their borders with ETIAS and who can't. This is why unsuccessful applications will be forwarded to the manual unit for further vetting.


ETIAS Information

The information that will be requested is as follows:

Passport Information: You must provide your passport information, such as the number, the date of issue, and expiration.

Personal Information: There is a section for personal information, and you'll be asked to provide your gender, name, nationality, etc.

Trip Information: The authorities will like to know your primary destination. In this case, it will be Spain since that will be your first port of call. There are columns for other countries in the Schengen you may choose to visit, but those will be your secondary destinations.

 It is important to provide only valid information when filling out the online application form. Applicants who provide wrong or false information may have their application rejected, or even if they succeed in getting the approval, they may encounter issues with the immigration officers once they arrive in Europe.


When To Apply For ETIAS?

 It is advisable to apply for your ETIAS approval for your trip to Spain at least three days before. Although the system processes information in minutes, your application may trigger an alert and be forwarded or the manual unit for review. Giving yourself extra days is the best course to avoid delays.

Which Security Databases Will Be Used To Vet ETIAS? The following security databases will be used to vet ETIAS applications:

  • Eurodac

  • SIS

  • VIS

  • Europol

  • Interpol

 The Schengen Information System (SIS) will be the primary check database but will coordinate with other databases for comprehensive checks.

Possible Reasons For ETIAS Spain's Denial

  • Invalid passport

  • Used or stolen passport

  • The applicant's name is on the watchlist

  • False information

Visitors that have traveled to war zones or regions with a pandemic or epidemic outbreaks may also be denied entry into Europe for a time. However, those who have their application rejected may still succeed with future applications.

 ETIAS Spain online application is available on VisaHQ, so visit the page to complete your application now.

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