Spain tourist visa appointment

Spain tourist visa appointment is for foreign nationals who want to visit Spain as tourists. Applying to the Spanish embassy in your home country involves a standard process that must be followed through. This page contains information about the Spain visa application process, and the required documents.

What Is A Spain Tourist Visa?

A Spain tourist visa is a short-stay visa issued to visitors who are visiting for tourism. It may also be used to visit friends and relatives who are residents or citizens of Spain. You may also avail of this visa for educational, sporting, or religious purposes; any social or cultural event in Spain can be attended using a tourist visa.

It is valid for up to 180 days, and the holder can reside in the country for 90 days. For long-term visits, you cannot use a tourist visa but a long-term visa.

Schengen Visa

A Spanish Schengen visa is another type of tourist visa but with a difference. This visa is called a Type C Visa, and it is issued by Schengen countries in Europe. Spain became a member of the European Union and a Schengen nation in 1995. This association qualifies the Spanish government to issue Schengen tourist visas. It is similar to the normal tourist visa, but the only difference is that the holder can visit other Schengen countries in the Union with the same visa as long as it is valid. Schengen visas allow for up to 90 days of visits.

When To Apply For A Tourist Visa To Spain?

You should consider applying for the visa at least 6 months before the day you plan to travel. For online applications, you may apply two weeks before your trip, but for embassy applications, it is best to apply for it several months in advance.

How To Book a Spain Tourist Visa Appointment

Those looking to apply at a Spanish embassy must book an appointment in advance, as embassies do not allow walk-ins. Depending on the standard practice of the embassy in your home country, you can book an appointment over the phone, by email, or through an agent. Once a date is confirmed and released to you, prepare for the visa interview.

Arrange original copies of your documents and ensure they are in order, as the official will review each. You will be asked to state the purpose of your travel, the places you intend to visit, and the date of arrival and departure. Endeavor to answer these questions as clearly and boldly as possible. After the interview, copies of your documents will be collected, and if your application is successful, you will be asked to return for your Spain Schengen visa.


Documents Required For A Spanish Tourist Visa

There are selected documents you must present to the official at the embassy. They are as follows.

Form: The application form must be correctly filled with your signature appended to it. Ensure that your information is the same as what is found on other documents.

Valid Passport: A valid passport with at least 2 blank pages and a minimum of 6 months validity.

Proof of Funds: A bank statement showing a minimum balance to cover your daily expenses throughout your stay in the country.

Proof of Accommodation: A hotel, residential address, or Air BnB address where you will stay during your visit.

Medical Insurance: A Medical insurance policy with a minimum cover of €30,000 for any medical cost incurred. Only policies issued by Schengen-recognized insurance companies will be accepted.

Application Fee: An application fee is attached to visa service, payable with a credit or debit card.

Passport Photograph: A recent colored passport photograph on a white background and in 2x2 dimension.

Round Flight Ticket: A Round trip flight ticket to and from Spain. You can reserve the ticket, but don’t pay for it until the visa is ready.

Travel itinerary: Information about the places you will visit, and your arrival and departure dates should be confirmed.

Processing Time

How long before you get your passport? That will depend on the application process. For applications submitted to a Spanish embassy, you may have to wait for 2 weeks or several months. However, for online applications, you should get the visa in 5 working days or less. To avoid delays, consider submitting your application on time.

How To Apply Online

If you are eligible for an online application, you don’t have to visit the embassy; simply do the following

  • Visit VisaHQ

  • Select Spain as your destination

  • Select your citizenship

  • Fill Out the Form

  • Attach the travel documents

  • Pay the application fee

  • Submit for approval

The authorities will send the visa to your email address if it is approved.

Spain tourist visa appointment is necessary for embassy applications, but for online applications, you can submit your documents with VisaHQ.

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