Schengen visa requirements for Kenyan citizens

What are the Schengen visa requirements for Kenyan citizens? These requirements are essential to the visa application process, and only those who meet them will get the visa. Applicants are advised to arrange their documents and submit them to Kenya's appropriate embassy or visa center to kickstart the process. The processing takes a while, but ready assured that your request will be granted if you meet all the conditions.

If you plan to apply for a Schengen visa soon, find below the requirements.

Schengen Visa Requirements For Kenyan Citizens

Visa requirements refer to the documents the applicant must combine with the visa application form. The visa application form must be correctly filled out and signed by the applicant. Avoiding mistakes is so important because such mistakes may lead to rejection. After filling out the form, here are the documents one must attach.

Kenyan Passport: You need a valid Kenyan passport for your visa application. The original passport and a copy of the bio page will be required. The embassy will accept only passports that are valid for at least 90 days, but that is not all: the passport's validity must stretch beyond your departure date. That means you must have at least three months of validation left after you depart the country. It must also have a minimum of two blank pages for stamps. Note that passports issued more than ten years before it is used are not accepted.

ID: Two identity photos are required for the application, and they must not be older than six months and taken on a white background. Photographs must meet the strict guidelines for visa photographs, such as avoidance of glasses or non-religious adornments that distort the face.

Civil Certificate: Kenyans applying for this visa will also be asked to submit civil status certificates like marriage certificates, death certificates, family certificate, or birth certificate. The one you submit will depend on your circumstances.

Proof of Accommodation: The embassy officials will want to know where you will stay once you arrive, so that they will demand proof. You may book a hotel or make an Airbnb reservation, depending on your choice and what you can afford. Or better still, you may submit a house address of a friend or family member.

Flight Itinerary: Officials will want to be sure that you intend to return to Kenya as you would at the end of the trip so that they will request a round-trip flight ticket itinerary to and from the EU country. The ticket must have the arrival and departure date the same as the dates on your application form.

Visa Fee Receipt: The visa fee paid by you has a receipt that you must submit to the embassy as proof of payment. Without the visa fee, the embassy will not process your application.

Travel Insurance: All foreigners from other countries to Europe must submit a travel health insurance certificate per Schengen requirements. The certificate must have a minimum medical coverage of €30,000 to cover the cost of medical treatments in case of injuries or illness.

Cover Letter: You must submit a cover letter that clearly explains your reasons for making the trip. The letter must have details about the trip, including the places you will visit, how long you plan to stay, etc. You must sign the letter.

Previous Visa: Those who have been issued a visa in the past by any Schengen country may include it, but this is optional.

Proof of Financial Means: A stamped financial statement by your bank showing transactions for the last three months is required. The account must have sufficient balance to cover your expenses during your trip. How much you need will depend on the minimum daily expense amount set by the country you wish to visit.

Note:  Parents or guardians are expected to sign and fill out the visa application form on behalf of traveling minors and must provide proof of parental relationship or consent to that effect.


Reasons Why Your Application May Be Rejected

There are several reasons why your application may be rejected, but we highlight a few below.

Wrong Information: It will be rejected if you provide wrong or false information in your application. This is why Kenyans are advised to submit only accurate information.

Invalid/False Documents: Every single document is important and will be scrutinized by the officials. If you submit Invalid or false documents, your application will be rejected outright.

Financial Issues: The authorities want to ensure you have the resources to cover your expenses; your documents must suggest that.

These are the main reasons why your application may be rejected. However, your application will be accepted if you meet all the Schengen visa requirements for Kenyan citizens.

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Apply for Schengen visa online
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